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    • The existance of a task bar

      11 years ago


      Well anyways, I just decided to-

      Oh my gosh, we have a tool bar with news and videos!

      yeah well... back to what I was saying, I just decided to let you all know that the due date is finally over for my contest and-

      Oh my god, I can go to the forums directly from here and search for members!

      Sorry, it appears that unclefvcker is the contest winner for my theme song since nobody else submitted anything except a small poem-

      OMFG, I can check my home page and messaging too! It takes me right to them when I click on it!

      ahem... So thank you Unclefvcker, your mods shall be delivered shortly as promised.

      OH AND THE SETTINGS ARE HERE TOO, this is awesome!

    • Theme Song Winner?

      11 years ago


      Unclefvker is the only person who has sent in an actual theme song and it looks like he may be winning. the due date is friday!!!!!


      Don't look at me that way.
      Hentai is what I do all day.
      If you don't like it FUCK!
      Your sister is with me in my truck!

      I bookmark all nude sites.
      No, not the kind of stuff that bites.
      Explain to me just why,
      I always seem to be so flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
      I'll rock your world.

      No lies, no lies,
      I'll take out any girl I please & dat's da truth!
      Come with me to,
      a world that thrives with furries, hentai, & your loooooooooooooooooooove!

      (Awesome guitar riff)
      Wah, wah, wah WAH!

      Just call me, (drums) Hentai Chief!

    • True story!

      11 years ago


      One time when I was young, we recieved a phone call...

      Few hours later....

      And I haven't seen her since!

    • Theme Song Audtions

      11 years ago


      Every now and then, I come up with an insanely crazy song. I am the inventor of a personlized Chef (south park) song which came about from not knowing the words, I have also invented the "Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, So Are My Balls For I Am Without You" poem as well as several other songs I have already forgotten.

      But at the moment, I have been stumped as to creating a personalized theme song for myself. So I shall hold auditions for a customized theme song!

      Please post any audtions by the end of November and I shall post the winner on November 30th as my personalized theme song and credit will go to the inventor!

      Remember to include references to things I like: Porn....

      have fun!

    • Burger King should adopt this as song!

      11 years ago


      Ding fries are done, ding fries are done, ding fries are done!
      I gota run, I gota run, I gota run, I gota run!
      I work at burger king, making flamebroiled woppers, I wear paper hats.

      Would you like an apple pie with that? would you like an apple pie with that?

      Ding fries are done, ding fries are done, ding fries are done!
      I gota run, I gota run, I gota run, I gota run!
      Don't touch the fries at hot vat, it really hurts bad and so to skin grafts!

      Wait for the bell!
      Can't hear the bell!
      Where is the bell?
      Wait for the bell!
      Ding fries are done....

      Ding fries ar-r-re done!

      Yes, the song if from an episode of Family guy, but Burger King should deffinately adopt it!

    • The Chimp and the Woman!

      11 years ago


      There was a woman who lived alone...
      Nobody called her on the telephone....
      She went into the woods one day...
      Found a young chimp, who had gone astray!

      She took that little primate ho-ome...
      So she wouldn't have to be alo-o-one!
      They spent the winter toge-eh-ether...
      Warm in their love, despite the harshness of the winter weather-er!

      The chimp and the woman!
      Living together in a house of stone!
      The chimp and the wo-man...
      They made this house, a home!

      The Chimp and the Woman were happy there...
      The Chimp was safe, the woman had found a freind...
      But the townsfolk heard of this bizarre affair!
      They said "How could she love a creature that is covered with hair!?"

      They came with axes and torches!
      They burned her front and back porches!
      They kicked in the do-oor!
      Shouting "Death, to the chimp loving whore!"

      But she was gone, no one knew where they went...
      Years went by and the world, spun around....
      The one day, a strange creature walked into town...
      It came in from the wi-ild, it was a half human/half chimp hybrid chi-ild!

      And it said:

      I am a chimp child, bringing you fortune and smiles!
      If we could live in peace, then all hatred would cease!
      If we could could live with love, get the blessings from up above...
      If we could just hold hands, maybe then...we'd understand?

      And the people...

      The people....


      Thank you Sean Cullen for the music and thank you Hentai Pimp for starting what I hope to be a new trend of posting random songs on the journals!

    • Other Things...

      11 years ago


      And just to take my mind off the school's stupid blocking system....

      Here is a glazed ham!


    • Nyrufa is MOST displeased!

      11 years ago


      Apparently the school system at my school doesn't like forum sights for what ever reason that has yet to be explained to me and now nearly all of my favorite sights are banned from being visited while at school, of those favorites include this sight as well.

      This sux for more than just me since a lot of kids in my school are members on here and some of them only have access to the internet while at school.

      Upon trying to hack past it, me and Nega_Skarr have discovered that even if you do find a way into the sight, you can't log in while on the sight.

      This sucks!

    • hello again

      11 years ago


      Well it's the start of my second week as a member and surprisingly, I have reached level 5 of Karma and almost no body has made any comments to my images.

      This confuses me, but I guess it's from the other things I have been moding and interacting with that got me that high up.

      I seem to have a lot of friends now.

      Anyone reading this: Vote for Heilo!

    • The Neighborhood

      11 years ago


      Hooray! I'm getting people to notice me!

      Now just a few more steps in my plan to gain enough charisma to rule the world.

      Step 1- get noticed (accomplished)

      step 2- acquire a large amount of friend with access to porn (working on it)

      step 3- construct the world's largest porn collection and then destroy all other porn in the world, thereby charging a fortune for people to look at the collection I created.

      step 4- give up half way through the plan and just fap to the porn I have.

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