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    • New Mini Rooster Teeth Podcast Set!

      2 years ago



      A couple of weeks ago I was asked to make a mini to promote the new Rooster Teeth podcast set, before I get into how I made it I would like to take the time to thank @sophieturcotte and @MLaPorte for working with me and giving me the opportunity to do a really awesome project! If you're reading this and are interested in my work, I've made a variety of miniatures before, including the original podcast set, the Off Topic set, the On the Spot set and most recently the Always Open set, amongst others.

      So, on to how I did it!

      This set was quite stressful to make as I wasn't happy with it until right at the end! There were points where I wanted to scrap it all and start again but couldn't because I was working to a deadline, but in the end I'm really glad I stuck with it as it all turned out okay. 

      The base of the set is a canvas board slightly smaller than A4 size. I have found this to be the best thing to use as a base as cardboard and foam board tend to curl when you paint them or get them wet with glue, and also canvas board has a slight texture which can give the effect of a carpeted floor. The backdrop and sides of my set are made from foam board.

      I then painted card from a tissue box to look like wood and cut it into planks. I've had a lot of practice at this now as a lot of the RT sets feature wooden planks! 


      I had to paint the wood effect in a variety of colours as there are a lot of different types of wood in the background of the set. After cutting all the planks I assembled them onto a square of foam board that would make the back wall, and two frames that divide the 'kitchen areas' of the set to the left and right. 


      I then painted the RT podcast logo on the backdrop of the set, but this was one of the points where I thought maybe I should start again as I was really unhappy with my painting! In the end I decided to cover it up with spare planks and repaint it. I've included this in my method just in case I give the impression that my artwork always goes smoothly -- it doesn't!




      I then made the curtains. I bought some red fabric and I cut them out, hemmed them and hung the little curtains on to kebab skewers that I poked through the side of the frames so that the curtains were very secure. I managed to keep them open with a little bit of thread tied either side which was very fiddly! It wasn't until I was ironing miniature curtains to keep them pleated that I realised how weird my little hobby is!


      Then I made the cupboards and cabinets behind the curtains. For some reason I didn't take many pictures of the process of this, but it took me a very long time. I want to personally thank the person who sat the little action figure on the books as that was very fun to make, but also very difficult! the cabinets even have little mini glasses in them that I made out of tape, which makes me happy as I like to have everything as realistic as possible, but is barely noticeable when I then stuck the doors on them! (Plus, notice all the cabinets and cupboards have mini mini handles!)


      My favourite thing I made in this set was this tiny wine bottle rack:


      I then assembled the background, and this was the first time I was finally happy with the set! 


      Next thing to make was the little details in the background, such as the lighting. I made the three lights at the back out of wire, and the actual bulbs are made out of mini sticky back jewels that I painted yellow. I also used these jewels to make the lights on the arrow to the left of the set, and the neon 'BAR' sign I made out of wire that I painted white. Next came the little cabinet on wheels which I made out of cardboard in the same way I made the cabinets.


      The last W.I.P picture I took was of the sofa before painting, I didn't take as many pictures as I should have done as I was quite tight for time and just wanted to get on and make the set! 


      But here is the finished outcome! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I hope you guys are too! This set is a great upgrade to what we had before whilst still having references to the old set. Thank you all for reading!


    • My Mini Always Open Set!

      2 years ago


      This was by far the longest I've ever spent on a mini/model before! It took me over a week of almost solid working every day to finish, but I'm really pleased with the end result and I hope you guys will be too :D It took me even longer than my Junkrat model because there are just so many tiny details in this set! 

      I also made this model a bit bigger than my other sets, I think my first ever mini would fit into it about 8 times

      A few people on twitter asked me how I could put so much detail into the model when there had only been two episodes out and for that I need to give a huge thanks to @MLaPorte for taking photos of the shelves on the set for me so I could get all the tiny details right :D 

      Anyway, on to the build! 

      So I started off by making the white backdrops for the set, these have kinda 3D wiggly lines going across them and usually my models would be so small I'd have to paint that effect on but because I decided to make this model a bit bigger I could actually make it 3D. I started by cutting foamboard into the dimensions I wanted it, and then dipped wool in glue and stuck it horizontally across the board, not really caring how straight it was because the lines are meant to be wiggly anyway. When that was dry I then used the Papier-mâché technique to stick newspaper over the top and painted it all white. Later I added thin card strips to divide the wiggles as you'll see in the finished pictures. 



      I then made the two wooden plank backdrops at each side of the set. To do this I painted a wood effect by hand onto some card and then cut it out into planks and stuck onto some foamboard that I painted black. 


