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    • You've all been waiting so patiently...

      13 years ago


      So you've all waited so patiently for me to up date so here it is
      I'm working 40+ hours at the green house and i've been made an assistant supervisor already...i get a walkie talkie...i'm soo cool!
      I soooo wanted to go back to bed this morning when the alarm went off at 7am, but i'm a big girl and i got up and went to work...sometimes being an adult sucks...oh well...
      I also started working at 29Steps...whee...i start this exciting...
      lots of costume and makeup...went sunday night, and it got pretty wild...the had a cross and people who wanted to could be chained up and whiped...its gonna be an interesting atmosphere
      any way i've been uber busy and constantly running...I was sposed to visit sheboygan this weekend but looks like thats not happening...any way i have a party to go to on saturday night...its a masquerad ball...the theme is 'kings and queens' and i'm going to dress as Titania...its all good...
      well i must go shower...i smell like potting soil and rose petals...not bad
      Kisses smiley12.gif

    • Ummmmm....Guinness

      13 years ago


      Which Random Irish Gaelic Phrase Are You?
      Ta me air meisce
      Ta me air meisce - 'I am drunk.' You enjoy a drink - or five - now and then. You can usually be found in a pub - it doesn't matter which one, because they all look the same after a few drinks - or hugging the porcelain.

      More later i promise...i must get through the effects of my uber pain killer first...give me a few hours
      Kisses...even if they are woozy ones

    • Early day for Vixen

      13 years ago


      Thats right Vixen is up out of dressed and ready to go...well after 3 cups of coffee i'm ready, for my first day at my new job...i applied at a green house yesterday and got hired on the spot so now i get to get up early and go play in dirt...really i promise you its pretty appealing to me...i miss plants and dirt and country-esque things...when i was a kid i hated gardening...and now i miss it...sigh...
      yesterday i also had an interview for 29Steps...its a goth/industrial bar and they want me to be a bar fun...i have to go sunday night at midnight just to hang out and see if i can handle the crowd and the atmosphere as sunday is the wildst day and things get...oh how did the owener put it...oh yeah...things get "fetishy"...nice...but the pay is good and i get to dress like halloween every time i go in so we shall see...i also have an interview at a cafe as a suis chef...or how ever you spell i dont know whats going on...
      all i know is that i didnt get a wink of sleep last night and i'm gonna pass out at the end of bar interview was at 930pm...and i had to dress the part which was fun...but i did spend 20 minutes at home afterwards scraping the pancake makeup off...oh the joys of gothdom...its kinda like theater in a way...thats how i'm looking at it...29Steps is just a big performance...

      Once again my room is a holy terror...just as i got it clean and organized i had 3 or 4 dysfunctional days and exploded...sigh...
      I have gone over to the dark side and finaly got a myspace page...i know i know...but i still like rvb better...but the myspace is so some of my non rvb friends can keep track of me...since they miss me so mushy...any way spent an entire day learning html and bbcode...yeah notice the banner on my page now...
      huge thank yous go out to sohlside and Biba for taking time to help me with the html and bbcode stuff...i never would have made it through with out you guys...and Biba is helping me make an award...shes one rocking chiqua! i really like that woman

      Keep sohlside in your thoughts or prayrs or what ever you do...i dont want to go to much in to what i know cuse its his deal but, there was some not so great news last night, (check out his journal for some detales) and i'm sure he could use the kind thoughts...*mwah* I'm thinkin of you dear...

      damn i still have 10 min before i have to leave...sigh what else to tell you...i just realized that 4 out of the 10 pairs of sunglasses in my desk are missing screws and need to be fixed...ok that means i'm really fishing for junk to kill time so i wont bore you all to tears with more usless information...i'll just kill the last 5 min with another cup of coffee...

      have a good day every one...
      Kisses smiley12.gif

    • Cop out journal but to firggen funny ...

      13 years ago


      Those of us who've already gotten past high school are really lucky. Starting soon, the dreaded SATs are going to get even tougher -- they're going to include essay questions. With multiple guess, even the densest of us had a shot at hitting the right answer. But essays are killers. Sometimes even the people making up the test don't know the answers.

      For those of you who still have that rite of passage ahead of you, our spies at Educational Testing Service have leaked a portion of the essay section.


      1. Describe the common origins of the terms "Port Authority" and "Port-a-Potty," paying special attention to all five senses.

      2. Develop and defend a theory as to how the ending of Hamlet might have differed if the characters had been given access to semi-automatic weapons.

      3. If you were his friend, what would you call Ishmael?


      1. According to the song, one is the loneliest number. Using induction, along with any necessary axioms from Euclid, give a convincing proof that this is indeed the case. For extra credit, prove that two can be as sad as one.

      2. How much is enough?

      3. Describe ways in which life as we know it would have differed if pi was equal to twelve.


      1. If you were a president, who would you be?

      2. Could FDR have taken Hirohito in a fist fight? Could the two of them together have beaten Stalin?

      3. While most presidents have at least one good catch phrase, some never said anything memorable. Taking into account events of the time, as well as customs and traditions, come up with a good line for Warren Harding.


