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    • Lazy

      10 years ago


      OK - so I have been really lazy about reading and commenting on journals. I'm still here, just not completely here. I spend a lot of time on Facebook's Mafia Wars. It's a dumb game that I'll probably be giving up soon. I spend way too much time on there and it's JUST A GAME! I have to keep saying that or I forget it!

      MIke had an accident at work (2 weeks ago this Friday) and lost his job last week. So we are on the hunt for something bigger and better. Everyone is always telling him he looks like a cop so I think he is considering going that route. He went to the Texas Workforce Commission (ie unemployment office) and got some good info for Veterans programs and they really helped him out with his resume and the start of the job search. I am impressed with his efforts so far - it's probably not easy to not want to sit at home all day and goof off. He has the GI Bill for about 5 more years and they give Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) - not sure if I got that right or not, but money to go to school, and if he can get that and unemployment and tuition for the training program he wants paid for, then we won't be doing too bad. It'll be tight for a while but I've been there before. Not what I told my date. LOL

      Take care everyone and hopefully with the start of football season, more of my old friends will be here at RT and make this a more enjoyable site for me. Happy Tuesday.

    • Groups Offline?

      10 years ago


      That's where my chicks and I chat! When will it be back? Anyone, anyone? smiley5.gif

    • Home on a Saturday night

      10 years ago


      This is weird for me - I am NEVER home on a Saturday night. The past two nights (Thurs-my birthday and Fri-the official celebration) have been my undoing. I am SOO hungover. I will never drink again! I posted a few pics to my images. The rest are HERE if you are interested!

    • Meh

      10 years ago


      I should be more excited about being off from work and on a "staycation" but I'm not. Oh well. Just found out no bonus or raise for me. They had said one or the other and now neither. Also, our insurance copay and what we pay monthly out of our checks will be going up too. Fun stuff.

      at least I still have a job, right? I am thinking of the positives.

      Anyway, I'll be on staycation until the 13th. I plan to do a lot of little things, like hair color, cut, style, nails done, Happy Hours, softball games, maybe a trip to Fredericksburg, TX, and then a major blow out Happy Birthday to me on Friday with tons of friends. Ok - maybe only 30 or so...maybe. smiley8.gif
      Lots of jager bombs to be had! I'll be in touch. smiley0.gif I think I'll use NEXT weekend to rest from the fun.

      Have a great 4th of July everyone and be safe.

    • Jaxi

      10 years ago


      I think I told almost everyone else that Jaxi is fine and no cancer was found in the tumor she had removed from her paw. I found this out yesterday and was very relieved!

      Hope everyone is having a great Hump Day and way to go Horns - one more game to go to put the kitty kats away for the season. smiley0.gif

    • Jaxi

      10 years ago


      She might have cancer. There is a growth on her front paw between her toes that has some “reactive†cells. They have to remove it and get it tested to see if there are mast cells. If there are, they have to remove an area of 3 inches which would mean the toe would have to be removed. smiley2.gif

      I think we are going to have it done on Friday and then see what the test results show on Monday or Tuesday.

    • Random Thoughts - Update - Misc - Crap

      10 years ago



      I had 2 donuts for breakfast this morning. Yeah, this diet thing is not working for me!

      We lost our softball game last night. Ugh, it sucks to lose. I know, we are supposed to be having fun, it's just a game. But it's more fun when you win if you ask me!

      Car is doing great. I really like it alot. Problem now is that every other car I see on the road is a Charger. smiley2.gif I'm not special. Haha!

      So my brother came to watch us play last week. He was pleasantly surprised - I play catcher - his comment to my mom about the game - Paulette really plays! Haha! He thought I'd just stand there? I was never athletic in HS (still not very athletic now!) so he doesn't see me as a ball player. TWMDS!

      Jaxi has a vet appt tomorrow. She has something growing on her paw. Like a tumor. I hope it's not serious. Doesn't seem to bother her.

      My bday is coming up (yeah, in 3 weeks and?). I am debating having a party at my house or having a get together somewhere - bar/club. I think going out somewhere is winning the debate.

      That's all I got! smiley0.gif

      Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

    • My New Car!

      10 years ago


      I finally got it. I bought a 2008 Dodge Charger. I love it!


    • Misc

      10 years ago


      Just some new and old pics.

      Mike and Jaxi

      D.Bo and Mike - stare off

      a blanket I just finished

      when my dogs still all got along with each other.

      "what I'd do?"

    • Random Thoughts

      10 years ago



      Slow morning - got up at 3AM to tell Mike about our 17-10 softball win. He went to work and I went back to sleep.

      I am thinking of getting a Nissan again - either a Murano or a 350Z. Since I'm had a Murano before, I like them, but I am thinking a smaller car is more my thing. Thoughts?

      Work is slow right now and boss was out Mon and Tues and now again today. I am his "assistant" so when he isn't here, there isn't a whole lot to do. He's the type that gets his inbox of emails out of order, yells for me to come fix it. Needs to attach a file to send in an email (or <gasp> more than one), he yells for me to come attach them. Job security? smiley0.gif

      Mike's been working a lot of hours - he's cranky - but the bank account is happy.

      No plans for Memorial Day weekend - softball game on Monday - grilling and drinking after.

      So we won last night against a team that thinks they are "all that and a bag of chips". We showed them! I was only DH but got 2 hits and 1 rbi. I did strike out too but we won't talk about that.

      I have 47 watchers and wonders who they are. All LN folks? New people? Stalkers? Show yourselves!

      I like RT - not as much as I loved LN but for this internet addict, it works.

      I got my 100 friends about a month ago and no award. It's been reported to a mod - thanks Dark!

      And that's all I got for now. Hope you enjoyed it!

      *goes off to watch her watchers click unwatch. smiley7.gif

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