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    • Oddree13

      8 months ago

      The news of Monty's hospitalisation and subsequent passing is a shock to all of us in the RT community, and I'm still not sure I'm really processing it. To lose a talent at such a young age, to something so arbitrary is saddening, but the events of the last few days have reminded me how much of a community the Rooster Teeth family really is.

      Remember Monty for is work, his passion, and his creativity. Personally, I get to remember him as the kind man who waited with the RT staff after RTX to sign anything and everything we could ask for as a thank you to us Guardians. I get to remember complimenting him on RWBY and the simple thanks I received. I also get to remember letting him in through the back door as a Chinese delivery man into the Internet Box podcast panel at RTX 2013.

      So here's to you Monty. Thank you for all your work and creativity. Thank you for giving us your vision. Thank you for being a part of our family.

    • Oddree13

      Law School Will Be The Death of Me

      1 year ago

      Hmm...where to start, where to start. I've been more than gone for a few months, which sucks, but free time is sparse and well, you know how it goes. So I'll give a recap and hopefully, with RTX spirit abound, I can hang around here more when I'm ignoring property law readings.

      Law School

      Well it sure as shit isn't easy and my grades (which all finally came in today) proved that. But, all that aside I am really enjoying it and I like learning about law and all the topics associated with it. Granted, it also shows me how people severely lack common sense and the criminal law cases we just started reading this semester make me question the whole of humanity, but, alas I do love it.

      Also I got accepted into a program to study in The Hague, Netherlands for a month. Thus, when I arrive at RTX I'll be fresh from Europe studying International Criminal Law. I want to go into International Criminal and Humanitarian Law (war crimes, genocides, crimes against humanity, etc.) and this program is beyong optimal so I'm excited. Bonus: one of the people going with me is a huge RT fan!

      Internet Life

      I have two big obsessions in my fandom life: RT and Sherlock

      As much I as keep up with both, via videos, news, etc. I like to RP and whatnot in the Sherlock world and my gods don't kill me (even write some fic in it). Its a nice escape and I enjoy the characters created by the gents at the BBC. They have taken a lot of time and passion into their creation and I was blown away by the newest season.

      Personal Life

      Going to law school and officially become some kind of functioning adult made me realize that there were certain things I could stop caring about. Most importantly, I stopped caring about what other people thought about me.

      My apartment is decked out in all of my geeky/nerdy memorabilia and artwork - things that for a long while were deemed socially inappropriate for girls, let alone an adult, to enjoy but I said screw it and my flat now looks like comic con exploded inside.

      The other thing that happened was I came out as bisexual (or pansexual, I'm really somewhere in between). I've known I wasn't straight since high school, but that announcement had a lot of bumps in the road and when college came around, I simply kept my mouth shut. I was at the time, and still am, in a wonderful relationship with Javi (@samurix7) and when law school time came around I was sick of not saying a word. So when I showed up to the Lambda Law meeting (the LGBT law student organization) and someone asked me if I was there as an ally, I for the first time responded with a 'no' and couldn't have been happier. Granted, some people don't quite get it because I am always going on about my partner, Javi, and I see the confusion but thankfully he doesn't.

      Oh! I got a tattoo!


      It's lyrics from Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan, accompanied by artwork from Where the Wild Things Are. It's on my left thigh and the image isn't the best because I took it myself but soon I'll get a better one.

      I think that's it for now. Love you all, and sorry for the sparse updates

    • Oddree13

      1 year ago

      I know I'm not on here often (we can all blame law school for that thank you) but something awesome happened today at said prison...I mean law school


      that is all

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      Fake Geek Girl Quandry

      2 years ago

      When I tell people about the RT community I always make sure to point out that as far as the internet and gaming goes, this community is very supportive of its female members (and all of its members at that).

      I just saw this video...while avoiding my legal memo due in 12 hours, and it got me thinking.

      I realized that as a female in the gaming world I'm guilty of self-deprecation that allows me to take part in the geek/gaming subculture.

      Perfect example came up when I moved in. My apartment is covered in memorabilia - lifesize portal gun, Sting from LOTR, a myriad of figurines, loads of comic anthologies, my Star Wars XBOX, and my custom built PC. I love my flat, mainly because it is quintessentially me. It has all of my passions and hobbies on display! But here is the kicker - when I described my place to a few friends of mine I stated, "You would swear this was a boys apartment if it wasn't for the purple bedspread and the colorful IKEA rug."


