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      It is the turning of the year 2800, the final year of the 28th century. Mankind has since spread out from Earth, stretching it's influence to distant systems, galaxies, and cosmos. They have encountered new races, established new nations, and warred with existing ones. Humanity has finally set it's place in the intergalactic community.

      Along with this expansion came the discovery of new technologies and the development of existing ones. Unarguably, one of the chief scientific advances of the millennium was the discovery of an omnipresent material, invisible and undetectable to all but the most sensitive of equipment. Dubbed "The Mana Particle", this substance was revealed to exist in a completely safe, yet extremely unstable state. So unstable that, with the proper influence, it could be manipulated to take the properties of nearly any and every substance known. For lack of a better term, it eventually became known as Magic.
      Furthermore, it was also discovered that certain people with a sensitivity to this form of energy could manipulate it by force of will, giving rise to self-proclaimed magicians and sorcerers along the way. For those unable to pick up this particle, specialized equipment was developed for the sole purpose of attracting and manipulating Mana Particles in accordance to the wielder's desire.

      The majority of this technology was developed by the growing super-giant, Logos Incorporated. A company dedicated to scientific research and development, as well as the manufacturing of home products, commercial transport vehicles, and wartime technology. As an added bonus, the company trains and hires out it's own mercenaries as well as independent mercs.

      In recent days, however, Logos Inc. has been working into overtime in order to keep up with the demands of wartime supplies. Interestingly enough, the ridiculous demand comes straight from home.

      Within the confines of The Zephyr Wheel, Logos Inc.'s home solar system, only three planets lie in perpetual orbit around it's central star.
      Antares, the home planet of Logos and the largest in the network.
      Ossian, a planet covered by sprawling supercities and generally regarded as the Top Trading Capital of the modern era.
      And Finally, Fomorii - a vast, underdeveloped planet whose only traces of civilization are several independent colonies scattered remotely across it's surface. It has often been said that Fomorii is the wild frontier of the Zephyr Wheel system.

      While Antares remains in a state of neutrality, conflict brews between the other two planets of the system. Due to the discovery of a nearby asteroid belt, the Ossian Merchants Guild (OMG) has taken it upon itself to expand it's reach to the belt in hopes of harvesting and refining valuable resources. With such an extensive field under it's possession, the OMG would easily be able to set it's place as a marketing super-giant, rivaling even Logos Inc. in terms of income.
      However, the Fomorii Nationalist Party (FNP), a political group in favor of uniting the Fomoriian colonies into a single sovereign state, oppose the OMG's advances on the field. Rather, they wish to control it themselves to avoid the exorbitant prices typically demanded by the OMG.

      And with this little property dispute, the groups essentially waged war on each other. While the FNP militants initially had the upper hand due to a numerous army with cutting edge technology, the OMG soon balanced the fight, renting out weaponry and soldiers from Logos Inc. to combat the FNP.
      And to this day, the FNP and OMG continue to fight each other, with Logos residing quietly in the background, providing each with the means to destroy each other.

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      I downed my 360 controller with a fatal elbow smash.

    • SciFa RP Reference Notes

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      Mana Particles - aka magic as explained by science...somewhat.

      This idea revolves around the concept that, throughout space (and I don't refer to just 'outer space'. I literally mean omnipresent.) there exists a particular form of energy/matter that flows freely and abundantly. This particle is something of a 'pure form' with no obvious purpose. However, it is extremely malleable. So malleable in fact that, if detected by a person with heightened senses (sixth sense, whatever) it can actually be influenced to flow and alter composition to become whatever the person wants it to be, whether it be energy or matter.

      Basically, magic energy. This energy can be molded into whatever the user wants. If he imagines fire, it becomes fire. If he imagines a milkshake, it becomes...something resembling a milkshake. A degree of knowledge IS required on the user's behalf.
      Crafting these particles in such a manner can be referred to as "casting spells".

      The very same particle, when forced to flow through particular geometric patterns, can experience a sudden rise in strength. This pretty much amplifies the strength of the particle temporarily, allowing for stronger spells to be cast. (Magic Circles, Runes, etc.)

      A user can recite a phrase while mentally associating it with a certain magic result, embedding the idea into their subconscious. In doing so, they can later recite this phrase to trigger their subconscious into performing the particle manipulation on command. (Incanted Magic)

      Now then, the particles themselves are obviously gathered from the surrounding space and bundled into a high enough concentration to perform the necessary task. As such, the bigger the spell, the longer the 'charge time' before it is ready. Bigger spells will require a longer time to gather this energy.

      As for their properties, they actually retain a permanent memory of their original state. As long as they remain free from outer influence, they will continue to stay in this state. Once someone casts a spell, the energy will inevitably dissolve and revert back to it's original particle form. This stays true whether the person creates energy, solids, liquids, or gases. A stone bride crafted from these will degrade into Mana Particles in a very short span of time.

      The manipulation of these particles also causes strain on a mental level for the user, simply due to the concentration required to gather these particles. However, shifting their properties is the easiest part. Unfortunately, one still requires enough particles to be gathered in one spot before any effects become noticeable. Ergo, one cannot immolate another by turning the ambient particles to fire. Too loosely gathered.

      TL;DR - Magic is an ambient energy, present everywhere, that can be molded into what-the-fuck-ever somebody wants.

      I think I've explained it well for the most part. I'm open to any and all questions. May add some more lenience too, seeing as how Forge has given away control of this thread.
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