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    • O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson: Chapter 3

      9 years ago


      Mission logs of First Leuitenant Mellissa Anderson
      Location: Earth

      I jumped over the brutes first swipe with the brute shot then rolled to the side of the his follow through. i took advantage fo his overswing to kick him in the head causing the brute to reel backwards. when he looked at me it was with what might have been a smile. i gotta say, that creeped the shit out of me. suddenly he lobbed a spike grenade and plasma in front of me. without thinking i did a back handspring out of the way only to realize it was a distraction. the brute leered at me as he grabbed his grav hammer.

      "Crap, this is bad."

      i started back pedalling while unslinging my BR but tripped over the dead O.D.S.T.'s. i started to scramble back get up when the brute kicked me in head and then the stomach. i started coughing violently. the brute grabbed me by my left arm and flung me against the stone fountain.

      I stood up and reached for my BR only to see it lying behind the brute.
      "damnit. next time, im keeping my eye on the motion tracker."

      the brute charged me and i did the only thing i could ..... retreat. the problem, i misjudged his swing and the hammer's sonic wave knocked me off my feet. i opened my eyes to find him standing above with the hammer raised. he opened his ape like mouth and said what sounded like "nighty night lesser demon."

      i braced myself for the hammer when i heard a sniper shot and saw the hammer fall from the brutes hand. the brute looked away and i took my opportunity. i kicked full out right into the brutes groin and brought him down. i grabbed the hammer with my good hand and when he looked at me, i said "no, nighty night to you fuck face." i swung the hammer with all my strength and split the bastard wide open. i hadn't expected the feed back though and ended up dumping my ass on the street.

      as i stood up i saw a figure come towards me. i knew it was an O.D.S.T. for two reason. one - we were the only ones down here and two - i recognized the armor. when the person drew close she said, "have fun playing tag?"

      I just smiled and replied, "no, we were cops and robbers, not tag idiot. thanks for the save but who are you?"

      she forwarded her bio to me while giving a hand up.

      Name: Amy Elaine
      Special skill: Sniping.
      Weapon preferences: Sniper rifle and BR

      she said, "name's Amy. you're mellissa right. we were in grad school together."

      "yeah that rings a bell. why are you here by yourself?" i asked.

      she pointe at the bodies behind me. "oh, sorry to hear about them amy."

      "it's not your fault. where's your squad?"

      "over in the town square area. come on, looks like you're with me."

      the two of us went off towards town square. after about a block and a half i asked, "Amy, did you see all the other pods drop?"

      she nodded and said, "yeah but two of them didn't make it. then two of the pods went off course and crashed about two blocks to our west. i was on my way there when i saw you dancing"

      "then let's go find those pods."

      the two of us took off at a jog and quickly covered the ground. we slowed down as we drew near and saw a sight that made my heart plummet. the pods were surrounded and the men were either dead, unconscious, or injured cause they could barely stand. i was about to turn my back when i saw their faces.

      "shit, we have to help them.
      That's Steven and Robert. "

      TO BE CONTINUED .......

    • O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson: Chapter 2

      9 years ago


      Mission logs of First Leuitenant Mellissa Anderson
      Location: Battle Frigate: Glorious Night

      I have no clue how long we sat there before the pods finally launched. it felt like years but was more likely only three minutes. but my problem was that it was completely dark and i had no idea when the drop would occur. i had begun wondering what type of enemy forces to expect when i heard the captain

      Captain: "it's go time marines. prepare for launch jumpers. oh, and i'll see you in hell."

      for a moment i was stunned that he said then all the suddenly my harness jerked as the ship dropped me. i pulled up the pod's view screens and saw that all the pods had dropped successfully. suddenly i noticed something wrong.

      a little blip was moving in from the side. it was heading our direction.
      "shit." i swore out loud. the "blip" was moving straight towards me!

      i was just trying to figure what to do when i felt something hit my pod and my head hit the wall and i lost consciousness.

      i awoke some time later dizzy and confused. it took me a minute to realize that i had landed but the pod hadn't opened. i hit the release switch only to hear the sound of it straining.

      "damn." i was stuck in the pod.
      i pulled up the view screens and saw that the front of the pod was wedged against a concrete buidling. i knew of only one way out but it was risky and could be life threatening.

      i grabbed the hatch to the pod and strapped my gear on then kicked the hatch as hard as i could while throwing myself to the side. the result was the thrusters shooting the pod onto it's side and skidding for like thirty feet. i opened the hatch and rolled out.I had just climbed out of the pod, when i realized that no one had landed near me.
      "Damnit!" I swore.

      I grabbed my gear and checked my map. The nearest rendevouz point was about fifteen miles from here.

      "Great, I'm the one who went way off course." I thought.

      I took off at a slow jog watching my motion sensor. Suddenly, it was burning with activity! I sped up then watched as the last of the friendlies winked out. I started despair, then realized the covenant were moving in my direction. More specifically, DIRECTLY AT ME. I looked around and saw a ruined building and dove through the window just in time. I looked at my motion sensor and realized that one second later and I would have been spotted. I started moving through the building until I came upon the square. There were three jackals in the area.