      I realized that I qualified my apartment as being "geeky" only because it looks like a boy would live in it, and that is inherently wrong. The fact that subconsciously I assume that I am giving up my femininity as a trade off for my fandoms really saddens me.

      I can write mounds on these things and incidents I've had similar with what this lovely lady talks about in this video below. But, alas, I can't right now because I'm supposed to be citing five cases for some memo...(btw law school is pretty neat, all stress aside).

      I just wanted to share this with you and thank you all for being an awesome community


    • Oddree13

      Law School and Batman

      2 years ago

      Those two items would usually seem unrelated but hear me out...

      I had to read a case today on negligence. The case in question was Breunig v. American Family Insurance Co. (1970) and this is the excerpt that gave me pause as well as lolz

      "The psychiatrist testified Mrs. Veith told him she was driving on a road when she believed that God was taking ahold of the steering wheel and was directing her car. She saw the truck coming and stepped on the gas in order to become air-borne because she knew she could fly because Batman does it. To her surprise she was not air-borne before striking the truck but after the impact she was flying."


      *Please let me note that no one died in this case, just injured*

      Now after I finished laughing at the ridiculousness, I thought to myself, BATMAN CANNOT FLY DAMMIT!


      So here and now I vow, that if ever again, there is a case involving Batman, and I am involved, I will note this factual inconsistency.


      Side Note - Law School

      Combination of...





      I owe you all some apartment/ loot crate related journals soon!

      Love you all smiley12.gif

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      The BBC Tried To Kill Me This Weekend

      2 years ago


      Friday the BBC decided to spring upon its fandom the Sherlock Series 3 Teaser that legitimately made the internet squealing with anticipation and feels --> see it here



      It features a sad Sherlock and a moustached Watson and needless to say my boyfriend heard the squeaking from the other side of the house



      So, if this wasn't heart attack inducing enough Sunday was the reveal of the 12th Doctor with more faff than necessary

      It basically felt like this


      Then after 30 minutes of nonsense they revealed it was Peter Capaldi


      My reaction was along the lines of:



      But every teenage girl who wanted someone to swoon over was like


      And I'm looking at my twitter feed thinking


      Because in the end, as it always is with Doctor Who, we know what the outcome is going to be

      tumblr_m5h7agCQEf1qfjd5ao1_250.gif tumblr_m5h7agCQEf1qfjd5ao6_250.gif

    • Oddree13

      Loot Crate Review - August 2013

      2 years ago

      I'm back from Bolivia in mostly one piece FYI

      For those of you who attended RTX or some other summer convention you might have run into the Loot Crate bus/booth.

      If you do not know what Loot Crate is it is a monthly geek box of awesome for about $20 a month with "hand-picked, awesome geek and gamer products...from shirts, to stickers and gadgets...also included limited edition and collectible items from brands you know and trust."

      I decided to sign up for Loot Crate so I had a monthly dose of geek while in law school. While I was in Bolivia it arrived (write up on my trip soon) so here I am now showing off all the awesome that I got.


      The theme for this month was Video Game High School! Loot Crate partnered with Freddie Wong to parce together a crate to celebrate the launch of VGHS: Season 2.


      The crowning glory of this crate is most definitely Video Game High School Season 1.


      Instead of the episodic nature we see on YouTube, this DVD brings you VGHS the way it was meant to be seen - as a two-hour feature film, and includes special features and bonus footage. I'm planning a viewing with @samurix7 before I head out to school to revel in some gamer/nerdy goodness before I hit the books!

      Continuing with the VGHS theme is the VGHS 'Emergency Wireless Keyboard'


      This wireless keyboard is a reliable, low-tech backup in the form of a PENCIL! Now had I only had this on the LSAT I may have gotten a high score - It looks very reliable and tactical if I do say so myself.

      Next in the box is the VGHS Button Set


      Each button represents the schools in VGHS including:

      - School of Adventure and Discovery
      - School of Tactics and Strategy
      - School of Arms and Marksmanship
      - School of Speed and Control
      - School of Force and Finesse

      The last item themed for VGHS is the VGHS Stormtrooper Vinyl Sticker


      This I really loved because I'm a huge Star Wars fan and to me this sticker is extra nerdy so kudos!

      Not straying away totally from FreddieW and his crew is a Rocket Jump Vinyl Sticker


      The crew over at Rocket Jump is not only responsible for VGHS but a lot of other epic projects made by Freddie, Brandon and many more. The name Rocket Jump comes from the "gameplay technique where you point a rocket launcher at your feet, jump, and then fire, using the resulting explosive force of the rocket to propel you to unfathomable heights." Apparently the first game where you could do this was Marathon but the Quake players also like to grab this claim to fame. The team chose the name because a rocket jump is "about doing something crazy '“ something that seems like it shouldn't work, but somehow does."

