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      4 years ago


      Well, what a new way to start my year other then the business of work and other business. It's been a crazy month.

      So I started my spring college semester, which is the continuation of my progress on getting my Bachelor's Degree in English/Creative Writing! smiley1.gif But just because I'm in college doesn't mean I can't work on books while doing so right? Not only do I have 1 in progress, but now I have 2!!!! It's exciting on how much ideas I can get just by thinking for a little while and from working on my fanfictions and other jazz.

      But that's not the only thing I have to focus on.

      Other then college, I've been focused on saving up for RtX, working on cosplays, and all that great stuff. Even been keeping schedule with everything that I have to! I may have a lot on my plate this time, but I'm looking forward on getting everything I want to done. smiley8.gif I'm probably going to be on hiatus again, but at least it's for several good reasons. Will definitely update when I have a chance here in there on my progress and etc. So until then, it's off to the books and the writing document. smiley12.gif

    • Uncontained excitement and Motivation

      4 years ago


      So I have an upbeat attitude as this week starts. Weird since Mondays for me shouldn't be this way. lol.

      So why am I excited? Well, first things first, I'm going to be going to the midnight release of Dragon Age: Inquisition! smiley0.gif I've been wanting to play this game for the longest time and I can hardly contain my excitement because of it! Multiplayer, Customization, Storyline, returning characters of the maximum caliber? Yessssss please. smiley12.gif I'm excited as I was (well, maybe ten times more excited) when I first got to play Destiny. Woo hoo!

      Secondly, I found my own motivation again to be able to focus in school and to be able to work on my machinima script! smiley1.gif If that doesn't make me even happier, I don't know what will! Another co-producer of mine dropped, so thusly I have two people who will be taking their places. So I have no worries there! I even got back to working on my other writing works as well, so I have a lot on my plate for the moment until Christmastime rolls around. I'm also in the process in considering on leaving my resume with RoosterTeeth for future reference. smiley1.gif Because of them and their amazing work, I found a lot of inspiration for the work that I do, which I can't be more grateful for enough.

      Anyway, I think that's it for now. Oh! For those who like to write, please feel free to stop by on my blog (when I get it up and running again after getting all of my work out of the way) and look around. smiley1.gif A link can be found on my profile in the links section~

    • Dragon Age Inquisition!

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      So Dragon Age Inquisition comes out tomorrow! smiley0.gif

      Who else is looking forward to the game, and what features do you think you'll enjoy the most while playing?

      I look forward to customization, multiplayer, and the story~ smiley1.gif (Maybe even some returning characters. . . >w> )

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    • My Huge Hiatus

      4 years ago


      My god I feel like I haven't been on here for a long time, except to watch RWBY and RvB. @.@ I really need to get my butt on here more often.

      So what's up readers? Been a long while since I last appeared on here. I seem like a bit of a ghostly spectator these days with college stuff getting into the fray and with all the writing I'm behind with. But hey, still hanging in there and still planning for my future venture to RtX 2015. Wouldn't miss it for the world! smiley1.gif

      So for things to update? Well, I have my fan page in progress as well as my blog. Again, I haven't been able to post as much I'd like to due to the fact of all of the college work getting in my way as well as getting called in constantly at my workplace. No rest for me thanks.

      In the process of working on getting a new "co-writer" so they can assist me with my script for my machinima. Already have 2 people duking it out for the spot. Hopefully I'll have the first episode script done soon. Not sure when exactly, but soon seems to be a nice estimate. Due to November being a bad month for me (since it was almost a year ago that my mother passed away smiley2.gif ), things are a bit difficult for me at this time.

      Anyway, I think that's all I've been up to as of late other then gaming when I find time and such. Again, when my workload gets to a bare minimum, I'll be around. Until then, it's back to the sort of hiatus I have going on.

    • Works in Progress

      5 years ago


      Woo hoo, another journal after a hefty 2 months. Well, at least summer is on its way.

      . . .Even though I hate hot weather. Not really my cup of tea.

      ANYWAY, time to tell what I've been up to. So unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to RTX this year, since I'm currently working full time at my job. (On the bright side of that, saving money up to go next year! Be ready Roosterteeth! smiley8.gif ). In my spare time however, I'm able to catch up with friends, all the while working on a story or two. I'm even planning things for my future endeavors of machinima making and the like. Of course, Still a lot to do and so little time to do it. smiley5.gif Ah well, C'est la vie.

      Not much else to update, other then the occasional screenshots I've been doing for Halo 4, and ideas for my RWBY OCs in order to develop them further. So I have a bit on my shoulders, but in the end, it's well worth the time and the effort. Until next time.

    • Feels like forever since I last posted a journal

      5 years ago


      Hey all! So it's been awhile since the last time I was actually able to give an update. But with the hell I've been going through, it's been taking some time for me to sort out my thoughts. I had a loss in my family back in November, and I recently got a job while still in college, so my schedule has been on the fritz. In between all of that however, I'm finding some free time between all of the homework also, so I guess it's not all too bad. yet. lol.

      So I wanted to say a few things. First off, I recently saw the RvB Season 12 trailer *confetti party* I'm actually really excited on what I saw, and I cannot wait to see the reaction of everyone on the red team and blue team when they see Carolina. I actually got a couple of theories when I saw the ending of season 11, one of them being that chances are, with Epsilon (Church, who we've not seen again yet) being inside Carolina's head for an extended period of time, that Carolina may have gone to a darker side of her personailty? I honestly cannot wait to see how it plays out, and I look forward to seeing what the Roosterteeth gang has planned.

      Second, I've been working on developing my RWBY OC for awhile, trying to figure out how to improve her while also trying to come up with a background for her other team members. So it's a nice welcoming bit of a distraction in order to ease off the tension of coming home from work. Also decided to pick up my machinima script again, and even start up a story that I haven't touched in a loooooong while and give it an overhaul.

      In the end, everything is slowly falling into place, and my second college semester is coming closer to a close. I would also like to say to the Roosterteeth crew: Keep up your amazing work!

      Until then everyone

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      6 years ago

      Hey Carrie!! great to meet you!

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