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    • sweet memories

      10 years ago


      bear with me, im writing this on my phone... so no spell check...

      Going camping this weekend is bringing up a lot of super sweet memories of camping trips of the past.

      The first camp out sylo and i went on together was with our dorm. we had been dating for about a week. we floated the buffalo river in a canoe that trip. it was great!

      Then, we had several camping trips just the two of us. at Wooly Hollow, a little camp ground outside of our college town.

      Right around our 2 year anniversary, we went to Wooly Hollow, and Sylo cooked Grilled Salmon and rice, and i think asparugus. we got done eating, and he walked behind me, and started rubbing my shoulders... he started talking about our relationship, really sweet things, then, he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him!! It was perfect, for us anyway... some people said "while you were in the middle of the woods!?!" but it was perfect - except neither of us had phone service!

      The next really memorable campout was almost a year later, we went camping the weekend before our wedding. this time, we camped at Petit Jean Mtn. we went to the top of the mountain super early in the morning and watched the sunrise. it was PERFECT! The perfect beginning to a very hectic, crazy week.

      The night of wedding we actually stayed in a cabin (a wedding gift from Sylo's mom) abt half way up Petit Jean Mtn. It was really nice. Before we left the next day, we stayed to watch the sunset. a fitting end to our glorious wedding week.

      I'm so excited to go camping. It's a lot of fun and super de-stresses me! I need it here lately!

      Anyway, sorry for the long journal... couldnt resist.

      <3 Penny

    • I can't wait to go camping!!

      10 years ago


      I really can't.

      I want to go tonight!

      But I can't.

      cuz I have to work.

      cuz I have to make money.

      cuz I have bills...

      damn adulthood!

      PS. I turn a whopping 26 on Friday!!!

    • omg.

      10 years ago


      had a blast this weekend... It was RIGHTEOUS.

      But this coming weekend... whew... is going to rock nads!!

      We're going CAMPING!!

      Now, I know what some of your are thinking "Why go sleep on rocks and get sweaty and dirty when you could be in the a/c playing on rvb..."

      You have to understand... Sylo was a boy scout, an Eagle Scout, mind you. So he knows all the cool tricks when it comes to camping. Plus, he's a killer chef and knows how to really treat a girl like a princess while we're camping.

      Did I mention that we were camping when he proposed to me? AND the weekend before we got married, we went camping and woke up early so we could watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain (to start the week we were getting married.) THEN, our wedding night was also spent on that same mountain in a cabin, before we left the next day, we stayed so we could watch the sunset (ending a crazy week of wedding stuff!)

      So camping has always held a close place to my heart. Plus, we just have a lot of fun... I mean, how could you NOT have fun with a guy like Sylo??

      The other cool thing is, my friend Ashley, is going to come with us. I dont' think she's ever been camping before lol! This should be fun. And we're camping for two nights... which i've only done once before.

      I love camping. It's a lot of fun... you can be sweaty and dirty, and smelly, and it doesn't MATTER! lol!!

      Oh well, you'll hear more about our trip later, I'd imagine.. lol

      And of course, I'm taking my camera!!

      smiley12.gif Penny

    • On top of Ol' Pinnacle! All Covered in trees!

      10 years ago


      Ok, so you get a day off from work. A PAID HOLIDAY. What do you do?
      Tottle around the house?
      Maybe go shopping?
      I go climb a big ass mountain. haha!

      Pinnacle Mountain State Park
      West Summit Trail'
      Length: 1 1/2 miles round trip
      Time: 1 1/2 hours (took us the better part of 3, because I kept stopping because I was EXHAUSTED!!)
      Difficulty: Strenuous (no one ever pointed out to me that this was STRENUOUS!)

      Description: This rocky trail begins at the park picnic grounds and winds its way to the top of Pinnacle Mountain. From the top is a spectacular view of Lake Maumelle, the Arkansas River Valley, the Ouachita Mountains and west Little Rock. This is truly a breathtaking view. To return, you must retrace your steps or hike down the rugged East Summit Trail and return via the base trail for a total hike of 2 1/2 miles."

      -Yeah, ok, so first of all, I haven't hiked this mountain since I was probaly 13 or 14... ok, so a good 12 or 13 YEARS. Plus, Sylo and I noticed that a lot of the kids going up and down the mountain didn't seem to FEEL PAIN...

      How are they breeding these little demons??

      Anyway, in August of 2007, Sylo and I had intentions of climbing this mountain, but I was only able to do about 3/10ths of the way up, because it was so hard on my legs... Well, I got this idea, since we're 65 pounds lighter than we were last summer, and we've been walking 3 1/2 miles twice a week, SURELY I could handle a silly little mountain...

      oooooooooooooooooooooooooh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

      Don't tease the mountain, it's a bitch.

      But, Sylo was very patient with me, and was so great. He pushed me, but not to the point of pissing me off. He kept telling me "Make a small goal, reach it, and make a new goal" or "Take as long as you need, sweetie, we're making it to the top!" He's so great.

      I made it though!!

      It took us the better part of 2 hours to go up the mountain, then we loafed around for about 20 or 30 minutes at the top, taking pictures and resting. Then it took us a little less than an hour to get back down... WHEW.

      I tell you this much, that mountain honestly felt like I had just done the stair stepper machine for 3 hours... it was crazy. My calf muscles burned, my thighs burned, my back hurt... It was seriously the most rewarding 3 hours I've had in a long time. It was totally worth the hike, once we got to the top, and I couldn't have done it without my wonderful husband, Sylo.

      I love you, baby!

      Check out some of the photos in my images.

    • World Championships 2009 is over!!

