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    • I sence a mod contest

      14 years ago


      well, i posted this journal entry because probably in 1 week i will have enough mods for a mod contest... so yah... i probably will only have like 35 because i only have 16 right now... so maybe if i have enough mod points i can do a mod contest... and hopefully you guys will enjoy it!!! >.< but really... i might not have enough mod points to do it so i might have to cancel my plans... so i probably will have enough mod points for it... but im not totally sure... so yup... be prepared for a cancelation...

    • Happy Tree Friends

      14 years ago


      lol i was just watching this!!! its so funny... click this link and watch it... its so funny!


      Also Check This Out:


    • Ask Me Any Questions!!!

      14 years ago


      Ask Me Any Question About Anything That relates to my life, About my life, or anything... personal questions are also aloud... why i do this you ask??? because im bored!!!


    • xbl???

      14 years ago


      anybody wanna chalenge me on Xbox Live?

      add me at Baby Dragon 4

    • Winner!!!

      14 years ago


      ok the winner's of my mod contest are:





      Post Here To Claim your prize

      Excuse Me While i Finish Reading My Alerts... And after i finish giving the people who post here that won there mod points... im gonna be poor and im going to need more mod points after for a new mod contest!!! Thanx for Participating!!!

      Almost Modless... I NEED HELP

    • MOD CONTEST... NOW!!!

      14 years ago


      i am going to pick a random alert on my alert list...

      -Have to post on my journal entries or anything that can give me an alert... well anything besides my threads...

      -Make Sure That You Submit The Post The Post...

      -Messages Do Not Count As An Alert

      -No Posting Spam

      Depending on how many People Are on my alert they will recieve a equal amount of 50 mod points

      -Any alerts before this journal entry will not count

      Mod contest ends in 1 Hour

      Mod contest... Starts...


      8% to lvl 28!!!


      14 years ago


      ok im going to do a mod contest in 5 minutes!!! so feel free to do whatever you want until then

    • Help me think of a mod contest...

      14 years ago


      need help... and i need ideas for a mod contest... any ideas??? i must know because i know you guys pretty much want a mod contest... so please post suggestions!!! XD

    • almost there!!!

      14 years ago


      okay im 11 mod points away from my mod contest... so it will probably take about 3 days to get there...

    • Yay Level 29!!!

      14 years ago


      ok... on XBoX LiVE i just got my level 29... yay!!! im happy... because ive been trying to get to 29 for about 2 days now XD... and it makes me sad thinking about how long it will take for me to get to 35 XD... anyways i feel happy right now... VERY HAPPY so right now i have 32 mod points and when i get fifty i will do a mod contest =)

      anyways... this is a good time for me... i would like friends from RedVsBlue to battle me on Halo2... even if there not friends... but still... i want people to battle

      =P so whenever i get 50 mod points i will throw a mod contest...

      42% To lvl 26!!!

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