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      I wanted to take a minute to post in here for anyone who doesn’t use the discord chat currently. If you’re like me and not 100% sure what discord is, it’s a large text and voice platform. Think of chat rooms of the past. It’s like that, but with voice. 

      I’ve created a new ‘room’ for anyone who wants or needs it. It’s a place for anyone who feels alienated, anxious, depressed, etc in their IRL world and wants or needs someone to talk to. While I’m making the room public, the info is meant to stay private. I’ve shared. So have others. We talk, or ask questions. Try to understand, help, or just listen. 

      If this is something you’re interested in or curious about, stop by. If you’re hesitant, message me.  I’ll share what I’ve posted to date via dm.

      While I appreciate all the “you matter to someone, you matter to me” posts that I see, I wanted to matter to me. If you can relate to this at all, regardless of the action/actions that led to the mindset, we’re here to listen. I’m here to listen. 


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      I'm not the biggest, most active member on the site, but I don't care. I've created a server on discord for anyone who needs it. RT Community Support. https://discord.gg/CbmNXG3  If you see this and want someone to talk to, feel free. Depression sucks. Living with it for 20 years sucks. If I can help, I will. Maybe not. But maybe with enough people on it you will find someone to relate to and feel some sense of belonging again.

      I'd like this to be the longest, most touching thing you may read in a while, but the fact is it's not. It's not great. Neither is going alone. Depression, anxiety, awkwardness, alone, cutting, attempted - if you relate it's ok. That's why I made it. I use my real name on it but you don't have to. You don't have to jump right on and unload either. If you're looking to take a step toward talking about it we're here. I'm here. 

      As of yet there are no professionals involved. And unless they join there are no plans for it. I'm not looking to make you feel guilty or alienated. I know that feeling daily. Confused. Angry. Overly defensive. I live it daily. But this is my step toward finally fixing myself. Hopefully we can help you take yours. 

      And if it helps, feel free to dm me either on the discord or here. I'll talk/share privately until you're ready to take it to the group. 

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