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      Looking for new ideas to make videos for my channel :/ lets plays , walkthroughs are good, but need something more challenging and exciting !!

    • Resident Evil 6

      6 years ago



      Resident Evil 6 is an Action / Horror 3rd person game developed and published by Capcom.b This game is the sequel to Resident Evil 5 but next in line to the previous Resident Evil Racoon City.

      The story of the game can be taken from the perspective of Chris Redfield, former member of the BSAA, Leon S.Kennedy an ex Raccoon City survivor , Jake Muller son of Albert Wesker and Ada Wong an agent framed by the attacks of Neo-Umbrella. As the main threat is the C-Virus each character must face the fatal horror of whats to come through-out the storyline.

      The gameplay of Resident Evil 6 gives players the option to complete 3 connected campaign/story modes that have their own unique design and gameplay. In each campaign the player will always have a partner to help them through the game. While playing online players can have other players join them in progress to take the position of the partner.

      The game has its own horde mode / firefight mode called Mercenaries mode in which players can face hordes and waves of enemies. Agent Hunt mode allows players to take control of random enemies in other peoples online games.

      The games weapon system works very similar to previous Resident Evil games in which the player can cycle through an arsenal of weapons that are the very basic weapons that appear in a typical zombie horror survival game. The players health system works the same as previous Resident Evil games in which the player must aquire herbs and tablets in order to regain health and strength through-out the game.

      Players will enjoy with whats to come with the future of Resident Evil games with this latest installment sealing all doubts about Resident Evil sequels. The game was very enjoyable and gave great entertainment for a zombie horror game. From playing previous zombie horror games this has definitely gone down as one of the great Zombie apocolypes games.

    • Darksiders II

      7 years ago



      Darksiders II is an action adventure role-playing video game developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ. It is a sequel to the 2010 Darksiders.

      The story is set during the Horseman Cometh aka WAR`s 100 year imprisonment. The Chared Council inform the other three Horseman of the Apocalypes, of his fate. However in the first game we learn that the Horseman is innocent of his charges of bringing on the Apocalypes to Earth earlier then scheduled. Death the second of the Horseman knows and believes that WAR is innocent and sets out to find proof of his brothes innocence.

      Death defies the councils orders to not go looking to free WAR from imprisonment and goes to the Nether Realm a place between Heaven and Hell to summon powerful beings to help Death proove WAR`s innocence.

      The gameplay is pretty much the same as the previous games mechanics, a hack in slash action adventure game however unlike the previous installment the player takes control of two types of weaponry. A pair of Sythes and secondary weapons such as hammers, claws and guns (which was aquired from the Horseman Strife).

      The player takes control of Death who is the second of the four Horseman of the Apocolypes. The player is given access to his steed which the player can only use in large open areas to get to other destinations much faster.

      The player must also solve puzzles in order to complete quests.

      In my opinion the game brought a new style of enjoyment and entertainment for me, being a gamer who has only began to play the series now, has given me a new form of enjoyment to a Role Playing Game. Being a fan of many RPG`s this game brings a whole new sense of excitment and fun to a completely different level. Players will find themselves emerced in a world of thrilling excitment and suspense that will leave players wanting more and more from both probably one of the best storylines ive ever played through and gameplay that will leave hack and slash gamers speechless.

    • Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

      7 years ago



      Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is a third person shooter co-developed by Slant Six Games and Capcom. This installment is apart of the Resident Evil series set around Resident Evil 2 and 3.

      The storyline follows Umbrella Security Service (USS), Delta Team as they meet up with Alpha teams team leader HUNK in an underground laboratory in Raccoon City. Both teams must work together to infiltrate Dr. William Birkin`s Lab and stop him from handing over his T-virus research to the U.S. military and retrieve the G-virus. Upon arrival Delta and Alpha team find that Birkin has paid teams of Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS) mercenaries to work for him while the deal goes forward.When they reach Birkin's lab, the doctor is shot, and HUNK and another squad member of Alpha team leave with the samples. They soon find that Birkin survived the attack and infected himself with the virus turning him into a Birkin creature infected by the G virus. After the attack on Birkins Lab it is evident that most of Raccoon City has become infected by leaked samples of the G virus. This is seen as punishment upon both Alpha and Delta team for intruding and interfering on the deal between Birkin and the U.S. military.