      I lifted my sniper and took careful aim. Three silenced sniper shots later, there were three pools of purple of blood. I thought of my old friend and how he would have said "The pool is now open" at a time like this but he was dead. Killed at Eradiou Prime two months ago. I walked over to the fallen soldiers and grabbed their tags.

      "Rest peacefully men. You've earned it." I said.

      Suddenly, I heard something and looked up, I was face to face with a chieftan. He hefted a brute shot and grav hammer.

      "Let's do this ugly!" I said.

      The two of us rushed each other full out and started fighting ......

      TO BE CONTINUED ......

    • O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson: Chapter 1

      9 years ago


      Mission logs of First Leuitenant Mellissa Anderson
      Location: Battle Frigate: Glorious Night

      I took off running to meet up with the squad at the drop bay. by the time i arrived, half the squad was assembled. already on deck were May, Jim, Katie, Robert, Jesse and Steven. the six of them were doing various things but ready to get the mission under way.

      "About time Mell" Steven said to me. This was going to be my first mission with him. we were in college together but never talked while there.

      "Give her a break. she's only been an O.D.S.T. for two months." Katie said. i just nodded at her. she and i have been together for a while. i met her on my second mission when her squad was K.I.A. but her objective had yet to be accomplished.

      Jim just looked at me and went back to laying down on the ground. i've heard of jim from other battles but never met him before. Robert and May were in deep conversation off to one side. Jesse was stocking his drop pod with ammo, meds, and his weapons.

      "so where's the rest of the squad?" i asked.

      Without looking at me jim said, "they're in a different drop bay. we are to meet up with them after we land."

      suddenly i heard a voice over the loudspeaker say, "All helljumpers, get to your pods. the drop is in five minutes."

      I jumped in my pod with my ammo, guns, and a light travel pack. the pod door closed and i was plunged into darkness.

      "remember squad, radio silence on touch down till we find Beta squad." then the comm went dead. i spent the next few minutes pulling up data on the two squads. I was impressed by what i saw. we had a wide range of weapons and specialist who focused in different fields. the only downer was that there was only one medic. but then again, we would be in the city and shouldn't have too hard a time finding replacements for used medicine.

      Name: Evan Star
      Special skill: Driving
      Weapon preferences: Shotgun and dual pistols

      Name: Linda Phoenix
      Special skill: Medic
      Weapon preferences: Shotgun, Smg, and AR

      Name: Echo Harring
      Special skill: Sniping
      Weapon preferences: Sniper rifle and Pistols

      Name: Katie Heavy
      Special skill: Big guns
      Weapon preferences: Rockets, Spartan laser, BR

      Name: Jim Ghost Taylor
      Special skill: Assassination
      Weapon preferences: Knives, Short Swords, and pistols

      Name: Jill Midnight
      Special skill: Driving
      Weapon preferences: AR and BR

      Name: Alan Vuze
      Special skill: Demolitions
      Weapon preferences: Rockets, Grenades, Mines, and AR

      Name: May Moon
      Special skill: Close quarters
      Weapon preferences: Shotgun, Swords, and smg

      Name: Carl Rodriguez
      Special Skill: demolitions
      Weapon preferences: grenades, rocket launcher, and smg

      Name: Steven Serna
      Special Skill: Stealth
      Weapon Preference: Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, and Sniper Rifle

      Name: Jesse Laws
      Special skill: Hacking
      Weapon Preference: Battle Rifle

      Name: Ethan Karr
      Special skill: Range
      Weapon Preference: Sniper rifle and AR

      Name: Robert Steele
      Special skill: Infiltration
      Weapon preferences: Close up kills with pistols and knife/sword you choose

      Name: Mell Anderson
      Special skill: Hacking
      Weapon preferences: Silenced sniper and BR

    • My Old Story is Back

      9 years ago


      that's right, i plan to write it here and what not but first i have to post prolouge through chapter 10.
      so to start off...........

      O.D.S.T. Mellissa Anderson;

      The man who gave me this armor told me that for the first log, I should describe myself and what's going on.

      "My name is Mellissa Kelly Anderson. I have one older brother by the name of Tim. I joined the U.N.S.C marine forces when I was 19 and now I’m 23. At the age of 22 I switched to being an O.D.S.T. or hell jumper. When I joined up, I was with five friends. Over the four years, I’ve lost all but two of them and only one of the two is also a hell jumper. His name is Mark Sanchez.
      "My main reason for fighting is i haven no one left in my life but my brother. And he's out there somewhere. Our dad died when the mine he was working in collapsed and our mom just gave up on living. We were brought up by our grandparents in Minnesota. For some reason, whenever i near death, the song Irish Blessing rolls through my head (yes, this will be important later in the story). i ha-"

      Distant voice: "Mell get your ass in the pod. NOW."
      "Yes sir. Log over. Time to move out. I’m about to make a jump to a great planet with excellent defenses: Reach. It’s been said that this is where we stop the covenant."

      P.S. here's the song. but a warning is that god is mentioned multiple times in the song. the main part of the song i like isn't in the right order no matter where i look. grrr. the way i learned it was: May the road rise up to meet you/ may the wind be always with you/ may the sunshine warm you always/ till we meet again.

    • 2019 years ago

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