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    • i'm sick so this is a cop out entry...

      13 years ago



      Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubine

      If you want to know how
      to fly high then go now
      to the place where all the concubines
      Meet and converse with them
      Marvel at their pale skin
      Wonder how they chew on their pointy
      teeth and hair are a beauty
      They know it's their duty
      to be countess in their hearts and their minds
      that have to whisper
      See in them a sister
      Look into their eyes and you'll in

      Transylvanian concubine
      You know what flows there like wine
      Stay here with us it's just time
      Transylvanian concubine

      Sorrow is their master
      cackling with laughter
      Now, he's having just one piece of
      Cakey is their make up
      Catholics try to shake up
      all the things that form their lives, but they're
      dead, their sighs, their songs
      They know what they do is wrong
      Stay here with us it's just time
      Transylvanian concubine

      Candelabra's lighted
      Satan has been sighted
      Never has there been an evening like
      this is what they wanted
      always to feel hunted
      You can never be too rich or too
      thin, the blood has run out
      Fangs ruin any cute pout
      Morning has come now they've flown
      What have you learned from what has been shown?

      well there you have it...should tie you over for a bit...sorry i'll come back and write a better entry later...any way
      I miss you guys! smiley12.gif


      13 years ago


      hey all i'll be gone till monday...i'm in Sheboygan...thats right that wonderful magikal metropolis...i think this whole entry is just for AidanJames....thats right for you Cory...i heart you!!!
      leave me some love to find upon my return...
      Kisses all and a better entry when i get back

    • Back in action

      13 years ago


      wow so theres alot to tell but i think i might be to lazy to go on and on and on and on get the picture
      Got back from ACTF...we won the "Golden Handtruck Award" which is a big deal...goes to the school with the best load in and load out of a show...we've won it the last 3 times we were there so its a really big deal...DJ made it all the way to the Irene Ryan Acting finals, Drew and Neil came in first place in the Tech Olympics, finaly Amanda walked away with an Honarable Mention in the stage management its all good
      we wont know if we've made it to nationals for a few months...but we have a damn good exciting

      Dominant in relationships.Sexy.Horny.Freak in bed.
      Always wants the last word.Loud.Caring. intellegent.extremely of a kind person.

      fits me dosent it...heehee any way stole this from Jafoyi...check out his journal and see what your sign says about you...

      lastly i've been seeing all these spictacular annimations around here aka holpar's ...and others...i've decided i want one a cool hot animation that i can here is your mission should you choose to accept it...
      make Vixen a unique graphic...let me know if you need more pics or any thing from me to look at or use as inspiration...the winners of the lil contest will be modded sufficantly
      good luck and good night...or afternoon or what ever

      i'll be back later
      Kisses smiley12.gif

      EDIT and you all will notice i figured out how to put a link in my page...god i feel sooo cool...sweet!

    • Aloha from Normal IL

      13 years ago


      yayaya here i am in Normal, so ya this town is deffinatly NOT normal...any way
      things are going well the Iriene Ryan trials were today so i went to support the kids from my school in them...
      We perform Red Herring on friday (the 13th!) 3 back to back performances plus a load in and a load out...i'll be going from 5am to 2am...
      think of me...maybe with a lil bit of luck Red Herring will go on to nationals but i wont hold my breath...
      well this is Josh's computer so i gotta get going...
      we are watching Tom and Jerry...and there is an IATSE symbol and the techies couldnt figure out why it would be on a cartoon...then i revealied ..."The orchestra" god i'm brillant...the techies like me...and thats a good thing...
      well must run...i have ramen to eat and parts to reherse...i miss you all...hopefully i'll be able to check in on saturday....
      Kisses smiley12.gif

    • The News around here...

      13 years ago


      Kay so i know i know i'm getting lax in the journal department again...what can i say i'm lazy...that and i've not been in the same place for more than a few days this past week...

      Jafoyi's and my new years eve party fell through...Jessica had to go to the hospital...we think she has Josh went with her...and then the rest of the crew didnt show up cuse they were coming with Josh and instead Jafoyi and i went to chaperone a youth lock in at his church...not exactly my first choice for new years eve...tho we did have Pizza and champaigne before we went...any way...there was a band that was pretty good...and the kids were alright...all highschoolers...apparently if your Methodist you can play capture the flag in the a Roman Catholic (raised not practicing) i was slightly shocked...i keept waiting for a nun to pop out with a ruler and go nuts...then the bombarded the kids with silly string at midnight and i crashed in a room with about 12 others and watched charlie and the choclate factory and madagascar...

      new years day Jafoyi and i went down to my rents house for our anual party...Corey from my dojo came as was fun lots of food foot ball and rough housing...oh and a nap...but i always nap at family functions...saves me from actually having to talk to my aunt pam...*shudder

      been going to rehersals for Red Herring...actf is next week...we leave for Normal IL on tuesday...thats right the town is named wierd...its been hectic...every thing is getting reblocked cuse the stage is a different size and the entrences are different...but its fun...i'm very excited...i just wish that Jafoyi was on the tech team so he could come too...but i know i'll have fun...i'll keep yall posted on how we're doing...if we do really well we could be chosen to go on to national compitition in New York...i wont hold my breath tho...only 8 productions in the whole country go...and there are 9 you do the math...

