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    • Zeake's Log #1

      3 years ago


      After climbing out bloodied from the depths of Blighttown, I crawl to the next step of my journey. A sadistic funhouse of snake bastards, boulders, and embarrassing deaths.

      Fuck you Sen. FUCK YOU!

      Also, if anyone has any advice to make my weekend getaway more enjoyable. TELL ME NOW!

      Zeake lv. 46

      Black knight sword 3

      Drakesword 3

      Grass shield 3

      Mixed armor of 2 and three

      Haval ring and steel ring

      Knows heal and fireball

    • Let's Try This Again

      4 years ago


      Been lacking in the journal production lately......actually pretty much anything in the social media or real life production. So I've figured lately since I've been getting deep into the RvB and RWBY thinking, prediction, and crackpottery.

      So once again I am going to try to commit to a once a week post and instead of trying to post about interesting things about me which are nonexistant and instead posting big theories and ideas about particular shows but they will mainly be RvB. So I start this week out about Tex's relationship with Church.

      Does Tex Really care about Church?

      Yes we know Church is hopelessly in love with Tex and the two interact like they had a history but is Tex really as close with Church? I'm not simply talking about Tex returning those feelings for Church I'm talking about how important is Church to her. The spark of this thought is season 9+10 and while I'm hazy on how much of what is seen in the Freelancer history should be taken to heart but it left to wonder during the time of Project Freelancer was she even aware of Alpha then. In the Epsilon unit Epsilon was wondering about her because she just showed up one day in the 3 vs 1 training so maybe Alpha and Tex were tragically separated the moment of their creations and Tex was trained to be a freelancer completely unaware of the Alpha's existence instead of what little knowledge she got from Omega like York and North from their A.I. and finally from the information she got from C.T. where she discovered the truth about her and Alpha. She did stage a break in to free Alpha but that could've been her feeling sympathetic for fellow A.I. that is being tortured and she did leave him in the hands of Project Freelancer in the end.
      Not only that but she has continually inflicted harm to Alpha/Epsilon throughout RvB. Tuesday's aside she was willing to kill Church in her mission to kill Omega (actually shot him with the sniper rifle but he just put his body back on during that instance) and about to again when Caboose radioed Tex saying Omega was in the blue leader. Season 8 Tex was beating the shit out of Epsilon indiscriminately like she did with the Reds and Tucker before being armor locked. She shot Epsilon to use him as bait to lure Wash and Meta for her own objective of finding the Director and while it is not known if she succeeded in killing them if she would go back and help Epsilon and gone back to taking him with her to find the Director but the point of the matter was her objective was taking apart everything the Director built and although she stated she was made to handle the things Church that didn't necessarily justify her actions or even if that was what Epsilon wanted. In finally in season 9 before Epsilon "forgot' her he had to lure her with the familiar surroundings of Blood Gulch and even then Epsilon had to create a reason for her to stay because she wanted to resolve the problem and leave immediately.
      There is no doubt that Church's love for Tex it has been the obsession of the Director and all the A.I. counterparts. But the feeling doesn't seem mutual as Tex deeply resents her resurrection(s) and may have caused a deep hatred toward Church. Tex finally accepted she was a part of Church's life during the "end of the world' in season 9 but she still seemed resistant on returning of affection when she thought Church was about to say I love you instead of finally being let go. So Tex and Church's relationship was one that could be considered barely there. There were adventures shared with the Reds and Blue but during those time she was there for her mission of killing Omega or getting money.

    • NCIS You Forever Have My Respect

      7 years ago



    • Technical Plans

      7 years ago


      Okay so continuing on form my last journal I am back down to my old laptop for the time being. I have faith it can survive a few more months and although it will probably not make any difference I have uninstalled and deleted several extra files like wmv versions of my music, old KH fanfics, and stuff like steam and Halo CE which never could run on it. I pretty much spaced up 18 GB of stuff (mostly music).

      Now going back to my laptop problems I been told by my uncle that the guy at his works IT department gets sweet discounts when buying computers for the company and wouldn't mind getting their discount. He just said give him the spec or models I want and he'll get back to me

      Now I need to think of what specs I want and like always I'm open to suggestion from the community because I am completely hopeless on what I need for my computer.