      I then made the shelves by measuring and cutting out the background and then cutting strips of cardboard to make the shelves. It took a lot of patience to get these all in the right place as they're not just normal shelves they are tetris shaped! I stuck the shelves onto the background with parcel tape as I'd be painting them brown anyway and in my Dude Soup set I'd had problems with glue making my shelves very wonky! But trial and error and making mistakes is how your art gets better over time :D


      So above is the picture of almost all the background assembled. I painted the shelves a darker brown than pictured. I then formed the chairs which took a long time! Although I work in clay a lot this was quite a big thing to make out of polymer clay and my attempts to form it around a model so that it wasn't just solid clay didn't work so well so I ended up using 2 56g packs of white and one 56g pack of yellow fimo clay to make one prop! 


      I then painted the chairs yellow and made the lining around the edges out of embroidery thread, and you'll see the finished chairs later. 

      Then came the tricky part- I needed to make all the props for the shelves! Out of the 8 days I worked on this, 5 days were spent making ornaments for the shelves. A lot of the ornaments are made out of clay, the books and the jukebox and a couple other props are made of cardboard and the cups are made out of sellotape formed around a paintbrush handle! Everything is painted with acrylic paints and some things are glossed with clear nail varnish. Here I will dump a bunch of pictures of this process as it will take forever if I talk through each prop individually! Keep in mind there are times where I had to use my artistic licence a little because of either not being able to make the exact prop mini (E.g. I struggled to make a glass terrarium so instead I just made a plant) and also there were times I misjudged how much space I had and so there might be more/fewer props than in real life, e.g. there are far more bottles on the middle shelf but I didn't have enough space. 




      Then I made the table, I don't have any photos of this process because at this point I guess I just wanted to get it over and done with! The surface is two circles of cardboard stuck together. I then painted the top white and glossed it with nail varnish, and the edge of the table is made of kitchen foil. The stand is part of a paintbrush that died a horrible death in a tub of PVA I left out overnight, and the base is a smaller circle of cardboard. I then painted a canvas board grey and made the light by sticking little fake jewels onto the plastic bit that seals the lids onto jars when you buy them in the shops -- inspiration for what you can use to make minis can come from anywhere!


      And then assembly! All the parts of the set are stuck with normal PVA but the boards at the back are reinforced with parcel tape. 


      And then to photo the mini I arranged my lamps to mimic the lighting that the set gets in real life, and I hung the light from a ruler hanging over the set.


      Enough talking now, here's the finished thing <3 


      Thanks for reading! <3 


    • I made a mini Junkrat from Overwatch

      3 years ago


      I finally finished college and so after a few days doing absolutely nothing (I deserved it) I decided to make a mini model of Junkrat from Overwatch. This is the first time I've attempted to model a figure, and it's the first time I've attempted anything so big made of almost exclusively clay.

      I'm going to go through my process step by step with pictures, in case anyone else reading this would be interested in getting crafty <3


      This is a picture of Junkrat propped up against my glass whilst I was forming him out of clay. First I made a wire frame using jewellery tools and very thin flexible wire that I had to twist in order to be strong enough. I then formed the basic shape out of clay and then got on with the details. Here I'm actually nearly done making the body, you can't see any of the wire frame and I started to add clothing and 'accessories' in white. (I feel weird calling explosives accessories but I guess they are!) You can see all the little cylinders that I rolled out to stick on his shoulders.


      Here he is just out the oven, note the cocktail stick peg leg! He has quite a flat butt because of the way I leaned him on the glass plate but nobody will be looking there anyway, right?


      When he was cool I painted his body in a flesh tone using acrylic paints. I thought this was worth noting because I was happy with the colour I achieved, and so if you want to mix acrylics for white skin it's: 3 parts white, 1 part burnt umber, 1/2 part lemon yellow and 1/2 part brilliant red.

      As you can tell looking at the finished product, I go over a lot of the painting I did here because Junkrat is super dirty.


      This is a picture where I started to paint his face. I realised I'd ran out of black acrylic paint and it was too late to go shopping, and so the grey on his face is actually watercolour paint mixed very very thickly! It's not as smooth as I would have got with acrylic but it served as a good substitute. His lips and eyes are shiny from clear nail varnish, I would recommend considering the texture and 'reflectiveness' a lot when making models because little details like this really make the finished product look like you put a lot of thought and consideration into it.


      My favourite part to do was the trousers, I loved painting his little patches! It reminded me of the school bag I used to have when I was 11 with a bunch of Blink 182 and Green Day patches sewed on. The camouflage pattern is also the same as the pattern on his shorts, though although the shapes are the same I found that doing it as stylised as his real shorts didn't work with the look of my model, and so I 'dirtied it up' a little.


      The tyre is made almost entirely (haha, en-tyre-ly) of papier mâché, which I found is really tricky to do on such a small and detailed scale! I bought some jump rings from my local craft shop and used jeweller's tools to form them into a chain, which I managed to attach to the tyre. The spikes are made of clay that I then carved to look a bit more rugged, (you can never get a perfect spike with clay) and painted with silver acrylic paint.

      The reason I made the tyre out of papier mâché and not clay is because I needed it to be light enough to stick on Junkrat's back.