      Moving from the FreddieW centered items to just geek in general are the following three items -

      Star Wars Earbuds


      The crates came with one of four designs - Darth Vader, Yoda, Darth Maul, and C3PO. I was gunning for either Yoda or C3PO and I was not disappointed. I'm not sure how comfortable Yoda's ears are going to be in mine, but lets hope the designers new what they were doing.

      Marvel Pez Dispenser


      Another grab bag item with six designs - Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, the Hulk, and Spiderman.

      Sonic Air Freshner


      Sonic is evidently floral scented, who knew?

      Overall I really enjoyed this months crate. I don't think I could have asked for a better kickoff crate and being a female subscribe who doesn't really where t-shirts and prefers knickknacks to show off my geek pride I was pleasantly surprised. It has a great combo of items that introduces you to VGHS without disappointing you if you have no idea what VGHS is or who exactly is FreddieW. I cannot wait until next month's box and hopefully you will enjoy that write up as well.

    • Oddree13

      RTX Wrap-Up: Day 4

      2 years ago

      July 7 - Day

      Barlympics did not leave me in a state to face this day

      The first panel of the day was the Internet Box Podcast featuring @Ray, @Mike, @Barbara, @Dylon, @Andy, @Lindsay, @Michael, and @Kerry.

      Now, I had never listened to this podcast so I wasn't entirely sure what I was in for...needless to say it was interesting and entertaining. So much so that as I write this I'm downloading the archive for my trip to Bolivia.



      @Monty even joined in on the shenanigans when he delivered PF Changs to the crew


      With the Mega64 panel starting at 2PM I had some time to run over and see the Podcast for the first hour. I was able to catch the Joel vs. Jack battle, at least one girl propositioning Gavin, and the guy thanking RT for helping him lose his viriginity.

      I headed back to the Mega64 panel to load it and may or may not have reprimanded some attendees who were passing around @Jack "phone number".

      TO BE CONTINUED...leaving to Bolivia right now!

    • Oddree13

      2 years ago

      Tiny milestones make me giddy!


      I'm up to 100 watchers smiley1.gif

    • Oddree13

      RTX Wrap-Up: Day 3

      2 years ago


      July 6 - Day

      After a somewhat longer than usual sleep I arrived at the convention hall at 730AM to prep for the panel at 1030AM - The History of Gaming on YouTube with SeaNanners and Luke Stepleton.

      Once the panel was locked and loaded, I tried to catch the end of the Inside RT Merch panel with @BrianB, @TomCLusardi, and @Jon, but missed it. Fortunately the graphic designers are some of these nicest gentlemen on the planet and I was able to talk to them about how thankful I am for the shift in shirt designs and grateful I am that there are more options for the growing female community in RT. Plus Brian's wife showed me the v-necks that may be used for said lady shirts smiley0.gif . I also got Tom to sign my card deck since he made the design.

      I thought it would be a good idea to get lunch before our largest panel of the day began lining up. Thus, the panel guardians of room 18/19 began Mission: Cease Hunger

      Step 1: Decide what kind of pizza we wanted and order it
      Step 2: Go with @BlackPenguin to the tech guardian room and ask to "borrow" a box for vague reason
      Step 3: Put on my RT hoodie over my guardian shirt and zip over to Jackalope to acquire pizzas
      Step 4: Head back to the convention center and text team that the mission is a go
      Step 5: @BlackPenguin exits convention center with huge computer box that we use to slip pizzas into
      Step 6: Use secret elevators to get back to the G-Spot without rousing suspicion that a computer box smells like pizza
      Step 7: Act normal around a certain staffer when she steps into the elevator that we are getting out of because we DO NOT have pizza
      Step 8: Relax in the G-Spot, eat pizza, and inspire jealous amongst other hungry guaridans
      Step 9: Eventually return computer box to the tech guardians

      Gus during our covert operation

      At 2:30PM we had the Voice Over for Video Games panel featuring Jen Taylor, Earl Alexander, and Shannon McCormick. Before the panel started our team was approached by Earl (who does the voice of Louis in L4D) to help him make an entrance. He wanted to dress in his Louis costume and use attendee/fan @RileySmith as his Jockey.