      This is what I've decided right now:
      2nd Gen Intel Corei5 minimum
      4-6GB Memory
      I'm not particular on hard-drive space so 250-500 seems okay
      if we're talking laptops I would like somewhere around 13-17inch screen
      I do not want a desktop. I don't have a lot of room for one. I'm okay with imac because everything is in the screen
      Graphics card I'm okay with standard I don't really game on my computer (also the fact I suck and have no time for pc gaming) but I wouldn't mind a AMD Radeon or NVIDIA Geforce if it doesn't break the budget.

      My budget is 600-1000

    • Technical Pains

      7 years ago


      Never buy HP laptops EVER!!!

      My dad surprised me a few weeks ago with this HP since my old one is so broken to the point I have to lean the monitor next to the wall to stand it up. When I saw it was a HP my immediate thoughts was this is not going to end well. I've have had a horrible history with their stupid computers and knew this thing wasn't gonna last long of course I couldn't be a huge dick and be ungrateful and eventually I kind of got attached to it. Last week though screen got buggy with black lines appearing/disappearing all over occasionally and more recently won't download simple files and of course the dreaded blue screen.

      Fortunately he kept the receipt and we're returning it for a full refund this weekend.

      Since I'll still be needing a laptop for next year for my Computer Science courses anybody have any good recommendations. I'm thinking either a dell XPS or if I can get a job and some decent earnings then maybe a macbook pro.


    • This Journal was written carefully

      7 years ago


      Goes to do the dishes and the drain pipe breaks, goes to grab a mop to clean the mess up and the mop falls apart, and goes to rant about the unfortunate evening on the internet via a old dying laptop probably seeing its last months.

      Handling with extreme caution.

    • -Yawn-

      7 years ago


      Been real tired don't know why I've been doing nothing but sitting my ass down in front of a computer or in class studying. I think I'm turning into a sloth it's going to be more like a snorlax when the summer festival comes in the next few weeks and that means school, festival eating, home, and sleeping. The next day will be school (sleeping), festival (sleep eating), home (sleeping), and sleeping (coma). You can guess where this is going.

      Anyway I'm just gonn................-snore-

    • Meat-24 Me-0

      8 years ago


      I cannot for the life of me cook meat. It's basic you when ground beef goes from pink to a dark brown it's cooked. And yet I always seem to under cook it. I make sure the slices are aren't that thick so each side gets cooked evenly and blast it with high temp and leave it there a little longer and yet it's always a little undercook.

      I fear I may wind up being a person who eats nothing but takeout.

    • Breaking Up

      8 years ago


      when it comes to the everything else IE9 was always pretty sweet and easy to use but when it comes down to it working with the RT site just about everything goes to hell in terms of not being able to play videos from past seasons, getting a few glitches every now and again that seemingly is only affect its browsers, and more recently with loading videos and the countdown timer.

      So you've been like a home for me IE but I'm leaving you for Firefox. And if there is one true thing I want you to know is that it was totally you and not me.

    • Avatar Images?

      8 years ago


      Yeah my image is getting old so does anyone have any suggestions?

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    • lukemckay FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Webcomic Maker

      8 years ago

      Griffon said your doing portraits the whole weekend at RTX did she mean Mckayed or something else?

      at RvBTO, RvB Canwest and now RTX I'll draw whatever for whoever as long as I'm there. Mind you, I can't lug around my computer everywhere, so if I do a drawing for you, then it'll be black and white on paper.

      But I'll use nice paper and such.

    • lukemckay FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Webcomic Maker

      8 years ago

      doh, yeah. There's wee bit of trouble with some of the site code right now and I'm out of town so I can't fix it until I get home. But I appreciated that you would have commented if you could have smiley1.gif

    • lukemckay FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Webcomic Maker

      9 years ago

      yep, the RT comics have been listed on Top Web Comics for years, just I haven't pimped it much on their lately.

    • Joe_2

      10 years ago

      No, a few hours after I posted that I watched the four episodes that are out.
      I'm pissed that the Gladiator lossed to a damn Apache.

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