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    • Degrees of Sex Slavery

      11 years ago


      Being a yiffy furvert with slavery ranking as one of my top 3 highest fetishes next to bondage and tentacles, I have come across several types of sex slaves and slaver varieties. I have decided quite out of the fucking blue to post up a journal detailing these!

      Slave Types:

      Unbroken: My secret most favorite slave types, although I probably won't reveal it during a public RP. The Unbroken are fresh new slaves who have not been "attuned" to the life as a slave and constantly fight back. It's quite fun to create new ideas and RP's to break their mind into becomming your personal toy...

      Tamed: pretty decent slaves for your sexual desires. They have been broken and now will fulfill most of your fetish desires as long as it doesn't conflict with their own interests. The typical slave which can be fun in most situations.

      Willing: Also called "pets" instead of slaves, the willing are sex slaves who have willingly subjected themselves to slavery. Either by a certain dark fetish for being treated like slaves, or due to a secret admiration towards their masters, Willing are quite popular as slaves and will perform almost any fetish.

      Shattered: Ordinarilly, during training, an Unbroken will upgrade to Tamed status in order to avoid further punishment. Some cases however, sadly result in the slave suffering an irreversible mental breakdown. They are practically mindless and emotionless, doing any fetish regardless of how dark and twisted it may be. Serving their masters is now their only goal in life. While seeming as little more than sex dolls in theory, they are quite fun to RP with if you're into the absolute domination thing. But I prefer a bit of a challenge with slaves, hence my love for the Unbroken.

      Slavers Types:

      Trader/Trainer: The Traders and Trainers are not actually slavers but rather people who run and sell the slave market. It is their job to capture new slaves and train them to be good fuck toys before auctioning them to the highest bidder. Traders are usually quite boring, but if you play with some form of experience, Trainers can be excelent roles.

      Conqueror: slavers who also possess a very high perverted streak fall into this category. They excel at dominating their slaves in as many sexy and twisted ways as possible to extract as much pleasure as possible. Conquerors are the kinds that litterally perform that insane smile shown in cartoons when they wear leather bondage suits and carry a whip.

      Sadistic Tyrant: These slavers are the kinds that all slaves fear and mostly the kind that create the Shattered slaves. They treat their slaves with no more respect than one would treat a blow up doll. They fuck their slaves and then don't care about them once they're done. They actually enjoy causing as much pain to their slaves as possible for punishment, some of the punishments not even being sexual in nature but more like dark ages dungeon torture.

      Sadistic Lover: The rarest form of slaver is the Sadistic Lover. These slavers are just as cruel as the Tyrant version, but during their punishment treatments, their slaves have developed a romantic relationship with their masters. Yes, the Slaver and Slave may be in love with each other, but their roles still hold, and if the slave fucks up, the slaver punishes them harshly and almost inhumanely, only to make up for the act later through passionate sex or going out on a date..

      Now then, I have no fucking clue why I decided this journal needed to be, but it's 3:35 and I'm fucking tired... so there, have at it!

    • Part A continued

      11 years ago


      Ventrue prefer the disciplines that allow for domination of the minds of "lesser" foes.

      Nosferatu: All members of the Nosferatu are either unbearably hidious, or at least repulsive to be around due to a sinister aura or horrible stench. The moment they are sired, a new Nosferatu quickly undergoes changes that will leave them unable to blend in with society ever again. Due to their horrid forms or traits, they prefer the disciplines that allow them stealth as well as control fear itself.

      Mehket: The Mehket clan keeps secrets even from the rest of the supernatural! They dedicate their existances to seeking out and uncovering lost occult truths which are either forgotten or hidden from the public and then keep those secrets to themselves. Mehket own a massive spy network and most vampires don't like to fuck around with them as many Mehket have often flaunted their knowledge by having information on even the slightest and most minor secrets that vampires thought weren't important enough to arouse a Mehket's interest. They too prefer disciplines which allow stealth as well as domination abilities to help extract information easier.

      One great strength to the vampires is the great diversity of their blood. There are practically dozens of abilities available to the blood of a vampire, one of which is the ability to create entirely new disciplines when a vampire reaches a certain age or level of power.

