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    • So.. this is difficult...

      3 years ago

      Nil_Satis_Kings Nil_Satis_Kings

      Hi Everyone.

      It's been a while since I last wrote a journal, and to be honest, I have never used this the way I intended to.

      So, since I was last here I can safely say my 'life' has improved ten fold. Christmas 2014 I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. This was a serious low point in my life but with my friends and family I managed to push through. I am no longer on medication for my illness but have found ways to get through difficult times.

      I have started viewing a lot more RT content than ever before, I have started to enjoy gaming again while vastly improving my GS, but I'd say the highest point and the thing I feel proudest of is that I have started streaming on Twitch ( This is something I have always wanted to do but never had the energy or character to attempt. This is were I feel I have found my cure for my depression, I love streaming, and with a combo of a great (but small) following and my terrible game play I feel I can bring a smile not only to my face, but to people who watch, which gives me the greatest feeling.

      I know this is a long one but it was to basically say if you ever feel you aren't enough, you can't ear the thought of another day, there is something/someone out there who can help you through. If you love something, do it. Don't be scared to reach out. There will always be someone who you can speak to. If not you can always reach out to me :)

      Thank you for the time if you have read this.

      And a huge thanks you to everyone from RT, AH, FH, SA for giving me my smile back.

    • Twitch Channel

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      Nil_Satis_Kings Nil_Satis_Kings

      A place to post your twitch page.

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    • Twitch Community

      3 years ago

      Nil_Satis_Kings Nil_Satis_Kings

      Afternoon All!

      I have started a group for people who enjoy to stream and are looking for new viewers as well as a place for people to find new channels to follow. I made this group because I couldn't find active groups for twitch (I may just be so terrible at the internet that I couldn't find one). The group is open so invite anyone you can think who'd enjoy a community like this.

      Please feel free to join and hopefully catch you later :)

    • Gamerscore

      6 years ago

      Nil_Satis_Kings Nil_Satis_Kings

      I have just reached 70,000GS!!

      This is only my second journal so apologies if I am doing this wrong.

      So over the last few weeks I have started caring more about my gamerscore and trying to 100% games I have. I have at least 40 odd games that I am going to do this with but I keep falling behind on new releases. I am currently working on Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Damned, L.A. Noire and Sleeping Dogs and a few more that I can't remember.

      Hopefully I will hit 80,000 soon and continue with journals not only relating to my achievement whoring.


    • Start of my online life.

      6 years ago

      Nil_Satis_Kings Nil_Satis_Kings

      My first entry of many I hope.

      I have finally purchased a laptop powerful enough for my drawing/animation/editing, so I can build a digital portfolio. Hopefully this will be the start of something amazing.

    • 6 years ago

      Nil_Satis_Kings Nil_Satis_Kings
    • 2019 years ago

      Nil_Satis_Kings Nil_Satis_Kings
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    • Mike FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Feed Me Memes

      6 years ago

      It has a pretty solid campaign, but multiplayer sucks.

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