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    • Update on the Rooster Teeth Community Discord server

      1 year ago

      Panhead360 Discord chat admin

      Hey guys! I am mainly putting this out there for future people that are searching for a discord to join. 

      As of this post we have 1100 members online and about 4k being a part of the server. We have been around for almost 2 years and we started from the reddit community. We are even partnered with Discord and have a nifty special URL for that. 

      If you are interested in checking us out just head over to and drop a line with us! 

      If you have any questions feel free to ask! 

    • Extra Life Stream with /r/roosterteeth and the Rooster Teeth Discord

      2 years ago

      Panhead360 Discord chat admin

      Hey everyone! 

      On November 5th I will be streaming on behalf of /r/roosterteeth and the Rooster Teeth Discord. The goal is to come together as a community and play an assortment of fun custom games in Halo 5 (free on PC) and Garry's Mod. 

      This stream will also double as an awareness stream for 22q 11.2 deletion syndrome. To learn more about that you can check out my extra life page here.

      Here is a link to the reddit post if you want a little more info. 

      The stream can be found on my channel. 

      If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them here on, Reddit, or in the Discord server!

    • Current server listing

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      Panhead360 Discord chat admin

      If you want to add your server, feel free to contact me anytime.

      RT general chat and /r/roosterteeth chat

      Gaming Hub

      RTX Group

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    • Discord Chat Network, Next Step for Community Growth

      3 years ago

      Panhead360 Discord chat admin

      I've always been a huge RT fan, I have loved almost every bit of content that they release. I also love the community, from fan made re-cuts of podcasts, to the fan art from Let's Play highlights. But there was one thing I felt was really lacking in the community.

      It's not easy to join if you're new.

      When I first started following Rooster Teeth I never really understood the subtitle "Comedy | Gaming | Community" Maybe back when Rooster Teeth was in it's early stages there was a stronger community. But lately it has all been split off into different little sub groups that are all different in their own way, and each serve an important part.

      Reddit is great for easily finding links and opinions about RT, or keeping up with news that others may post, like posting a tweet from Colton Dunn, or a video from Jon Risinger. It's also part of one of the most used sites, so it's very easy to pop into /r/roosterteeth and check things out for a few minutes.

      Steam groups more or less started out on the Rooster Teeth main site, but a lot of people might be fans of the show and not even check out the main site, instead they just search "Rooster Teeth" in the groups page and see what pops up. I have seen plenty of groups on steam, a lot just don't seem as active as they once were.

      Facebook is great for setting up meet ups and arranging events, but not a lot of people are comfortable with sharing their full name and location with a bunch of strangers. Some people would prefer to hide behind the persona of "Pussy_Slayer" or "Dick_Pain", you can't really do that on Facebook.

      Then you have, the mother site. I am just confused about this place, I have never really used the site for my community fix, it's just dead. I have seen groups with no activity on them at all. Despite having 10k+ members, general forums have no activity either. The only real saving grace is the "everyone" feed.

      So right now the best place to discuss things with other users has been /r/roosterteeth, which is where 90% of my community fix comes from. There was just a small problem with the subreddit, it isn't friendly, and does not offer anything in the world of off topic discussions. I can't talk about the test I just bombed, the beer I tried, or my sports team that's sucking. It's all rigidly about Rooster Teeth, which it should be. But it needed something else.

      Exactly one month ago, February 6th 2016, I decided to make a chat server, using a program called Discord. Think TeamSpeak but it looks really nice and is SUPER easy to use. I just wanted to make sure it was okay for me to share the server on /r/roosterteeth, so I contacted the mods of the subreddit and they said it was fine. I made the post and that night about 90 people joined the server. Not too shabby, I was pretty excited that maybe a certain void would be filled in the community.

      In a matter of days I received full support from the moderators of the subreddit. So it is now the chat service we are using for the subreddit! So far it's been a real treat, we have had 716 people join the server, an average of 24.5 per day. A lot of them have dropped in for special events, like the Amazing Race or the Super Bowl. We have voice rooms set up in the event somebody wants to play a game with a group, or sometimes we set up Cards Against Humanity groups (which is a lot of fun)

      The whole point of this post is to share these chat servers. They cater something unique to the community that you just can't find elsewhere. I have people drop in just to brag about their amazing luck in Diablo 3 (looking at you Reimu) or to ask very basic questions that would have received little to no response elsewhere. What these chat servers provide is unlike anything else in the RT community, in fact they are their own social media.

      The future of the RT community is dependent on moving with the times, there are social media outlets everywhere. Few people will register on just to ask one question, only to have nobody respond to it. If you go on Reddit you just get down voted by asking a very valid question, imagine how discouraging it is to a new user to have 4 people down vote his question of "what's the best site to watch rooster teeth on?"

      You want to complain about how ComCast sucks? Want to discuss the Amazing Race episodes with a chat room of people? Want to drop memes like Scott dropping everything, or "Team Don't Assert Yourselves?" this place is perfect.

      Right now we have three servers running, the /r/roosterteeth general chat server, RTX, and RT gaming. We are always looking to add more servers to our network, and it would be awesome if we can extend into the main Rooster Teeth site.

      If anybody is interested in joining these chat servers, you can check out this group and see are (currently) small list of servers to check out.

      Thanks to everybody who bothered reading this whole post. Contact me if you have any questions!

    • 3 years ago

      Panhead360 Discord chat admin
    • 3 years ago

      Panhead360 Discord chat admin
    • Fantasy tips from your favorite NFL team

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      Panhead360 Discord chat admin

      I am a Tampa fan and I can tell you that it's a good idea to pick Austin Seferian-Jenkins. When he recovers from his injury he will be very good. People are comparing him to the next Gronk which isn't far off.

      And consider trading out Doug Martin, the offensive line is pretty hurt and we are starting to dig into our practice squad pretty soon.

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