      The game in my opinion runs quite smoothly compared to recent zombie shooter games as in the players movement seems to be alot more faster paced then most zombie apocolypse games. The player is given a broad range of weapons to choose from. Some weapons include an Assault Rifle, Sub Machine Guns, Pistols and Light Machine Guns.

      There are 12 playable characters in the game, with six characters for each side. On the Umbrella Security Service team (USS) there is Vector, the team's recon expert who is equipped with a cloaking ability, Beltway, who is talented in the use of explosives, Bertha, the medic, Spectre, the marksman Four Eyes, the scientist, with the ability to program the bio-organic weapons (BOWs) and Lupo, who is the team leader. On the United States Special Ops (U.S) team there is Willow the recon expert, Dee-Ay the team leader, Tweed is the demolitions expert, Harley is the medic, Shona is the field scientist and Party Girl is the skilled sniper.

      Alongside the single player campaign the game offers a four player co-op mode called Raccoon Mode, which sets the USS teams againts the U.S. special ops teams. this features are more suited to the more competitive players of the Resident Evil Series.

      Overall the game did bring alot of fun and action to the table for players to enjoy. I would definitely reccommend this to any casual gamer who likes to have fun playing online with friends. The game definitely offers a very fun filled co-op experience that will leave players wanting to come back for more Zombie killing fun! I would definitely say that this game for the hype that was given to it at lanch will be a very successful Resident Evil game for fans of any Zombie 3rd Person and First Person shooters.

    • Spec Ops The Line

      7 years ago



      Spec Ops The Line is a third person shooter developed by Yager Development and published by 2K Games.

      The storlyine is set in the present day in the engulfed city of Dubai which has been covered in a sandstorm, where Delta Operatives Walker, Adams and Lugo are flying a UH-60 Black Hawk through the Dubai skyline, taking down several pursuing helicopters.

      Whilst in pursuit a sandstorm hits crashing all the Black Hawks and leaving the Delta Operatives stranded in the middle of the recently evacuated and sand ridden Dubai.

      The player is given the task to work with his or hers fellow team mates and find the source of the distress call sent out by Colonel John Konrad, Commander of "The Damned' 33rd Battalion, United States Army. Who had been sent to Dubai on his way home from Afghanistan to help aid Dubai in relief efforts and evacuate the city from the looming threat of the sandstorm six months prior to the games beginning. Essentially the inhabitants of the city had declared martial law and riots broke out through-out the city which resulted in a high death toll across the entire city.

      The gameplay find players seeing very similar trates to the recently released Tom Clancey`s Ghost Recon Future Soldier where the players duck and cover system works exactly the same. We also see similarities to the Gears of War duck and cover system. However compared to these two games this games player movement runs alot slower and clunkier. The players sprinting animation is probably the only fast paced element that the game offers but the game does have its strong points in the area of weapons where the player is given a vast amount of weapons ranging from M4A1`s and Scar-H`s and AK47`s and so on...

      The only game modes that the game has to offer is the single player campaign and a multiplayer experience that Yager Development claim to have six game types across seven competitive multiplayer maps.

      Gameplay will find players having to be very tactical with their weapon choices and having to be very conservative with their ammo. The player is meant to be given a near real life experience with the weapon system as it gives the player the awareness that there isnt much ammo around them and to use the bear essentials that have been given.

      In my opinion the game will be very successful as fans of any military shooter i.e Call of Duty or Battlefield will definitely enjoy this latest edition to the miltitary shooter line.

