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    • one week left!

      13 years ago


      So just to up date yall....
      "Red Herring" the play i was in this fall has been accepted to the national theater festival..yaya...its a big deal...yayayayayay!

      one week in hell left then i move out and i never have to see the room mates from hell again...

      i start my new job as head dance teacher at the fine arts accademy...whoot its gonna be spic-fridken-tacular...i have a meeting on wednsday to discuss what still needs to be ordered for the dance classes...yall' have no idea how excited i am for this...

      christmas shopping is offically 99% done...huge HUGE step up from last on teh 23rd and 24th cough cough...oh well

      drove down to sheboygan for the third weekend in a row to pick up my christmas pressent this time... a $2,000 suround sound stero...wheeee ...its my aunts that she bought before she went to college so i've been coveting it for 14 years...sooooo excited...all i could fit in my lil car were teh tower speakers and the surround speakers...i'll have to go back this week for the stero and sub woofer...sooo excited

      saw the primere of The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe...ahhhhh grin twitch drool convulsions....sooooooo delierously happy....i must see it again and again and own that movie...wheee...kay enough freeky euphoria for now...

      well time to pick out stuff for the school...and watch a movie...and wait for Jafoyi to be done at the Weidner...and then blessed i love thee...

      hey kids have a good week i'll up date again soon...till then
      Keep your stick on the ice...
      5 mods to the first person to give me the show that line is from...


    • drum roll please!

      13 years ago


      Its a cop out i know...but i'm tired and have a if you dont like it kiss my white irish ass...if you do like it kiss my white irish ass...or just kiss me...or heart me...cuse you know i heart you...ask away and if i dont get a whole mess of questions to answer i'm gonna be really really and i mean REALLY sad...*pout...but i heart you...

      ask me any random questions

      No matter how random, revealing, rude, naughty or pointless
      I promise to answer them 100% truthfully
      [[[Repost this to see what others ask you...]]]

    • Sister bonding fun time

      13 years ago


      Hey all i'm here with my sis Lissa
      she says Hi and remember thats "bonding" not "bondage"

      Bondage is what Vixen does in her spare time...just cuse we live in "incest-ville" doesnt mean we partake...

      so this is kind of a joint entry cuse shes standing chatting...and snickering...and correcting my spelling...Aaaarrrggh...i hate my rents sucks

      they keys on the keyboard are grooved deeper than mine and its throwing off my typing groove..."dude you threw off my groove!"...5 mods to the first person to give me the movie i just quoted in comments...heehee

      Lissa has no wisdom to share at the moment...but shes still correcting my spelling...and to think we used to hate eachother...ahhh the bonds of sisterhood...oh andi was just informed by lissa that she never hated me i just hated her...oh well

      i like her now...kinda...i guess...
      *shes snickering...

      so i was supposed to pick lissa up from a gas station tonight where her room mate droped her off...she goes to school in Eau Claire...and GB where i am is half way home...well i went to the wrong gas station...then got wrong directions...and ended up driving all over christendom...and still not finding her...she was stuck there for 2 dad finaly got her and i went was a harrowing expierence...on both our parts...i hate driving in the dark in the snow...and i was LOST....Aaaarrrggh!

      phew...well glad that rant is over...well now on for some more sister bonding time meaning...Henna tatoos...i'll take picks i hope...and some board games...boy talk...even tho i'm kinda over that...and we have to have PG boy talk cuse the youngest sis is 12...yeah i have three...Becky is 17 lissa is 19 and annie is 12...damn thats alot of girls...well off to sleep on a floor...

      i wish i had parents who kept a bed for there dearly departed college student...oh well...floor it is....oh and i wont be a college student for to much longer...3 weeks to be exact...then i'm outa here...but more on that later...

      happy turkey day...and if your from canada...where turkey day already happened...happy Thursday...or what ever day you read this...


    • Theater Superstition!