      Vampires can turn humans into what is known as "Ghouls" by feeding them a very small portion of their blood and willing the transformation to occur. When a Human becomes a ghoul, they don't age and they gain one vampire power which is either super strenght, super speed, or super endurance. Ghoul-hood wears off after one full month of not drinking vampire blood. But if they go for a month without drinking it, they will age extremely rapidly. For every year that a ghoul spent as a ghoul, they will age by one year each day until they have reached the appropriate age, thus if a ghoul wishes for any hope of surviving the transformation back to human state, it must be done before they reach several years of ghoul-hood or they will age to death in a matter of days.

      Vampire blood is also the source for creating new vampires. A vampire must feed a human their blood and will the change to occur while the human is on the inevitable brink of death. Since Vampires can only heal injuries recieve after their embrace and not before it, drinking a human to the point of death is the prefered method, unless you want a vampire running around with a bullet wound in the chest or something like that. The Blood must be fed to the human right before they die but not afterwards, thus the process is kind of hard to perform for fledglings who don't yet have experience.

      Another power of the blood is that even if a vampire does not will the transformation into ghoul status, the blood is extremely addictive. A single drop of vampire blood will have any creature in the world seeking out more. In World of Darkness, vampire blood is believed to be the most addicting "drug" on the planet.

      But probably the biggest gift for their blood is the ability to enslave almost any creature capable of drinking it. If a human (or any other creature) drinks blood from the same vampire 3 nights in a row, they become subject to what vampires call the Viniculum which means they are blood slaves. They are completely bound to the vampire's will and nothing except going for a full year without drinking the vampire's blood or actually killing the vampire master can break them of the bond. Many vampires have been known to simultaneously enslave their ghouls in this fashion as well as make them ghouls to serve as minions for them, although such actions often counts as evil and brings them a few steps closer to the beast inside them.

      There is only one known cure for vampirism, and even that cure may not be a 100% cure. It is spoken of only in legends because vampires have struggled for thousands of years and have failed to achieve it except for a small handful. The cure is called "Galconda" which is legend to be a spiritual awakening for vampires which allows them to cast off their vampiric form and return once again to being humans. However this so called "Cure" only has one chance in their entire life time to achieve it. If they fail the trial of the awakening, they may never become human. Likewise, a vampire who does achieve Golconda but is later sired into being a vampire again is now permanently a vampire. Even Golconda itself is not known to be a complete cure due to it's bewildering rarity in achievers, some rumors say that it simply allows vampires to cast off certain parts of vampirism while keeping other parts. Only those who actually achieve it know the truth...

      Thats an explanation on the vampires. I would have done the covenants and the explanaton of their powers., but I don't think I have enough time to explain all that.

    • Nyrufa's Game reviews Issue 2. A

      11 years ago


      This review centers around World of Darkness, which is a story telling game much like D&D but without tables or figurines and instead told entirely through dialog, dice, and character sheets.

      The full scale World of Darkness has been split into a variety of stories in which you play a different monster in each one. That's right, you are the monster, and the enemies are your prey!

      Due to the vast series of World of Darkness, I have had to split this review into multiple parts, starting with 2. A which centers around the vampire story of World of Darkness.

      In Vampire: The Requiem, your character plays as a vampire who has access of up to three special vampiric powers called Disciplines which he spends throughout the story training up in mastery and unlocking more and more skills that come with each discipline, up to a maximum level of 5 per discipline for 15 total techniques. However, certain actions or traits can allow you to gain even more disciplines than the starting 3 to allow for even more skills and abilities!

      The character sheet to World of Darkness is nothing short of immense! You have an entire collection of special traits and knowledges that you can assign your character, and each of those has a multitude of specialties that come with it! For new beginners, this game is incredibly complex but otherwise fun once you get started.

      Vampires have a slew of powers that pretty much makes them able to take over the world if they so desired, but there are a few horrible weaknesses that keep them from doing so.

      One weakness is the sunlight. Not only are vampires burned to a crisp in the World of Darkness by touching sunlight, but it is also extremely difficult for them to remain awake during the daylight, they can only maintain it for a few seconds at most and even then it takes a great ammount of will. So when the sun rises, any exposed vampire will fall unconcious while they burn to death.

