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    • RTX Guardian!

      4 years ago


      Applied to be a guardian for this upcoming RTX, wish me luck guys!

    • Financial montage, Joel would like this.

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      Just goes to show that an awesome montage can make even boring old finances fun.

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    • Back to School!

      5 years ago


      Started back at college classes today, should be fun to see how long it takes me to start hating everything. Hopefully won't affect my video production too much.

    • Your favorite game that AH made you get?

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      I think mine would be Surgeon Simulator. The Rage quits totally inspired me to get that game.

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    • 5 years ago


      Finished the first episode of my new series! Going to make a few episodes before I put them out to the public. Maybe if you guys are interested I can link, but I don't want to spam you cool dudes.

    • 5 years ago


      Today I started making a Youtube series that should be coming out soon. This could me my gateway to fame.

    • First day back on the site, already done so much.

      5 years ago


      So today I wrote two long posts for a game I very much enjoy. Here and here so I'm super excited about my growth in the community here. One day I will look back on this journal and be like: "Wow I was an asshole" but still, I think its good to start somewhere :)

    • Join me in Neverwinter! [F2P MMO]

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      Before you read this, I don't work for Neverwinter and this is 100% my own writing, it took me a while so if you enjoyed it/it made you want to play the game, why not sign up on my referral link here , I mean, thats basically what it is for right?

      Hey guys, if any of you are looking for a new free to play MMO for the new year I encourage you to check out the game call Neverwinter. Based off of Dungeons and Dragons, this game has provided me and my friends around 100 hours (and counting) of enjoyment. The model allows this MMO to be both free to play and pay 2 win at the same time without destroying the economy. Let me see if I can explain the system.

      There are 3 basic currencies.

      Gold: What you get from killing monsters and doing quests. Used to buy basic things like potions, basic gear, basic mounts, basic companions, and the likes.)

      Astrial Diamonds: You get this from participating in raids and PvP matches as well as some professions and daily quests.This is the currency for the auction house, so once you get higher level, you will be farming these to get some good gear. The best part is that anything you can buy with Zen, you can buy with these diamonds, meaning nothing is out of reach if you don't want to pay.

      Zen: The pay currency which can buy epic mounts, companions, enchantments and some other stuff. You can buy all this stuff with diamonds too, so its not too Pay 2 Win.

      The way this system works is that people are constantly finding good loot and selling it on the auction house for diamonds, and people are constantly farming diamonds from daily quests and stuff so you can buy all the loot you want just by grinding some daily dungeons or quests, plus you can also auction off all the great gear you find for a ton more diamonds while your at it. This is why its a great F2P P2W MMO, since it doesn't over balance either side.

      Now lets get into immersion. The game itself is one of the best I have played with friends. The way the quests are set up, you can play through everything with a group of friends (some of the most fun I have ever had in my life) or if you're forever alone, you can solo everything yourself and keep all the gold and loot. Nothing is too hard or easy because it all scales to your group. The story line is also highly detailed and immersive since it is based off of the Dungeons and Dragons campaign and where it left off (which means its super well written and addicting) There are thousands of quests so you won't run out of things to very quickly, and there is even lore for almost every quest so if you want to read into that you can as well. One of the best aspects about it though is the Foundry. The foundry allows players like yourself to create dungeons and quests for other players to play through and have fun in. If a quest you make gets popular, you can even start earning a crap ton of diamonds from it since people have the option to tip you for playing through the quest.

      The combat system: It lends itself heavily to games like DOTA or League of Legends because it doesn't overwhelm you with a whole taskbar of abilities and buttons to press. It keeps it simple with about 4-10 abilities at one time for each class (with about 20-40 unique abilities for each class) and there are 6 classes, about to be 7 in the game. Meaning once you level cap one class, you can just make another character with completely different playstyle. Anyway, the combat system is based on cooldowns and action points, its pretty simple so don't worry about it being too advanced if you are new to the genre.

      List of acronyms that might help you!

      LFG: Looking for group

      AD: Astrial Diamonds

      F2P: Free to Play

      P2W: Pay to Win

      (if you have any more, please comment with them and I will add them)


      CW: Control wizard (High crowd control and damage mage. Does a lot of burst damage and can kite enemies around a lot. My favorite class)

      TR: Trickstar Rouge (High single target burst damage, arguably the most damage in the game, very sneaky, can go invisible)

      GWF: Great weapons fighter (Mele, high damage, tanky, sustained character. Kinda all around)

      GF: Guardian fighter (Tanky damage, you keep the little guys and big guys off your friends while still doing pretty good damage)

      HR: Hunter Ranger (Kind of a hybrid class, you can change from ranged to melee at any time and do good crowd control and burst damage for each one. My second favorite class)

      DC: Devoted Cleric (You are a healer/medic/support. Don't underestimate that though, you can still do shit-tons of damage and can literally change a boss fight with your abilities, probably the most important class for a good dungeon crawl.)

      Now we come to the cons.

      1. It isn't the best coded MMO out there by far, I mean just look at this burning animation but, it runs fairly well, and the game itself looks beautiful on ultra graphics.

      2. There are a lot of bugs that could happen, but most are comical and don't affect core gameplay, if you do run into one that does, you can always just log out and log back in and it will most likely fix it.

      3. People who pay still have a certain amount of advantage over non-playing people, its what keeps the servers running. Luckily most of the game is player versus environment so it shouldn't matter too much.

      Now, if this convinced you to play the game, why not sign up on my referral link here and use the starter guide I provided in the RT Neverwinter forum here I look forward to seeing you guys in the game!

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