      This is how I dried him in order to stick the tyre on his back, and below is the finished product! Thanks for reading <3





    • I met Meg!

      3 years ago


      Today was amazing! I went to MCM Comic Con in London and met Meg (who was dressed as a super awesome Harley Quinn!) and I gave her a teeny model of her dog that I made out of clay ^^



      I was dressed as a super low budget Alleria Windrunner but for my first cosplay I think it turned out okay!


      I was super tied for time to make it because of the amount of college work I have to do, maybe next year I'll wear the same costume but make a bow ^^


    • Life update #4

      3 years ago


      I've done SO MUCH college work recently, I feel like all I do is eat, sleep and draw. And also play Overwatch. (Mercy ftw <3) I thought I'd post two of my final pieces for college, you can hopefully tell how much soul-draining time I've spent on them >.>



    • Mini Dude Soup set!

      3 years ago


      Today I made a mini dude soup set! I've been wanting to make this since Marcus posted the pictures of the new set on twitter but I only just got round to it! The photos aren't perfectly in focus because I made the decision to go with the ones where you could see the light best rather than the ones that were crisp and in focus. THE SHELVES ARE SO WONKY but I gave up trying to make them stay because sometimes you just have to accept life's little hiccups in order to move forward and stop crying over wonky cardboard. Other than the light which I'm super proud of (I felt like a computer scientist taking apart an old book light for the LED you have no idea) my favourite part is the carpet which I needle felted because I didn't have any material in the right colour.

      Hope you guys like it!




    • My mini Off Topic set made it to the big Off Topic set!

      3 years ago


      I was super super happy to tune in to Off Topic yesterday and see Michael, Geoff, Jeremy and Gavin show my mini set! I'll post the screenshots below, and you can watch the episode here!



      Below is a better photo that I took at home, and here's a link to how I made it!


      Love you aaaall <3 <3 <3

    • YameMishina asked Nylaara a question

      Where did you learn how to make your creations? Or are you self-taught?

      Answered: Mar 31, 2016

      I'm self taught I am an art student but we don't do anything like my minis it's all in my free time <3

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    • WesleyDickens HaywoodYaBlowMe

      3 years ago

      so I found today that you are the awesome mini set creator, I then saw some of your digital work and cosplay. One question, how the smeg are you so talented at so many different art techniques?

      • Nylaara Of The Alliance

        3 years ago

        Haha thank you! I just try really hard and practice a lot :D

      • WesleyDickens HaywoodYaBlowMe

        3 years ago

        It just baffles me that someone can do so many different styles so well and yet i can only do comic art. I bet you look at people who inspire you and think 'I am useless compared to them'.

    • Rhy7hmicW4rrior FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Artist(ish)

      3 years ago

      You won fanart friday congrats!

      • Nylaara Of The Alliance

        3 years ago

        I saw! Thanks <3

    • fionawas

      3 years ago

      Hello! I just saw your mini OTS set and it looks rad, and we have the same name so I had to come say hello. I don't know any other Fiona's so I figured I'd say hi! So hi! Your sets are amazing!

      • Nylaara Of The Alliance

        3 years ago

        Thank you very very much, fellow Fiona! <3 <3

    • FalconStreak FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold FLCNSTRK

      3 years ago

      Hiya! Don't mean to sound creepy, but I saw Michael's mention of your tweet of the mini Off Topic set and it was amazing so I looked into it and saw your other posts. You make some really cool stuff! :D I'm constantly blown away by how other RT fans are way more creative and cool than me, and you're right there at the top!

      • Nylaara Of The Alliance

        3 years ago

        Thank you!! That means a lot <3

      • FalconStreak FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold FLCNSTRK

        3 years ago

        No problem! Is craft-making a hobby of yours or is it also career-related?

      • FalconStreak FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold FLCNSTRK

        3 years ago

        Just curious, are you going to be making any of the other sets as well? I'm just looking forward to more of your handiwork :)

      • Nylaara Of The Alliance

        3 years ago

        I have made another set and I will be posting it on the RT site shortly :D and I am a Game Art and Design student, so craft is mostly just a hobby :)

      • FalconStreak FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold FLCNSTRK

        3 years ago

        Yeah, I saw the On The Spot set - it looks amazing! Brilliant, yet again! :D Sweet, you're really good at your hobby :)

    • Collaz

      3 years ago

      I know they probably took ages but if there's a way of making more of them weapon cards, you should do it because they are incredible. It's the kinda thing you'd see on Etsy

      • Nylaara Of The Alliance

        3 years ago

        I actually finished the whole alphabet! I just need to get around to putting them all up :D

      • Collaz

        3 years ago

        I can't wait to see the rest! I'm kinda curious to see what you'll do with 'x'. I'm guessing it'll be the sword from Xenoblade? Or if you wanna stretch the boundaries, a badass picture of a xenomorph from Alien: Isolation - it's basically a living weapon, right!

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    I'm self taught I am an art student but we don't do anything like my minis it's all in my free time <3