      13 years ago


      so here we go people...

      this superstition steams from earliy theater when the stage crew was made up of hired sailors...they used their bowson whistles to call cues to some poor schmuck of an actor who was prancing about back stage whisteling could inadvertantly call a cue and bring a batton down on his head

      refer only to it as the "Scottish play" or the "Bards play"...if you mention the name or quote a line any where in the theater...and we mean ANYWHWERE! MUST, walk out the theater 3 tiems, or turn around 3 times, spit, curse, and BEG to be let back in the theater!

      a show is never complete untill it performed infront of an is very bad luck to say the last line of the show in rehersals

      a theater can never be dark or the ghosts of past actors will come back and take up residence...there for the ghost light...remains lit at all times on the stage...others believe its there to give the ghosts of past actors light to perform during the night

      bad luck...aside from being annoying while others are "prepairing" you run the risk of getting decked because of a bad choice of music

      bad luck...and you dont want to get a false sense of pride and security

      it is bad luck to wish good is better to wish "break a leg" which stems from old english for taking a knee...or to in essence your telling them to give a performance worthy of a curtin call

      you'll never get another good part...or at least not for a LONG time...

      bad luck dont do it...

      boquet of flowers from a fresh grave on closing night...what can i say actors are cheep....

      kay there you are folks...just a few of the many i know...if you have any questions...just ask and i'll spew forth my knowledge...
      Kisses as always

    • Ok i'm sooooo sorry

      13 years ago


      So because of all the stuff going on lately i'v really slacked off here...and i'm really sorry...i want to appologize to all the people i've neglected for the past was wrong...and i miss you all...Pivot...Frazzer...Meil....Camel...Holpar...basically every one...god i love you guys...all your notes and comments made me feel better so now i'm on the road to recovery...Jafoyi and i are trying to work things out...there is an element of trust thats gone right now...but we'll see how hard he works and how things go...i'm gonna work too...
      There were alot of big decisions i made as of moving off campus and getting an apartment and starting a new page of my life. But i promise to be a better friend and be on more again...i've really missed this place...and all of you...but now i'm repeating myself...kay so i'm off to directing class...yes i'm in the coffee shop camel is always talking about on the computer she always used...heehee...ok off to class like a good little school girl...tomorrow i'm posting my entry about theater superstitions...i've done all my research and you guys should be entertained untill then...keep me in your thoughts cuse yall are in mine... i love you guys...

    • The almighty Pivot

      13 years ago


      so wow one pic of red toe shoes and i jump 4 karma levels...i am sooooo happy...Pivot you rock hard core...and just totally made my day...if you were closer to me you'd be getting a hella lot of baked goods...
      so Pivot is my hunny today...BIG KISS (on the cheek people!)
      So this bastard, Bupp, went in my images to the fae pick and wrote "nice tits" i'm offended by that...granted i do have a nice decolage in that particular picture...that statement was crass and rude and uncalled for...grrr pisses me off...
      The play is over for went exceptionally well and had an amazing run...we are entered in ACTF, which for all you non theater people, and its ok to be a non theater people i still like you, ACTF is the (Kennedy Center) American College Theater Festival...i'm pretty sure we are going on to the compition becuase we have always gone...we are a good theater that means that a week of my winter break is gone...and i'll have to pay for all of it myself...but i think its worth the expierence...i'm pretty i'll let yall' know when we find out for sure...
      I've been hired as a lead dance teacher and curiculum (sp?) planner for the new dance academy that my Karate Sensi is opening..soooo excited...its like a real world job that is using my degree to an extent...i've also been hired to be an AD (assistant director) for a theater project with the Menominee Indians and Heritage Hill Historical Park...i'm not getting paied much...but concidering my degree its gonna be a great learning expierence...
      Ive decided that my next entry is gonna be about "theater speak" so that you guys get a chance to learn what i'm talking about...that and theater'll be fun, trust me...
      any way thats all for now...go beat up the "nice tits" guy for me...
      Kisses to every one
      +20 kisses to Pivot...your super duper!