      got my car in a banger last night...took out the front left head lamp where my lil car connected with the busines end of a trailer hitch on a ford f-150....yeah BIG TRUCK vs my lil car...not cool...the bumper is kind wacked out of alingment and the left part over the wheel well is a lil dented...i'm lucky i tried to swerve or his hitch would have taken out my radiator and i'd really be up the it were it was rainy and dark out in in Green bay when it rains its slicker than you can imagine...all the nasty oil and grease on the kinda skate around instead of drive...any way he stoped short to make a turn he missed never put on his blinker so i slamed on my breaks...and tried my damdest to swerve into the right lane...but didnt get very far cuse i was too buisy sliding...i hate that resounding THUNK when you hit the car a head of youand your car jolts...head connecting with stearing wheel is no fun...that and i pulled muscles in my neck and sholders...lil red is ok to drive around a ticket for "driving to fast for conditions" and a fine of $166...but i'll go to my court date and get money knocked off for appearing and being responsible for my actions...and hopefully i'll find the money to get lil red patched up and back in perfect condition...

      all for now...i'm gonna flip on the disney channel and to you all...

    • I"M A SPONSER!

      13 years ago


      kay so Frazzer gets a big hug...cuse now i'm a sponser...this is one of my top five holiday presents!!! sweet

      so for the past 2 nights we've had latikes for dinner...well with fave part of Chanuaka so far...the family i'm living with got me pressies too...its so cool...i never expected that...i got a henna tatoo kit...and tonight i got a hand made beaded purse...its really pretty....

      Jafoyi came over and we watched Electra...pretty good movie...makes me think that if i keep up with my martial arts someday i'll be that good...hahaha

      Jafoyi also finished fixing my futon bed teh room is offically set...the only thing thats missing is my stero system that i have to go pick up from my aunts house...

      once again i'm gonna try to scan pics of things to post...but i'm not that great at scanning all confuses me...

      one of my lil sis's is coming up for the Chanuaka party tomorrow...Beck is prolly my fave sis...we get along smashingly...maybe i'll let her do a journal entry tomorrow...she can be pretty funny...if you have a twisted sense of humor...

      keep me updated on teh arival of the stuff i sent you...

      Kisses to all
      *and to all a good night*

    • Dear god i survived

      13 years ago


      So i'm back from home and all moved in to my new pad...
      Christmas was parents forgot me...but ehh thats what i get
      Jafoyi got me a build a bear koala he named Bailey and dressed in a gee and yellow belt...sooo happy
      any one who gave me a mailing addy should be getting their pressie soon...let me know if its not there by saturday so i can go to the post office and give new meaning to "going postal" wheeeeee

      so the new room looks spic fricken tacular...wheeee....
      i have to go grate potatoes for latkies...the ppl i live with are i get christmas and chaunaka...

      i'll put in a better entry soon...

      Kisses to all my loves

      dear lord such watch list to go through and so many messages and comments...i loves you wait i heart you guys!

    • Return the love...

      13 years ago


      So i've got a few requests for my addy so yall can send me holiday wishes and stuff...well thats sooo sweet...i didnt know every one felt that way...well i had an inkeling...cuse i'm only friends with the coolest people...and i heart all of you...
      so heres the deal PM me if you like and i'll send you my mailing addy...then we can all send eachother stuff...share the love and all that...
      god i love you guys...well no on to unpacking...i'll try to borrow my Jafoyi's digital and take pics of my new pad and try to post them...
      untill later my dears

    • chrismahanuakwanzaka

      13 years ago


      sooo i dont care what your denomination i wanna send you a holiday winter something or other....please PM me with a mailing address for you...those who do will be getting something in the mail...and those who are already well established friends, you know who you are, will proll get something extra...its good to be hearted by PerfectVixen...any ways...lemmie know....
      Kisses to one and all!

      The list of recipants soo far is:
      why arent you on this list? PM your mailing addy today!

    • whats in your wallet?

      13 years ago


      so i have a fun new game....every one has to list what they carry around with them every in whats in your purse/backpack/briefcase/messenger bag/what ever....

      its amazing what you'll learn about people when you find out what they carry around with them every day...and what you'll learn about your self when you go through and list all your stuff...i have learned that i'm more prepaired than a boy-scout!

      so i'll go first....
      Messenger bag: instyle magazine, job applications, berinstine bears new baby book, directing and theater history notebook, elvish notebook, school news paper, journal, script for of mice and of men, last theater history exam (i got a 98%) pink note pad with my inital on it, "wicked: the life and times of the wicked witch of the west", tinker bell make up case with bare essentals of makeup, victoria's secret pure seduction body splash, loreal kids honey dew shampoo, phone charger, clean pair of panties, tank top, victoria's secreats neglige (sp?), spair id, deoderent, tooth brush & tooth paste, small benie baby puppy, bobby pins, lip gloss, roll of film, razor, 4 pens, highlighters, sleep mask...and the bag really isnt all that full...

      Purse: school id on lanyard with karate key chain, day planner, script for "red herring", red herring production note book, 3 packets of peppermint tea, packet of hair bands, ziplock of my mums "blood sausage" cookies ( i'll explain later), pack of black jack gum, lock de-icer, glasses, 2 lip glosses, compact, mascara,20Q's game, green tea and pear mints, light up pen, wallet with debit cards 23cents pictures and 2 condoms, cell phone, hair band, bath and body works christmas cd, current nail polish, keys

      any questions??? well come on now share with me...

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