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      2 years ago


      Hey everyone,

      Cade here with a pretty big announcement for Omniverse.

      So, as many of our older followers are probably aware, our written content has basically stopped since the shift over to RoosterTeeth. This is not from a lack of desire to create content, as much as a frustration with the blogging interface on the new site. Our formatting is often shifted, skewed, and posts are put into the wrong order. Another cause of this content stopping is the lack of ability to promote and be recognized within the community that help foster everything we do. 

      With this in mind, in addition to the desire to branch out to new things, Omniverse has decided that we will no longer post to RoosterTeeth, nor have any real presence on the site as an organization. 

      Instead, we are very excited to announce that we have opened our very own website!
      We can now be found at www.omniversecomics.com

      Now, when the initial ScrewAttack/RoosterTeeth merger occurred, we announced that as long as there is a ScrewAttack, there would be an Omniverse. This has not changed. We are not leaving the site with any sort of animosity towards ScrewAttack, Game Attack, or Rooster Teeth. We are g1s through and through, and will be for life. You will still see us individually within the community, and maybe even present as a group in g1 community events. We just need a platform that we can call our own, and customize to fit our needs. We have a great deal of big projects in mind for the coming months, and the time was just right for us to move out on our own. 

      We hope that some of our g1 followers will stick with us over to the new site, as well as keep up with us on social media. We cannot express how much we value the support the community has given us since we first started, and we would love for each and every one of you to stick with us in this transition phase.

      The site is done, but will undoubtedly need adjustments moving forward. I may be a lot of things, but a web designer is not one of them, so I'm sure there are kinks I'm not even aware exist yet. 

      Thank you again everyone, and we will see you over at www.omniversecomics.com

      Excelsior and Happy Tentacles,


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