      Another weakness is probably the vampire's biggest fear which every vampire possess and is known as "The Beast" which is their true vampiric nature. Instead of being blood sucking demons of the night, vampires constantly struggle to keep in touch with their humanity and perform as little evil acts as they possibly can. Their beast becomes even stronger the more evil they perform and eventually if a vampire completely succumbs to it, they go ballistic and start killing everything in sight and must be put down.

      Vampires are also susceptible to normal weaponry just like everybody else, although their super powers combined with their ability to regenerate through the use of spending blood makes them far more difficult to take down than a human. It is almost impossible to beat a vampire to death with bludgeoning attacks, although you can still knock them unconcious through such measures.

      The good news is that stakes in the heart do not kill vampires in the World of Darkness, but merely paralyze them until such a time as the stake is removed. However, while paralyzed, they are completely vulnerable to any attack and they appear completely dead due to the paralyzing effects.

      One other major weakness is their thirst for blood. Above everything else in their eternal existance, blood comes first, a starving vampire will willingly tear their best friend or lover appart if they can extract some blood from them. There is no subsitute for this, starving a vampire only brings on an even more powerful hunger and if they continue to go without feeding, they can eventually succumb to the beast and go ballistic. All Vampires must feed! Luckilly, the humans don't transform from a simple bite, turning them into vampires is a slightly more complicated process. Also, in order to keep in touch with their humanity, vampires try to refrain from draining humans to death, they take only enough to survive.

      When vampires in the World of Darkness feed, it is said to fill both the vampire and the victim with a feeling that is even greater than sexual climax and most humans end up becomming addicted to it and willingly become part of the vampire's cattle just to feel it. Most humans are so stunned by this euphoric feeling, that they might not even remember they were fed upon after the vampire finishes and most just think they simply passed out for nearly an hour after they recover.

      Vampires come in several different clans, and while each of the 5 clans favor some disciplines over others, each vampire player is free to choose whatever three Disciplines they desire, although at least 2 of those three must be from their clan's favored Disciplines, but the 3rd can be anyone they want.

      The clans are as follows.

      Daeva: also known as Incubus/Sucubus, the Daeva are a clan of vampiric seducers who love to fuck just as much as they love to drink blood. It is not uncommon for a Daeva to seduce a victim, bring them home, fuck them, and then drink from them! Daeva wield the vampiric mental disciplines which allow them to either bend people to their will or draw forth an unnatural level of charisma from their peers.

      Gangrel: The barbarian vampires of the wilds, the Gangrel are the most attuned to their inner beast than any other vampire clan. They are so intuned in fact, that they favor the vampiric disciplines which allow for shape shifting and the controlling of animals. Gangrel are solitary and very, very rarely travel into cities unless they have a damn good reason, and even if they do, they leave soon afterwards. Many vampires wonder how Gangrel survive in the wilds due to little sunlight protection as well as the werewolves roaming the country side.

      Ventrue: Lords of the night, Ventrue are the most politically and financially powerful clan out of all the 5 clans. They are sired from greedy politicians and buisness owners who don't wish to die just yet and many Ventrue have existed for hundreds or even thousands of years due to their vast wealth combined with vampiric abilities. TBC...

    • Nyrufa's Gaming Reviews Issue 1

      11 years ago


      On FARTER, I have a relatively unpopular game reviewing thing set up that nobody seems to notice. So instead, I have decided to review games over here! Now since I don't feel like typing up all that shit again, I'm just going to start off with different games.

      First up (on this site) is Dungeon Siege II

      At a first or casual glance, this game is pretty awesome. A little short in plotwise with a lot of side quests, but otherwise awesome. However the one major bad thing about this game is only realized after you begin to play it.


      This game is impossibly difficult to beat, in fact I have never beaten it without absolutely having to use cheats! When I say that, I don't mean that the game is complex or that the game is made for expert gamers, NO! The testers for this game obviously didn't do their jobs as the game's difficulty even on the lowest setting will have your characters getting their asses kicked if they're even slightly outnumbered. Potions will drain away fast unless you fill up practically two character's inventories with the same kind of potion and skills seem to be useless as even with the techniques designed to increase my magical power reserves and decrease the magic cost for certain spell schools, my mages needed a new magic potion every 2 to 3 minutes after they had skills that reduced spell cost by nearly 40% magic and extended their magic power by nearly 38% which is bull shit when it comes to dungeon crawling RPG games.