    • One week down...

      13 years ago


      So one week of performaces is over and another is just begining...Just got done with a brush up rehersal and a photo that went on forever and a day...grrrrr...
      The performances are going uber well!
      I have truly grown to love my charcter....even if she is teh so called "woman we love to hate"...seems i get the fun parts every time...
      Thanks to every one for all their good wishes...they helped know ya'll are thinkin of me...
      Jafoyi got some good pics at the photo call i hope so i'll post any that look good...then you will see what i mean when i say i look like a davenport...points to the first 3 people who can tell me what a davenport is with out googeling it...and i'll know if you do...i know every thing...
      kay any way...the film in my camera is almost used up...and i think it'll get finnished tomorrow durring the filming for T's video post card...i love romanticle pics of me and Jafoyi...i think theres only one or as soon as the film is finished i'll scan the pics and post them...i cant wait
      Love to all my sweeties...espically Frazzer Meil and TLHammer today...thanks for the messages i finally got...
      Kisses all!

    • dun dun dun....

      13 years ago


      Holy buckets every body...tomorrow is opening night...dear lord...well here goes every thing...keep me and the rest of my cast and crew in your thoughts for the next few days...we've got alot performances ahead of us...
      so here i am workin hard and gettin paied nothin...actually i'm paying out the nose to be here...but i spose thats college for you...
      Finally got some film in my now i gotta get some pics scan em and post em...that should be fun...
      well i must leave you all and put curlers in my hair...and with as much hair as i have this is gonna be a long expierence...wish me luck

    • Bullet casings falling like rain...

      13 years ago


      Kay so the titile has noting to do with the entry other than the fact that i watched part of We Were Soldiers with jafoyi, and at the end when they are taking the hill...and the chopers are fireing all those bullets...the casings look like sadistic rain falling.

      Any way...i now know exactly how my room mates feel about me...they are deathly afraid of me and refer to me as the fridgid ice bitch...they dont understand that when i have to deal with hostile snotty girls my first defense is to shut down and be dead pan when ever i'm around second defense is to let it whip and bitch slap them...lets hope it doesnt get that far...maybe i'll just move...i'm not gonna put up with this all year...

      so the play is going excellent...the director changed teh blocking again last night...but its good...i like the change...means i spend less time in dont get me wrong...i love handcuffs...but only in teh bedroom...heehee

      well i'm thinking its nap time before rehersal i'll leave you with the thingie from Meil's Journal, slightly modified...just do it ya know!

      1.Your Full Name:
      2. Age:
      3. Fave Color:
      4. Fave Movie:
      5. Fave Song:
      6. Fave Band:
      7. Most Embarassing Moment:
      8. Are you a Pringles virgin?

      HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ...

      1. Are we friends?
      2. Do you have me on your watch list?
      3. Would you play twister with me?
      4. ...drunken twister?
      5. Would you enjoy it?
      6. Would you ever watch a movie with me?
      7. Would you share the pop corn?
      8. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you:
      9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?
      10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before?
      11. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me?
      12. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?
      13. Do you think I'm a good person?
      14. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed) in a platonic non sexual way?
      15.Do you think I'm Hot?
      16. Would you call me just because?
      17. Would you ever help me lace up my corset?
      18. If you could change anything about me, would you?
      19.Would you play on the swings at the park with me?
      20.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?
      21. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?


    • A Fishy Funeral

      13 years ago


      My pretty ruby red beta fishy died today...i am sad...
      Here is the order of his Fishy Funeral
      Had a wake
      Scooped him in to my fave tea cup plastic dish (i love him but not enough to contaminate the tea cup)
      Sang taps
      Said a Prayr
      Flushed him to the big fish bowl in the sky
      ~Polycarp Feb 15 2005 to Oct 7 2005~
      I'll miss your little fishy tricks...he loved to listen to goth rock and freak out in his bowl...
      I love you Polycarp, and all you stood for...
      Tears, and Kisses

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