      10 years ago


      for me, it's over, anyway.

      I'm exhausted. I am in Conway visiting some friends right now.

      I am hoping to do a good long blog tonight.

      my stomach is fricken killin' me right now.

      Potty break time!


    • Best. Day. Ever.

      10 years ago


      #1. Didn't have to be in the office until 1:45 p.m.
      #2. Got to meet some wicked awesome people ALL DAY LONG!
      #3. Got HELLA compliments from school owners, co-workers, my boss, and random taekwondo students.
      #4. Saw my bestie (downside: it was at the Arkansas Children's Hospital, where her daughter had just had her tonsils and adenoids removed.)
      #5. Had a great dinner with Sylo.
      #6. Had a FANTASTIC walk, a great pace, it was killer!
      #7. Checking my facebook/rvb/yahoo/blog has been really rewarding
      #8. Listening to Tom sing along with songs on his computer.

      Thank you Dear God, for the day you've given me, the friends you've put in my life, and the opportunities I've been able to take part in.

      Mk. Now that THAT'S over with! LOL! Testing at World Championships was freakin' AWESOME! I got to watch Master Dendy do his kick ass board breaks, I got to watch sparring from 1st Degree Black Belts all the way up to 6th and 7th Degree Black Belts. I got to take part in what is DEFINITELY the best Worlds, EVER.

      {This is from the tester's meeting right before the Testing/Midterming began. There were over 300 people there doing testing and midterming. It was a GREAT turn out!}

      I got to meet Chief Master Ozuna - who is really nice, even though some of his paper work was messed up - Not my fault though! I know that for a fact, I double and triple checked... Anyway, it's fixed. He'll get his corrected paperwork tomorrow morning. I've got at LEAST two school owners coming to visit me tomorrow!

      It's been a good day, tator... It's 10:30 p.m. and I'm BEAT!

      Love y'all!
      {Currently listening to Tom sing Billy Joel's "Italian Restaurant" sung by my main squeeze... he's so hot}
      <3 Penny

    • Green kool-aid is the shit!

      10 years ago


      Omg. So i made this kool-aid last week, and am just now busting into it... it's GREAT!

      It's lime green... and WONDERFUL.

      The perfect summertime drink!

      Anyway, today went ok... time FLEW by for parts of the day, and then crawled by at others. Like, literally, I restarted my computer at work, because i was SURE the clock had stopped working... Oh well, Got to read some harry potter at lunch, that was cool... My co-workers think I'm a nerd because I read on my lunch break... oh well... I'm the only one in our office with any college education - not that i think I'm better than others because i have a degree, but I just think the people in my office are morons... I don't spend my lunch hour gabbing about who is doing who, or wondering where my boyfriend/husband is because he won't answer his phone... i don't know... it's weird...

      oh well, when I got home, I changed into my work out gear, and started mowing the lawn... seriously our yard is f-ing HUGE. I was only able to get part of it done before Sylo got home. He busted out the weed-wacker (sp??) and did touch ups while i did the rest of the front yard (which is broken up into three main areas - By the road, the side yard, and the main front yard - we're on a corner lot, so it's pretty big.)

      Then, Sylo started on the back yard while I did some trimming... and I found a freaking TURTLE! It was sitting next to what looked like a white smooth stone... well I took some pics of the turtle. then, it started wiggling, and right there in front of my eyes, this thing laid an egg!! Which just happened to be what the white smooth stone was... it was wicked!!



      Anyway, after that, we showered, I washed dishes, while Sylo cooked dinner, and now we're on the web!


      Worlds is 1/2 way over! I'm so sick of worrying about what I say to who! Tomorrow should be cool though, because I am going to be at the testing site setting up and getting to help out while people are testing for 2nd Degree Black Belt and above... Senior Master Westbrook is going for his 8th Degree Black belt, that should be exciting!

      Anyway, I'm out y'all! Carpoolin' with my sexy man tomorrow! Excited!!

      <3 PennyCo

    • Good evening...

      10 years ago


      So I had a pretty rough day at work...

      World Championships 2009 for ATA is officially underway.

      Anyway, so we were working on the score sheets today... that sucked big massive donkey balls... but oh well.
      Gotta really get on the ball (I think I have a thing for balls today... ehh...) Anyway, I gotta get caught up on processing some testings. Next week is end of month, which means we have to have ALL of the tests processed and shipped, so our numbers look really good...

      Then, I'm off on July 3rd. ATA has this thing, if the 4th of july falls on a saturday, we get that Friday off, if it falls on a sunday, we get monday off. yay us!

      THEN, I am off the next Friday which is my birthday! woot! I'll be a whopping 26! 27 is the perfect age, I think it's a great number, so I'm almost there! woohoo!!

      THEN, the next Thursday, I'll be late to work because (wait for it...) I'm going to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at the midnight showing with Sylo, my mom, and one of my besties! Super excited!!

      Anyway, I'm out! Gotta catch up on my watching. and write a blog up and post it!

      <3 Penny

    • not o pissed

      10 years ago


      had a long talk with sylo.

      worked things out.

      going to bed at 3.

      gunna be a long friday eve.

    • is pissed.

      10 years ago


      and i can't say too much. becuase i don't want to piss other people off.

      but you'd think i'd get more than a mother fucking 5 minute phone call on fucking speaker phone when we've been apart for 3 god damn days...

      i guess i shouldn't complain too badly... I mean, I should just get on facebook right? I've "got nothing better to do."

      this has been the single most horrible week, and it's only wednesday night.

      good thing I've got kitties to keep me company... I'm not drinking and playing phase 10 when i should be getting shit done, so i can get home to my spouse.


      this is ridiculous.

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