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    • thekingbeav

      12 years ago


      First off, welcome to RvB smiley11.gif My name is thekingbeav, human cyborg relations. I have been a member of the RvB community now for well over a year. Although I am not a very prominent member of the community I would like to think I am fairly well respected. But enough about me, if you want to know more, just go to my account by either clicking the hyperlink under my primary (picture) or by going to rvb.roosterteeth.com/members/profile.php?uid=224462

      I started my account in July of 2004. I started off right where you are now. In that time I have managed to increase my karma significantly, get an award(s), as well as make friendships that will last me quite some time. At this time I have no intention of leaving any time soon, and I recommend that you stay as long as possible as well.

      Basically it’s pretty easy to learn your way around. Just take your time. I recommend clicking on everything the first few days you’re here. They will take you places and teach you things that could otherwise take weeks to stumble upon. My other major piece of advice is to ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask questions smiley11.gif To get the best results I recommend either sending me a Message or post your question in the Q&A Thread. Do not hesitate to ask, we are all willing to help you out smiley11.gif

      The last thing I will say to respect your elders. The people who have been members of this site for a long time know their way around, listen to them. Even if you don’t agree with them when it comes down to it they do theoretically know more than you. But don’t worry, someday you’ll be in their position! Out of all of these “elders†the most important people to listen to are the Mods and Staff. The Mods are responsible for the day to day operations of the site. The Staff are those who create the RvB you watch!

      Just remember if you have questions please ask me! Also if you wish you can Watch me. By clicking that hyperlink you will begin watching me. That just means that you get an alert every time I post a new journal, picture, or thread. Not required, but highly recommended.

      I hope you have an amazing experience here at RvB smiley11.gif


    • OverlordSean

      12 years ago

      Hey buuuudy.

    • Lollol88

      12 years ago

      I admit my lack of humbleness. I am arrogant, but I am also good at a lot of shit so I can be arrogant....

      oh I really didn't refer to you, sorry if that's how it looked. I thought your post was funny, I made just another joke, but it was certainly not about you.. peace=)

    • Scyhn

      12 years ago

      oh god no

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