    • The Amazing Spider-Man

      7 years ago



      The Amazing Spider-Man is a third person open world action adventure game developed by Beenox and published by Activision

      The game does not follow the storyline of the new The Amazing Spider-Man movie but is set immediately after the events of the film. The storlyine essentially finds the main chatacter Peter Parker aka Spider-Man finding a cure for the recently escaped convict Doctor Connors, who is broken out of prison by Peter Parker in an attempt to find a cure for the recent outbreak of the Lizard Man virus.

      The Player will find themselves in oncoming battles throughout the city with foes of the Lizard Man and other well known villians such as Rhino who is making a re-appearence from the previous Spider-Man games that follow the Sony developed Spider-Man movies Spieder-Man 1 ,2 and 3 and Black Cat who is also making a re-appearence from the Spider-Man games.

      However the most toughest foe that the player will have to encounter will be the oscorp procuded robots such as the 5-01 robot that would remind you of the Mass Effect 3 Reaper Space-Ships.

      The gameplay follows the same combat system as the Batman Arkham video game series such as using a freeflow and counter attacks. The player will immediately enter the Manhatten enviorment where most of the signature web swinging will take place. The web swinging animation follows suit to the previous Spider-Man video games however Beenox have added in a new feature to the web slingers arsenal that will emense the player in a slow motion sequence that will allow the player to lock onto targets and make a quick web sling to targets and take them out with one quick strike.

      Players will also find cool features with this ability that will allow the spider-man character to sit onto helicopters on poles on skyscrapers.

      In my opinion the game was as the title suggest "Amazing". As i am a huge fan of the series and the storyline, i found that the game did stay true to traditional spider-man games and in my opinion it definitely feels like a Spider-Man game. I really enjoyed the open world playability that the game provides. It always good fun showing off a few stunts while web swinging onto a skyscraper and grapling from building to building. This game will definitely go down as one of the most successful spidy games of all time.

    • Lego Batman 2 & DC Heroes

      7 years ago



      Lego Batman 2 is a lego action adventure game developed by Traveller's Tales which one of the many games that features the majority of the DC characters which are also playable characters.

      As the title sujests you play the role of bruce wayne aka Batman who is interruppted at an award ceremony by the joker and his accomplices, Bane, Riddler, Two Face and more! You Bruce Wayne step outside into the darkness to change into your suit and take on the evil joker as the cape crusader Batman. The main storyline features different scenarios that bring the player through familiar locations in the Batman universe such as Gotham City and Arkam Asylum. The player must take on the Joker in different scenarios in an open world enviorment by solving puzzles using both Batman and Robin by using different suits and abilities.

      The gameplay i found was very straight forward but at times some puzzles were took a bit of time to think about. The game really does target the youger age group of gamers that are fans of the Batman universe. For a lego adventure game I found the game to be very enjoyable and entertaining at times. In ways such as that its not always easy to take a lego character that serious! But the game does not let down on the Batman storyline, players and fans of Batman and the DC Universe will find that Traveller`s Tales have not made a flop of a Batman game they have blended a well known Superhero series with a timeless title of toys that have made in my opinion a very enjoyable game.

      The gameplay really focuses on the side scrolling element of playability with a mixture of abilities such as grappling hooks and xray vision to make your way through puzzles. Players will be given different suits for different scenarios, one being a suit that Robin uses to freeze water or put fire out (No Spoilers).

      In general all age groups will really enjoy this installment in the Lego Adventure series and the Batman/DC universe series as many fans of both genres will be left wanting more.

    • Syndicate

      7 years ago



      Syndicate is a FPS(First Person Shooter) and a science fiction game created and developed by Starbreeze Studios. The game is essentially a reboot of the strategy game Syndicate created and developed by Bullfrog Productions in 1996.

      .The storyline is set in the year 2069 and follows the character Agent Miles Kilo, EuroCorp's latest agent equipped with the new prototype DART 6 chip created by Eurocorp scientist Lily Drawl who must take down targets for a corporation known as Eurocorp who have gathered information on targets who have created DART 6 chips similar to Agent Miles Kilo. These corporations are known as Syndicates which in the year 2069 rule over the worlds governments. These chips augment peoples natural abilities and give them heightened abilities beyond belief.