      1. Que pasa?

      2. Parlez-vous Anglais?

      3. Quo vadis?


      1. One beaker holds 350 ml of HCl. A second beaker holds 245 ml of NAOH. Taking into consideration both the ph and the molecular weight of the solutions, which of these two beakers would you rather spill on your pants?

      2. Given the natural breakdown of carbonic acid into carbon dioxide and water (H2CO3 => H20 + CO2) as observed in typical carbonated beverages, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too?


      1. Name all the stars. If you need more room, you may use the back of this page.

      2. If they can put a man on the common cold, why can't they cure the moon?


      1. It is well known that the head of a planeria can be split, and that the flatworm will grown two heads in response. Write a sample dialogue between two such heads.


      1. Einstein said that God doesn't play dice with the universe. Would this stand have forced Einstein to also disallow Yahtzee and backgammon?

      2. A physics students has just stepped off the roof of a 1,600 foot tall building. He took his laptop computer with him. Assuming the student can type 60 words per minute, give an example of the longest note he could complete before he reaches the ground.


      1. Explain why aptitude tests are the single most important tool any university can use in evaluating applicants. This portion of the test has no time limit. Take as long as you need. When you are finished, be sure to sign the release granting us permission to use your answer in any way we see fit.

      now if your not at least have issues...
      Kisses smiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

    • I got a pressie

      13 years ago


      My two babies Bri and Tay got me a pressie...well they are my aunts babies...they are 7 and 4 and the sweetist things...they know i have a deep affection for all things tinker bell...some how i just relate to that bratty fairy...they got me a Tinker Bell snow globe that plays Fur of my fave songs...just thought i'd share it with y'all...

      puts a smile on my face...
      later days darlings
      Kisses smiley12.gif

    • You know, that one thing that happened..

      13 years ago


      damn the title bar for not being long enough for me to ramble in...
      any way...this is how my day went...cuse i know y'all are dying to know
      sleept till about noon...snicker...under layers and layers and layers of blanket...things get chilly when you sleep with the bare minimum...then went art supply shoping with Jafoyi...that went well...he needed an ass load of art supplies and paints and stuff...i was very envious...i want new accrylics and brushes and watercolours and colour pencles...and they had like 120 different faber watercolour pencils...sigh and drool...any way
      read a book for a few hours then hoped in lil red and drove home...decided to use my gift certificate for a late lunch and stopped at Zepplins...mmmvery good...i'd never been there before...but i really liked it...any way there i am enjoying my steak melt and the sports section of the paper...(i know i'm the ideal woman) when two guys walk in...look like they just got done with work on some construction site from the passing glance i gave them....any way they take the table next to mine and i slowly realize that the taller of the two is talking about me...some remark about how hungry he is and he whishes i would share my sandwitch...i look up and smile...reply.."sorry this is my one meal of the day" and then he really starts talking...mentions my shoes and how cute i look and i must be a dancer, i reveal i am and that i'm also a dance teacher, and how tall am i...i play along like a good girl...i even stand up to prove that i'm 6'2" some thing that people always ask for proof of...apparently being a tall woman is kinda i stand up and thy guy grabs me and starts waltzing with me...asks me if i'll marry him and i smiled and said sorry i cant, sat back down and finnished my i walk out he says bye i turn and smile and curtsy "its been a pleasure gentelmen" and as i'm leaving i hear ..."there goes the love of my life..." dude now for the kicker...the guy hitting on me was 52...shudder...i'm all for older men...but i dont understand why in gods name he was hitting on me...and for those who care i didtn hit back...i was polite...i shrugged his hands off me cuse i'm not the type to be man handled buy some one i dont know or like...keep in mind i was just polite...i'm 22...i was in riped jeans and a sweatshirt...and no make a mess...dear lord...but it did kinda make me grin that he thought i was thats the only part i'll remember...the rest i'll just blank out...sigh...i just dont get it some times...went across the street to put gas in my car...i had 10$ for gas...and unfortunatly i couldnt stop fast enough so the bill came to 10.01...i hate when that happens...had to dig in my car for a damn penny...payed the nice guy at the gas station got out to my car started her up...she was happy now...and the ass behind me honked his horn cuse i took 30 seconds to put my seat belt on...well jeeze...i was pissed...i pealed out of that parking lot like a bat out of home a job recomendation from a friend for a nice bar...and here we are...sigh what a day

      I want to give a late birthday shout out to lonetealeaf
      the cutie just turned more year darlin...then its out to the bars with you...legaly...maybe i'll take a road trip and take her out...we'll see...wanna see her birthday card? i knew you it is

      whats a celebration with out a corset from Vixen...*snicker*
      alright time to finish my book
      tata ladies and gents
      Kisses smiley12.gif

