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    • 9 years ago

      OboeCrazy Freelancer
    • The Cross-Country Music Experiment...

      9 years ago

      OboeCrazy Freelancer

      On Wednesday August 11th I will be packing up my car and driving 2,416 miles to move myself and my life from Akron Ohio to Seattle Washington. This move will span 5 days, 10 states, and a whole lot of sitting in the car listening to stuff.

      That's where you come in.

      I've created an ultra simple webpage as both an experiment and a call for help. On that page you will have the opportunity to upload a music file to a folder I've created on my webpage. At the end of the day on Tuesday, August 14th I will dump the contents of that folder onto my Zune. On the 15th as I begin my adventure I will start to listen to what my friends, family, acquaintances, and random strangers on the internet have left for me to listen to. Think of it as an old style mix tape for the electronic era.

      What will you add to my playlist? It's up to you. As long as it's an audio file no larger then 20MB you can send it to me. Perhaps you'll choose a few of your favorite tunes of all time. Maybe it'll be a random popular songs that's hot on the viral circuit. Or is there a podcast you really enjoy? Maybe you'll send me you're favorite driving songs, or songs related to the trip, or even get psychological and try and pick songs you think I'd like! Whatever you decide I will download and listen.

      There is no way to connect who sends what to me on purpose. I want this adventure to include surprises about what will come up on my player. As I drive and listen if something strikes me I will post about it either on my Twitter account or in one of the many forums I inhabit. However you found out about this experiment is probably how you will find out what I was hearing while driving. As I stop to take a break or for the night I'll send updates of the more memorable things that have shown up in my surprise list of listening and that will give you the chance to respond with "That was me!".

      This trip is all about the anticipation of new and better things. And you can be a part of it.

      Join me on my trip! smiley0.gif

    • A Musiter full of monkey...

      9 years ago

      OboeCrazy Freelancer

      This week's Musiter is the theme music to The Secret of Monkey Island, still to this day one of my favorite adventure games of all time. I have been a huge fan of the Monkey Island series of video games for all of my life. Recently they’ve been remastered into special editions for the 360 and I’ve had a chance to enjoy them all over again. So this theme song has been in my head for a while now.

      This continues my Musiter episodes of video game music…number three out of twelve in fact. But it’s such a rich medium for themes and what I love doing in my spare time that I can’t help it. But I’m always looking for suggestions for other stuff to play. Even other games. smiley0.gif

      If you check out my images you can see a picture from PAX 2009 of me with David Grossman and Dominic Armato. That picture happened just after I got them to sign the poster I'm standing in front of in the Musiter video. I even wore the same shirt just for fun.

    • 9 years ago

      OboeCrazy Freelancer
    • Gabriel's Oboe...

      9 years ago

      OboeCrazy Freelancer

      The latest episode of Musiter just got posted. Gabriel's Oboe is a piece I've been asked to play many times the last few years. It's become so popular that a lot of people know the music without even knowing anything about the movie it's from. That included me for a while. Finally I did a little IMDB and Wiki work, and while I still haven't seen the movie (story of my life) at least now I have a deeper understanding of what's going on in the music.

      Maybe that makes it a bit ironic, considering my heritage and religion. But part of being a professional musician is also being an actor. I have to portray a lot of things I am not when I perform, and this is a beautiful enough piece of music that it makes that role very easy to play.

    • Thunder Clouds...

      9 years ago

      OboeCrazy Freelancer

      The last few weeks have been insanely hot. Bright blue skies filled with a brutal sun and humidity to make you feel like you stepped into a sauna. The one upside to this relentless heat wave have been the sporadic thunderstorms that blow through the area. It's less about the rain and the brief relief from the heat and more about the spectacle of the clouds. Nothing about nature captivates me more than clouds, and when a line of storms marched in right as the sun was setting I had to take the opportunity to grab my camera and snap a few shots.



      The best part was the explosion of color when the sun started to vanish. For a brilliant moment or two the clouds lit up in fiery reds and oranges, and looked both menacing and beautiful at the same time. I wish I had better angles or shots or more pictures. These are the kind of moments I wish I had a hot air balloon, so I could float up into the sky and really see the show.





    • More Bach For Your Buck...

      9 years ago

      OboeCrazy Freelancer

      I hope you enjoy my cheesy puns. Even if you don't I hope you enjoy my latest Musiter!

      As always I'm very interested in feedback or suggestions for other things to play!

    • My parents and me...

      9 years ago

      OboeCrazy Freelancer

      Last night, without prompting, I received the following text message from my Dad on my cell phone:

      If Taylor Swift married Taylor Lautner they would BOTH be named Taylor Lautner!

      And people wonder why I grew up strange. smiley12.gif

    • Sad news for a good reason...

      9 years ago

      OboeCrazy Freelancer

      As many of you know I'm moving to Seattle in the next month. I'm super excited about the move...the city is beautiful, I have an awesome roommate, I'll be close to my boyfriend, and overall I think it's going to be a great place to live. However I'm super poor...trying to tie everything up and get out there is expensive, and I didn't have a lot of money to begin with. Couple with that I was just offered a short little church gig for Sunday the 1st and I unfortunately had to decide...

      ...I am not going to RvBTO. smiley2.gif

      It pains me to make the decision, especially as there was a whole host of awesome people I haven't seen in forever. However not only can I not afford to take the weekend to go off to TO no matter how cheep the trip would be, but I can't give up the little bit of money I'll be getting from this gig. On top of that I am DESPERATE to find a job...ANY JOB...out in the Seattle/Tacoma area that I can start as soon as possible. So I need to focus on that.

      I have left it up to the fine folks at RvBTO to do with my tickets what they will. Consider it a donation as thanks for past and future fun times! And drink an Irish Car Bomb for me? smiley12.gif

      ...and if anyone has a job for me let me know? PLEASE?!?!?!

    • Musiter #9 thanks to Fungster!

      9 years ago

      OboeCrazy Freelancer

      Way back when I first started this experiment in short performances Fungster suggested video game music as he knows my love of gaming, specifically he wanted to hear the Theme to the Legend of Zelda. It took a very long time to fulfill his wish thanks to other events, but I finally had the opportunity and the time. Musiter #9 is up and ready to view right now!

      Along with my standard YouTube version of this performance I'm offering an HTML5 version as well again, though this time right on the front page and not just for friends to see. This won't work for everyone (IE and some mobile devices are out of luck) however if you have an updated browser chances are you can check it out. HTML5 is pretty new and I may or may not continue to offer videos in this format, however I wanted to at least give it a try. The problem appears to be that more people can view the YouTube than the HTML5, and the HTML5 encoding practically double my workload! smiley6.gif

      Other than that I've been back to being stuck in the apartment for days on end. Everyone always thinks it would be cool to have a whole chunk of time to sit around and essentially do nothing...to relax at home and do whatever you want without work or going out or anything. And yes, that is awesome. For about 3 days. And then I need people to interact with and work to do and money to be coming in!!!

      ....I gotta move quickly...

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