      The gameplay in my opinion is the one of the most entertaining and action packed games i have ever played. The advanced technology that the player is given to use is beyond belief. The player is given two primary weapons and grenades to use as with most standard FPS games. The most attractive feature of the game would have to be the Dartspace vision in which time is slowed down and enemies appear on the players visor in a infa red glow. This gives the player a heightened advantage over most enemies but do be aware that this ability only last for a matter of seconds.

      The most appealing weapon to most people when they begin to play the game would have to be the Gauss Rifle which is a weapon which locks onto enemies and the weapons bullets will curve around walls and obstacles and kill the enemy instantly.

      In my opinion these would be the most appealing features to the game as with most FPS games we see the same features with most weapons such as Mini-Guns that are overpowered and tear enemies apart and snipers that kill enemies instantly but in my opinion this game will not give players the same FPS experience that we get from most military FPS games that we see everyday. This game has its own unique features and experiences that will give this game the success it needs to go down as one of the most successful FPS`s to date.

    • Game Of Thrones

      7 years ago



      Game Of Thrones is a RPG(Role Playing Game) based on the HBO TV show Game Of Thrones created and developed by Cyanide Studios.

      The game follows the story of two characters Mors Westford, a veteran ranger of the Night's Watch, and Alester Sarwyck, a red-robed priest of R'hllor. The story follows the same to the TV adaption of the Game Of Thrones Novel but does not overlap any of the events from the HBO TV Adaption.

      .The gameplay follows suit to most medieval RPG games such as Dragon Age Origins such as the player must use dialogue to interact with other characters in the game and the dialouge that the player uses will effects the events of the games ending. Like most RPG games the player is given a character that he or she can edit in ways such as upgrading the characters strength and skills with weapons and also aquiring and searching for items around the world in order to benefit the player

      .In my opinion it took a while to get into the game and actually begin enjoying the features that the game has to offer such as certain battle scenarios where the player must use tactics in order to overwhelm and destroy enemy threats. On the other hand i did find that the game had too much dialouge and way too much animation sequences and not enough action sequences that the player could involve themselves in and actually do some fighting, but as with any game players must really give a game like this a chance to really sink in and let the positives of the game overwhelm the negatives of the game.

      I would highly reccommend this game to any gamer that has any interest in games such as Dragon Age Origins or Dragon Age II or Kingdom of Amalur or any RPG Medieval themed game as this adaption of Game Of Thrones will not let any of the fans of the novel or the Tv show down in any way and will be highly recognised as one of the successful Medieval RPG`s to date.

    • Dirt Showdown

      7 years ago



      Dirt Showdown is a 3rd person racing game developed by Codemasters and is co-ensided with the Colm McRae Rally games. The player assumes the role of a stock car racing driver who must work his way through different leagues set out by the Dirt Showdown Championship in order to build up rep and earn cash to buy new cars in order to have an advantage over other players in the game. The arenas that the player will be mostly competing will be the american circuits such as San Fransisco and Miami.

      In my opinion this is a very multiplayer based game where i assume that most gameplay will be over PSN(Playstation Network) or over Xbox Live where players will battle off in arena modes where quite simply you wreck havoc on other players in racing modes such as quick race, survival or elimination where you must always assume first place or else you will be disqualified until one car is remaining.

      In my opinion the game was very fun for a modern rally game. I do know that the Dirt series has had alot of success with the amount of sales rising in the racing end of the consol market. And it has done this since the revamp of the Colin McRae Rally games. The game does have alot of intersting features that fans of the series will enjoy. I did have fun myself just kicking back and breaking out some tricks and doughnuts in the JoyRide mode of the game which is quite essentially a free roam mode where players can do what they like with their vehicles. I did enjoy the progression system from one arena and race to the next and one of the modes i did find the most exciting and entertaining was the survial mode where basically the player must survive a quantity of on coming cars that build up over time.

      In my opinion any petrol head will love this latest installment of the Dirt series and will not be let down in any area of the game. It provides fun filled action and re-playability until the last drop.

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