      In fact, on the final boss, my characters were maxed level on the lowest difficulty (36 for lowest difficulty) with unique and set items, and the final boss managed to kill us all in a single blow unless I used cheat codes for god mode and hacked away at him for a good 20 minute long battle, during which time he summoned shit loads of monsters.

      There are four schools of combat in this game:

      Melee which is for warriors and is probably the shittiest school in the game. Despite the fact that the warriors are supposed to be the meat tanks and draw in the brunt of all damage to keep the enemies off their allies, my half giant warrior died more times than ANY of my other characters who were not so bent towards brute force. Thus making this class practically worthless.

      Ranged: This school is for either ranged weapons (bow and cross bow) or thrown weapons (shuriken and chakram) Which actually prove to be one of the most useful classes after you unlock their Charged Bolt skill which gives them an almost machine gun style rapid fire ability. Sadly, due to the rather pathetic powers of the Warrior, Rangers have very little to protect them in close combat and might need to constantly run away unless you have several characters leaping into the fray to distract monsters from their ranged attackers.

      Nature Magic: The healer class. At first starting out, Nature Mages function as little more than buffs and healers, but as they progress, they gain skills that specialize in either ice magic, or summoning animals which can make them extremely useful. I chose to make my nature mage specialize in ice which allowed her to increase the power of her ice magic, she had one such spell that gave all my party's attacks a percentage to freeze enemies on contact which helped immensely when it came to tough batttles. Nature Mages are one of the best classes in the game but only after reaching a considerably high level of about 7 or so, otherwise they are just the wimpy healers that everybody relies on to keep their asses alive.

      Combat Magic: I made my main hero a Combat Mage hoping that he could live up to his name by blowing the shit out of everyone in sight. Sadly, even though he is level 36 with practically all his spells geared towards fire as well as all his specialty skills centered souly on fire powers, he doesn't seem that tough. His Fire Bolt spell can do upwards from 400 to 600 damage with a single strike, but he tends to run out of magic extremely quick and I had to stock half his inventory with super mana potions just to keep him from running dry. Luckilly he also has items that grant him increased mana regeneration rate. Combat Mages are indeed powerful, but they tend to have a short fuse which must be replenished with mana potions constantly!

      So in terms of looks, style, and plot-line, this game is amazing. But in terms of play through and actual balancing, this game is shit! So it's kind of a double edged sword when it comes to playing it.

      The ending has a plot twist and a cliff hanger for a possible Dungeon Siege 3, but I doubt they're going to make it as they put very little effort into testing this particular game.

    • Penis...

      11 years ago


      Do you, or a loved one have a penis or think you might have one? If so, you could be entitled to being sexually superior to those without one...

      Penises are a genetic trait and can potentially be passed on from parent to child.

      There is no cure for having a penis except for heavy surgery, but it is also possible to contract having a penis during such surgery!

      Penises don't seem to have any sort of negative side-effects with the exception of occasionally collecting a large amount of blood on a daily basis which results in them becoming stiff and growing nearly twice their normal size. Luckily, this can easily be remedied by rubbing it for several minutes without the need to spend money on medical products.

      Penises are known for carrying a special fluid which can cause risk of pregnancy when exposed to the inside of a vagina, this fluid is called semen, but can also be called cum or jizz...

      Semen is also released after rubbing the penis is applied while it has become hard due to blood collection, but as long as it is not injected into a vagina, no negative effects are known to occur except for making a mess.

      Now that you know this information, we hope you can further enjoy your penis, if in fact, you have one.

    • Gemstones of the 90's

      11 years ago


      Being born in 1987, I was lucky enough to have viewed the entire events of the 90's from beginning to end and I still remember some of the fantastic treasures from it that are now long gone or sitting on eBay somewhere in the darkest dungeons of the internet. I have taken the liberty to list off a few of these memorable moments in history in completely randomized order based on which ones I think need to go next.