    • Family

      13 years ago


      shes my sister so i have to love her matter what...but it kills me cuse she treats me like complete crap...shes 17 and she maks me feel like shit how is that possible...i bend over backwards for that child and she uses me...i know what shes going through at home cuse i've been there done that...i am the black sheep of my family, i've been through it all...not to mention that when ever she does something bad or gets in trouble my parents like to dish out the phrase "your acting just like Jes" how nice...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...but this is not about them this is about her....shes smart pretty well liked at school for crying out loud she was teh home coming queen she has a job and a car and a social life...dear lord she should not be complaining about any thing, yet i understand that her little 17 year old brain is full of teenage angst, i do understand i've been there...and i try to empart a little wisdom that i picked up in the 5 years since i was 17, and its not like i give it out unwarrented, she asks for it...but nothing i do is ever good enough, and after the 97th time she calls me to bitch about how she doesnt have a boy friend and its not fair cuse i had so many in high school (never mind that they were mostly abusive drug addicts that hit me with hands and things like baseball bats) so i tell her that my boyfriend record in high school is nothing to envy cuse i dated assholes...and she has the nerve to whine and be jelous about that ...her words..."they may have beat you but at least you had some one"...there is something seriously wrong with this...i really dont know what to do...i can never bounce my problems off her with out being made to feel like a complete moron or that my problems dont matter...granted they are a little more indepth than a 17 year olds problems...yet i'm expected to drop every thing at a moments notice and bend over backwards for her every whim...i cant do this any more...i love her to death shes my sister...and thats why i dont know what to do...Jafoyi says he hates seeing me like this and hates what she does to me, in his opinion i should just cut her off and chuck her out of my life till she realizes whats going on...but i dont know how to do that or if i should do that...we are family, we're sposed to be there for eachother right? so why am i getting the short end of the sticke...oh and every time i dont tell her what she wants to hear exactly she hangs up on me...dear god grow up...sheesh
      sorry didnt mean to rant...really, if any one has advice i'd more than appriciate it...
      and i promise a much happire journal entry tomorrow
      i love you all ...and there are certain people i miss very know who you are...*cough chough*
      Kisses smiley12.gif

    • Best night ever

      13 years ago


      Sooooo Jafoyi took me to the Nickelback concert Monday night and it was the best time i've had in a very long time...
      the opening bands were amazing
      Default started out...they are a Canadian band and i just fell in love with them...the energy they had on stage was phenominal...i still can figure out how the bassist spun around like tnat and still played like it was nothing...
      Trapt came on next and they were awesome as well...they did alot more talking aobut the songs before they played them...and the lead singer got right in the audience for the last song it was soo cool
      {notice the linkies i put in to the bands...go check them out dammit!}
      and finaly the piece de resistance...the think i'd been waiting for...dreaming about...and hinting at for a month...

      The concert was friggin amazing...there was some very impressive pyro...and we were super felt like i could almost reach out and touch them, and believe me i practically tried... i was singing and jumping and screaming fist in the air along with every one else...i did find out how high of a piercing scream i can get to come out...just ask Jafoyi about it...I did refrain from screaming "CHAD KROEGER I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY" and i did show some decorum...there was no flashing or throwing lingerie on the stage...but i did scream my happy little head off...Jafoyi kinda didnt want to go cuse he really didnt like any of the bands as much as i did...but i think he know just how much it ment to me...and every once in a while i caught him singing along or claping or cheering so i think it wasnt that bad for him...he even said after the show that it was better than he thought it would be...Nickelback even had a beer chugging contest on stage during the encore...and the only real reason they didnt pull and audience member up to compete is cuse they know any one from wisconsin could kick their ass! dude even i could have!...Green bay did win for loudest and rowdiest crowd...they seemed truly impressd by was exciting they did songs from all the albums even the really old ones like Curb that hardly any one has heard of...and i knew all of them...well its been two days...i walked out of the concert and it felt like i was traped in a box of cotten and now most of the ringing has left my head...but if every think is quiet i can still hear a little...oh well it was worth it...i had soooo much fun!


      Kisses all

    • a quick note...

      13 years ago


      i just read all me journal comments and i have one thing to say...thats just funny...
      to any one who got a "happy birthday" oooops...i'm really sorry i was typing faster than i was thinking...and as you all have figured out i ment happy valentines day...oh know me...
      and i thought the red corset looked a lil like a heart so it was all cool
      any way ...thanks for the notes and for appriciating my mistake...heehee
      well the great snow storm "Shmoopy" has hit green bay...seriously thats what the radio station named it...there are blizard like winds...what do they mean blizard like...its is a fricken blizard!...and we're sposed to get 12 inches of snow...dear lord...i'm not going out at all today...which means my dress rehersal for the open house gets pushed to the morning of the open house...cross your fingers and pray for me and my lil dancers...dear lord...
      well since i'm staying in i'll prolly update again later with more interesting things to say
      Kisses smiley12.gif

    • Life as usual

      13 years ago


      So spent the other night with my friend Jack...we watched Barbarella...i now love that movie...i want to be was such a strange trippy movie...then again i was told they were smoking joints in the theater as it was playing...explaines alot...that woman changed out fits and got naked every 5 was funny

      any was
      as i usually am...a day late and a dollar for any one who didnt get the valentines i sent out i'll post one here
      happy valentines day vixen style
      more later
      Kisses smiley12.gif

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