      To help I took him to the backstage area to change while the rest of our team sought out Jen Taylor to ask for her help in this shenanigan. Needless to say it all worked out.

      Photo courtesy of @Evon who is the only person whom captured this moment


      After the panel let out, the line for the Richard Garriot panel at 430PM was already forming. There were some fans up at the front with Ultima shirts. At around 400PM this gentleman in a blue polo walks up to the front of the line and sits down with the attendees and starts talking. It took me a second to realize it, but after it hit me, I realized that FREAKIN' RICHARD GARRIOT was sitting down at the front talking to his fans. Gods, I love RTX


      As the day drew to a close you began to notice some of the line management guardians were getting a little loopy


      I made it down to the Loot Crate bus once the panel hall had closed and the gentlemen there showed me their mobile office. Nifty right?


      July 6 - Night

      Before going to BarLympics @samurix7 and I headed over to Piranha Sushi where we ran into a wild @LordOwen and enjoyed some sushi and RTX gossip.

      In short BarLympics was amazing! After a certain point in the night it gets fuzzy thanks to @GB33033 proclaiming that buying a Spectre a drink got you 20+ points to the team total ( I only accepted from red team, Suck it blue! ) and I did not pay for a drink the rest of the night! (This was epic mainly because I had never been bought a drink at a bar before)

      Staff showed up as usual and shenanigans ensued. But what happens at BarLympics doesn't necessary stay there but it doesn't get posted on my journal.

      Here is @Kempob and I before things got craycray

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    • apctrent


      1 year ago

      Today sure was interesting. Thanks for being happy they got me out okay! That evacuation was just weird.

    • craZboy87

      craZboy87 Guardian Hat

      1 year ago

      High five for panel guardians! You'll have to say hi this time :P

      • Oddree13


        1 year ago

        Hi! I'm actually happy that I got panels again. I can see things!

    • AussieApples


      2 years ago


    • ytrahne

      ytrahne Guardian x4

      2 years ago

      Loved your haircut and color. Made me think Borderlands.

      • Oddree13


        2 years ago

        I've never played Borderlands but the game looks awesome so thanks!

    • Kempob


      2 years ago

      Uh, excuse me. We were friends at one point, were we not?

      This is a travesty.

      • Oddree13


        2 years ago

        I thought we were! I have no idea what happened!

        I believe the site betrayed us...

    • craZboy87

      craZboy87 Guardian Hat

      2 years ago

      So I got your Mii on my 3DS, totally didn't put your name and face together to realize that I was working with you the whole weekend until this morning. Now I feel retarded.

      • craZboy87

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        2 years ago

        That's weird... But I definitely noticed it on my list. I got like, 400 tags this weekend, so I missed a bunch of names, but I noticed a few like that. Also, sorry if I missed the name call, I tried to find everybody, but I think we all know how difficult that could be at times. And my hearing is kinda shit, so yeah. Don't feel like a creeper, I think it happened to all of us. And I kind of had to tune out "crazy" for a bit because I was hearing it so much without it referring to me.

        Post edited 7/10/13 12:29PM

      • Oddree13


        2 years ago

        I actually tried saying hi to you but when I called out your username (because I don't know people's real one) you didn't turn so I just felt like a creep.

        How did you get my Mii? I didn't have StreetPass with me this weekend

    • nikiq24


      2 years ago

      It was awesome meeting you at SQ Barlympics! XD I hope you enjoyed all of your Shirley Temples ^_^

      • Oddree13


        2 years ago

        It was great meeting you too and I loved your River cosplay. I did enjoy all those shirley temples and regretted it thoroughly the next morning.

    • Erkan

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      2 years ago

      I feel kinda stupid, I saw you guardianing and didn't remember who you were :/ I'm actually drunk now.... but next year if we are both there i wil say hi

      • Oddree13


        2 years ago

        Definitely! I like being able to match usernames to actual people. Happened to me a few times this weekend

      • Erkan

        Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

        2 years ago

        Yup... I kept seeing you doing your guardian duties everywhere, even though I thought I recognized you I couldn't put your face to your profile until I did.
        For next RTX

      • Oddree13


        2 years ago

        Aww you should have said hello!

    • Gorbulox


      2 years ago

      Hi there! Always awesome to meet a fellow guardian :)

      • Gorbulox


        2 years ago

        Absolutely, though last year I was security and I did a bit of everything. Whatever Adam wants me to do, I do. Don't care if I have to get people coffee :)

      • Oddree13


        2 years ago

        I see you are assigned security

    • mdk232


      2 years ago