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    • OCC RTX 2018 Cosplay

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      So I know it's not until August but I thought I would set up a space to chat about that cosplay! Anyone else thinking of doing some cosplay this year? I have to make sure I can afford to make a good Glynda one of these years. 

      This year I'm thinking maybe doing a gender swapped David from Camp Camp and maybe Ladybug from Miraculous Ladybug. Haven't convinced Lancelot to be Cat Noir yet though. 

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    • Two Count 'Em TWO!

      1 year ago


      Yeeeeessssss! Goal for this year get three paid gigs in makeup. Total by the end of March with be two! Three months in and two projects down, as a person who went from zero opportunity to actually getting paid in a matter of a year is a big deal to me. Anywho can't wait for Bloodfest to come out so I can talk all about it. Unfortunately I lost all of my photos and videos when my phone went belly up. Lesson learned, always back up your important photos people! Don't be a procrastinator! Like me! Like a loser. (<- I imagine that last line with a theatrical Jersey sound to it.)

    • Big Things are Coming.

      1 year ago


      If any of y'all follow Samantha Ireland you may already know she has an amazing short film in the works. She wrote and will direct this film and I get to help with special effects representing Hawgfly. If your curiosity has been peaked you should check it out, here. I'm so very excited for this opportunity!  nora

    • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!

      1 year ago


      48 hour film festival wrapped, for me, at 8am Saturday. After sleeping all weekend to recover from my 28 hour day I am now focusing on working out details for my next project. It's gonna be, hopefully, my first paid gig and the first of many, hopefully, leads to come from my internship! Can't reveal too many details yet of course but once I can I will. This is gonna be a fun one I hope. Never did I think that in under a year I'd already have three projects under my belt and a fourth in the works. 

    • That's a Wrap!

      1 year ago


      With a nice bloody bow on top too! Bloodfest has wrapped and I'm slowly getting back to the real world...kinda...I don't want to leave film land! I seriously can't wait to share more about Bloodfest once I can. Anywho to make up for that I have other things I can share. :D 

      The weekend before RTX I worked on a short film The Telemarketer that premiered at RTIFF last night. 


      Not sure where you can go to see it, as soon as I do I'll sharing it. I absolutely had to work on this film once I read the script. It made me think so much about my life and experience as a CSR that I couldn't bring myself to NOT work on it. 

      I got to meet and sit in on a class with the amazing Stuart Bray since being an intern for Hawgfly. He complimented my double stretched  ears and bad jokes he even let me be his model too.


      Also pictured is the wonderful Meredith Johns who has been so kind to take me in as an intern. 

      I've learned so much and have even started to make more sophisticated molds with silicone. Products are expensive but the results are worth it. 



      All I can say is that in the last year I have made some serious progress. Seriously, look at it!! 


    • GotD Cart Before The Horse

      2 years ago



      I'm a horrible person and didn't start Camp Camp until now...yesterday. Why have I not started Camp Camp until now...er yesterday!? David is spirit animal, temptation to do a full on (Rosy accent on nose and all) cosplay just for funsies is really real. (Okay. Okay. So maybe it's an excuse to buy the camp camp shirt, so sue me. XD please don't sue me... O.O)

      Of course by all out I mean memorizing the song too. 

    • Woo hoo!! Arts!

      2 years ago


      @lukemckay was kind enough to let me pay him to draw me. And kind enough to give me permission to make it my profile picture. I'll have to take a better picture of it. But I love it!!! I love it so much!!!

    • GOTD Not Dead...Yet

      2 years ago



      I'm not dead yet! Just paws deep in clay, and fake blood. Got my first call sheet yesterday! All day Saturday I get to work on my first film :D Getting some Etsy stuff in the works too...maybe.. we'll see. Anywho, I'm not dead actually much alive just busy xD

    • GotD Win

      2 years ago


      It's nothing particularly special but I managed to get a little itty bitty baby gig for a short film. :D


      Now here's to hoping it doesn't fall through before shooting. It's only a one day gig so fingers crossed. 

    • Makeup stuff! Yay!

      2 years ago


      So I've been busting buns to try and "git gud" and I think I've made progress. Started to learn how to use silicone for direct application. And unexpectedly it is taking the place of gelatin in my heart. O.o 

      I mean looksie!


      I can't see the seems...yet...but that is also because the silicone is so smooth!! So smooth!! (Oh hey there Luigi tattoo!) 

      Also it's practice for my Day 5 look. Because I've been 100% successful so far...


      Okay yeah that was a lie. The cast is making my life miserable because I think I'm smart and use a work around that is...well...not a work around. XD But practice makes perfect, right? Right!? ^.^

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      2 years ago

      Thanks for the add :D. Your orange cat reminds me of my previous kitty Nova. She was an orange female tabby which apparently isn't super common, but common enough that I was able to pick her up at a pet store. Now I have two dogs - one's a spaz and the other's a stubborn pain in the butt (Jack Russel and English Bulldog)

    • madmanmoe Keeper of Shenanigans

      2 years ago

      oh hot diggidy dog! Happy Birthday.  Three days after mine :D. hope you had a good one

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