      Y2K: Possibly the best gem in the entire 90's fortune was the legendary Y2K bug in which everyone believed that upon reaching the year 2,000 that all computers would malfunction and launch nuclear missiles all over the world! Never has there been a more appropriate decade that people were spending their lives building bomb shelters and stocking up on food rations! We even had chareties trying to raise funds to help for when this appocalypse happened! But then the year 2,000 came and the computers continued on as normal. And despite the fact that I was waiting for the appocalypse all throughout the 90's, I managed to completely forget about the Y2K bug during new years so I couldn't enjoy the imagination of people shitting themselves in both relief and anger at having wasted their lives building inpentrable basements!

      N64: Until this system came out, the only consoles were the 2d Nintento, Super Nintendo, and Sega. Which is why when a 3d console came out, everybody was pissing themselves in rabid anticipation and glee at what this could mean for video games and as we can see, it has worked out quite well. When you bought a Super Nintendo, it came with a demo VHS tape showing off some of the games for the yet to be released console and many people couldn't wait. Soon afterwards, Sony developed a 3d console known as the Playstation and somewhere along the line, Sega did too known as the Sega CD or what ever which at the time was believed to be the worst fucking console ever!

      Creepy Crawlers Oven: Based on the rather strange cartoon show known as Creepy Crawlers in which a young boy manages to befriend a bunch of monsters and fight off a bunch as well, came an orange and green oven which allowed you to place in a strange gack-like molding and bake it into rubbery monsters to play with. Sadly however, the toy burned out after only a few weeks and after it was done baking the rubbery toys, the oven was incredibly hot and caused a few accidents by burns. I have never seen one again since the early 90's.

      Family Time: A time where my familly didn't have a computer was the 90's until about 1998 or so. At this time, we actually had the occasional family game nights or would play together... But then when computers became popular to have, we kind of drifted appart...

      Internet is New: The Internet was just beginning to sprout up and practically the entire population was speaking 1337 speak. An invention designed for fast communications had in the span of 3 seconds, become a world wide troll fest until people learned the importance of being able to type correctly.

      The Original Power Rangers: The original fucking show with Rita somehow hurling a staff from the moon all the way to earth with her puny arms. The show was pretty awesome especially when the green ranger began to singlehandedly kick the entire group's ass and how everybody was arguing over who the mysterious white ranger was going to be even though kids at the age of a mere 5 years old had already guessed it was Tomy! Now though they had new power rangers such as ninja force and lightning storm and are even comming out with toys that have absolutely no appearence in the show. It's become a fucking ruin of it's former self!

      Hand Grenade Water Baloon: exactly like it says, water baloons designed to be colored like hand grenades. I guess with the terrorists however, this idea has been scrapped for the kiddies...

      And my personal favorite gem....

      It was a time in which politicians weren't the dipshits that they are today. Sure Bill Clinton screwed a secretary, but before that, I don't recall one single report about any sort of political disputes on the news. Now though, we have reports of all kinds of shit and a number of rights that have existed in America for centuries have been removed just because some stupid Christian managed to take control over the country and didn't like the way the rights counteracted his bible, I hope to whatever the hell runs the universe that there will eventually be a president who restores these rights, but as it is now, the only possible chance I see would be a revolution and kick these dipshits out...

    • If I were a Vampire

      11 years ago



      If I were a vampire, I would use my dark powers for a special agenda of my own. Rather than follow in a vampire covenant or clan and work throughout eternity to gain up in the ranks, I would seek my own path to power.

      My first act as a vampire would be to gather enough power to survive on my own, according to my calculations, this would be a few months, or a couple of years after achieving vampire state and would keep hidden during that time by feeding on blood bags or animals instead of humans...

      After I had gained enough power to survive on my own, I would then seek about transforming my closest and most trusted personal friends into vampires as well who would act as my generals, lieutenants, or commanders for my soon to be growing army.

      I would spend a few more months or couple of years training them in the ways of the vampires before moving onto my next step of creating minions by having my commanding officers (my close friends) create vampires of their own. Since they are two vampiric generations below me, I wouldn't have much to fear from these minions, plus I'd have about 4 years of seniority over them, thus my powers would be more advanced.

