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    • Different things.

      14 years ago


      I am trying my hardest to work things with everyone and get solutions....
      time slowly ticks by...

      i might try and get down to comic-con in san diego, and meet up wit RvB again maybe meet Kevin Smith and Bruce Campbell..that would be never know who's gonna be there...

      I'mma try anyways..

      Hey...who knows...things could happen...future updates from me are like pathetic cause no one i'm sure looks at my journal anyways..except 2 people who know everything i'mma do anyways. heh

    • RT signed my PS2?!

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      Ok, so i took my Ps2 to AKON in Dallas, Tx...and i bought the RT Stickers..
      and branded my PS2 official RT material..
      everyone was like.."THAT MAKES NO SENSE!, HALO IS ON THE XBOX!?!"
      yes..i realize that..but i play my RvB movies on my PS2, and i didn't have a XBOX because i don't play XBOX much.
      unless i'm at someone else house with it...I mainly a Ps2 fan. Although after careful consideration, i just might get online
      with an XbOX and Halo 2 Online. of course. i might just wait and buy an XBOX 360 and Halo 3. :p
      This being of course, if i actually do get on the whole XBOX online thing, i'll be expecting my ticket into the RVB CLAN.. :p hehe
      i'm kidding, but seriously...i will think about it, i did have fun watching Spikey206 play Halo 2 online with Burnie and Joel, as well as hearing about how he finally got to play with Jason. must be nice. anyways..i need a new hobby...but until then, my PS2 will have to do. :p night everyone..

      and a special shout out again to Dan..dood..Saturday night with you and Gus in that party after the strip club was hilarious

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    • Brand New Beginnings

      14 years ago


      Hello Everyone, I would just like to say first of all, that AKON was a blast this year.
      I have been attending AKON for 5 years now, and have yet to have a year like this.
      I would like to thank all the Guys at RvB for putting up with me for a morning or so
      and putting up with the FAN part of me.

      I thought it was kind of interesting, Geoff said that my PLaystation was the first one
      he ever signed.

      on another note AKON, was the place for new beginnings for me...i not only got
      asked to do some voice overs for burnie, but i also met the most wonderful female
      in the world...granted, i just emotionally broke down about 20 minutes ago over her
      but other than that...yeah. I wish i could say things end up perfect for two peopole crazy about each other, but just like Romeo and juliet, everything always ends in tragedy. Such is the way of life.

      She probably will never know that i would drop everything for her in a heart beat. and due to 1 little slip up between me and a friend of mine this weekend, she is mad that i said i lied to her, which i don't see how i did. but i'm not one to understand women.

      I am going to go with the flow, and attempt to mend something here, honestly as much as i'm crazy about her, i think it's going down the path like all the others, which is sad considering how much i think about her...
      it's strange, i just met her, and not 1 week later, i'm thinking about keeping her forever, hate to use the word, but i might have fallen in love at first sight, if you believe in that sort of thing. and if not oh well.

      and anyways, back to everything else. Thanks Burnie for the great conversations and weekend. Thank Geoff for the Award, have fun with your week, and i hope your wedding goes well and that it's a great wedding. Thank you Gus, although you said Dallas sucks. :p thanks Dan for hanging out and conversatating it with me, your awesome all the way. Thank Kat, you still look as young as I said you did, i don't care what anyone says. Thanks Joel. although you hung out with spike more, and i only got to say hi a couple times, i would love to reindevue with you sometimes in L.A. and chit-chat. thanks Matt for working on the DvD while everone else was gone, but we missed you, and i desperately wanted you to be there. Thanks Tucker for being wherever you are....damnit..why am i thanking you? you werent' there!??!! you should have been :p either way..i hope we see you again next year. :)

      good night...mad props to SPIKEY206 for helping me sign up.
      and thanks for everyone who reads me posts now. :)

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