      After amassing a small platoon of vampiric soldiers, I would then seek about creating slaves or servants. Ordinary humans who would work for me through a variety of reasons, whether it be promissing to make them into vampires some day, or granting them a ranking position in my army, or maybe just paying them like mercenaries.

      At about this time, my army should be large enough that I would have to worry about being noticed as well as worry about greedy backstabbers trying to take my throne for themself. In order to prepare for this, I would change from feeding on animals and blood packets, to feeding on humans. Or in the case of rather advanced emergencies or the act of capturing a traitor, I would feed on fellow vampires in order to absorb their power and add it to my own.

      After my army was built up, and my powers supstantial, I would slowly begin my conquest of the state of Georgia. First beginning with small towns or cul-de-sacs and then generally working my way up to entire cities and subdivisions. Once all of Georgia was under my command, I would begin construction of my kingdom in it's domain.

      I wouldn't proceed to invade other states unless they attacked first, or I managed to survive several decades or centuries to gain power. After all, anyone who has ever attempted total world domination has always resulted in failure, and Vampires would be no different.

      After my vampiric kingdom had been established, I would proceed to devour the blood (and power) of all Georgia vampires who were more than 2 vampiric generations away from me, thus leaving only myself, my close personal friends (1 generation away), and their chosen vampires (2 generations away) but all other vampires would fuel my power, thus essentially making me a vampiric god.

      I figure that if this plan went perfectedly as planned out, I could survive for about 2 centuries or so before the church busted down my mansion (yes I would have one) door and began burning or blessing the place, or my addiction to power got the better of me and I did something stupid like trying to devour an elder or ancient vampire after believing that my newfound abilities after devouring all my vampires would be equal to the elder one.

      I figure this would be the position of my army status. If any of you are my friends, go ahead and send in a reply saying which one you would want. Remember, there is no actual proof that vampires don't exsit.

      Blood King: Mine, you can't have it!

      Blood Queen: My vampiric lover who would rule at my side.

      Blood Princess/Prince: Not exactly my daughter/son, but would be the second in command to take the throne during my unfortuneate demise as King. Only 1 allowed, obviously due to it being second in line for the throne.

      Death Knights: My 6 elite guards, the most powerful soldiers in my entire army and the body guards to the Blood King, Queen, and Princess/Prince.

      Warlord: The commander of my army. Only 1 allowed.

      High Death Priest/Priestess: My advisor as well as my military's head vampiric wizard. Relies more heavilly on vampiric magic than brute strength. Sorry, but there can only be one of either gender (one high priest and one high priestess)

      Death Priest/Priestess: My military's vampiric wizards who work under the High Death Priest/Priestess. Like their leader, they rely more heavilly on vampiric magic than brute strength.

      Wraiths: My special bounty hunters, spies, and assassins who strike as swift and silently as the ghosts they are named after.

      Blood Thrall: My vampiric soldiers under the command of my Warlord.

      Thrall: My human soldiers under the command of my Warlord or my High Death Priest/Priestess, or the Blood King/Queen/Prince/Princess.

      Cattle: The miserable slaves to my military. They are humans who's only purpose is to feed my vampires and myself.

      Blood Sacrifice: Some vampires in my army might willingly desire to feed me their blood and power, or they might get an insane idea that by doing so, they become one with my being, thereby gaining equal control over my army. These are known as the Blood Sacrifices, vampires who willingly give up their existance in order to feed my power, and my thirst for blood. Because they are suicidal, they are the lowest ranking position in my military, even lower than that of the Cattle.

    • Destiny...

      11 years ago


      The claws lie true, there's a touch of destiny in you...

      Observe, from the darkness comes the light...

      On one horizon, Lord Becket's deadly assassins... the Blackguard...


      On the other, Jolly Roger's skeleton army...


      Their powers grow, Lord Becket and Roger!

      No more this can be...

      You must sail to Tortuga and play your part, just as witty Jack will play his part.

      Take this, something to help you find the way... yes?


      When the time is right, I shall reveal more of the dark arts...

      Go now, hurry!

    • A rather intelligent observation

      11 years ago


      9 out of 5 Americans have trouble with fractions....

    • Extreme Anger Update

      11 years ago



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