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    • Officially signed up for Extra Life

      7 years ago


      As the title suggests- I signed up for Extra Life this year. I've chosen Albany and am going to do my best to get all 24hrs of gaming in at once. I'm hoping to have a small staff (a friend or two) give me support (coffee and twizzlers) to keep me going. Naturally I joined Achievement Hunter's team- They're the reason I know about this event. smiley12.gif

      Wish me luck (first time's the charm.... right?) as I wish everyone else luck in their endeavor this year. smiley13.gif

      [update 09-19-11] My cousin officially became my first supporter. My family is awesome. smiley13.gif

    • Irene's kind of a B

      7 years ago


      So, I finally was able to upload some of the pictures I took (apologies for the massive influx). Keep in mind, this is only one hamlet of many in our town. Others are still cut off and without power.



      There are a bunch more in my gallery.

      [Previous Irene Post]

      Edit: I think all the hamlets are up and running again, but I'm not too sure. I'll have to ask tomorrow.

      [Update: 09-07-11] Got to the office very late today, only to find that the town was being evacuated along with many others in preparation for another flood. Thing is, Town Hall neglected to tell everyone. We heard about it from out of towners by Facebook and phone. Thanks. D:

    • Albany or Westchester?

      7 years ago


      Got the e-mail from Extra Life. I think I'm gonna do it this year. I told my dad about it and he seems interested as well. He should totally get his co-workers involved. Bonus points for gamers in the medical field? smiley6.gif

      Thing is, I can't decided between two hospitals. I was born in Westchester, so of course I gotta consider the place that safely delivered me. But then there's Albany. It handles a lot of patients, many of which have come from one of the hospitals in my area, so I am thankful for that. Hm, I might be leaning towards Albany.

      So! Any plans to participate in Extra Life this year? Are you excited as well? Tell me your story!

      P.S. In case it was missed, I updated my last journal with a couple of vids. I have power back at my place, so I should have some pictures popping up soon.

    • Irene tore us a new one...

      7 years ago


      The short story- we got fucked. The river flooded and took several bridges, roads, homes, and utility poles with it. Most of us don't have power or running water and won't for a long time.

      I'll do a more in depth update later, with pics, but right now it is a pain in the ass to type on my Zune (no internet at home).

      Wish us luck. We have a lot of funds to raise and people to help.

      Update [09-03-11]

      The Hamlet that my office is located in now has power. other hamlets are not so lucky, and the two towns away I still do not have power in my apartment. Balls. Now that I have internet access at work, I wanted to share some photos I got of one of the bridges, but of course, my tower didn't come with card readers. Bollocks. So, in the meantime, I will share a video with you. Our town is spit up into several hamlets and for a time, we were cut off from more than half of them. Now we have some access. I was told "we lost Oliverea". Didn't know what that quite meant until I saw this video. Shit.

      Edit: News footage.

      [Update 09-04-11]

      Some folks have been going through town leaving a letter from the Supervisor with every remaining resident. Seems there is more than one storm headed our way and they are letting people know about the shelters/transportation/food/water/showers in place. I don't think this town can take another hit, so hopefully the next storm or two is mild. I hope so, 'cause we just now got Internet access back (I cried a little). Sadly, though, we still need a generator to use it.

    • What's up, East Coast?

      7 years ago


      Northern New York got hit by an earthquake this time. OK, so it was tiny, but still an oddity around here (or so I think). Also, now some bitchy hurricane is getting all up North Carolina's business and all the way up to NY as well. My area usually gets hit pretty bad by rain when there is a hurricane on the coast, which again, seems kinda weird being where I live.

      "Oh man, we got hit hard by that hurricane."

      "Really? I didn't realize you lived on the coast."

      "I don't. I live inland. In the mountains."


      That is the conversation I imagine having with people that shake their heads at me. But you know what? Looking at the map, I'm not that far from the coastline, so ha!


      [Edit] Irene must read my journal on here, 'cause apparently she is going inland. Bitch.

    • Earthquake in NY? :O

      7 years ago


      That was weird. Just happened a minute ago. It was subtle where I am. When I felt my giant metal desk shaking, I was convinced there was something wrong with me, ha ha! But Then my mom (and boss) confirmed that the entire building was indeed shaking. We ran around wondering what the hell could be doing that ("WTF is our building that old?!") and found no cause. My mom's XM radio happened to be on the news channel where they are talking about feeling it down in the city (much more so than here, I'm sure). We're two and half hours away.


      Edit: It originated in Virginia and is 5.9/6.0. Oh, dear! (Hope everyone is Ok down there). smiley2.gif

      Edit2: Sadly, the most complete news report I can find so far.

    • Dreaming with Portals

      8 years ago


      I vaguely recall dreaming about Portal last night. That'll happen when you play video games before bed. I'm trying to get all the achievements on the first run (thank goodness for Achievement Hunter smiley12.gif ) and spent what felt like forever getting Overclocker. I'm so slow and clumsy it's sad.

      P.S. It takes me way too long to get to a game and actually finish. Let's hope I break that pattern.

    • What is Wrong With Me?!

      8 years ago


      I just smacked my coffee cup right onto my keyboard. The top didn't do shit as coffee spilled all over my keyboard, planner, vouchers, receipts, and other paper items. My hands must be stupid as they flail about causing destruction often. Now I have to finish up the work day with the onscreen keyboard while my keyboard dries after me angrily rinsing it off. (Rage cleaning?) Baah!

    • Update...?

      8 years ago


      1. I beat the Reach campaign. I feel like a big girl now. Ok, so it was only on normal BUT STILL.

      2. Played with friends online. Fighting against actual humans is very different from AI. AI don't always charge you when you try to snipe from a distance. My strategy! :'[

      3. Got to go out last night and have a beer with my best friend, as well as her friends. Hadn't seen anyone in a long time and it's nice to go out in the world and socialize. I sometimes worry I'll become a hermit or crazy cat lady. Watching "Hoarders" on Netflix also has me paranoid, ha ha! smiley4.gif

      So yeah, my blah update. Trying to make a habit of being on RT more often. smiley1.gif

      To lunch!

    • Worst Spartan Ever. Of All Time.

      8 years ago


      So, I love gaming, but unfortunately I am terrible at it. Yesterday I spent most of my day stuck in New Alexandria. By the time I got to the part with the four Hunters, I was stuck with what was Halo's equivalent of two sticks. I somehow managed to kill one and had to run back out for more ammo/weapons. After a couple of trips, all the UNSC soldiers fighting the Hunters were dead. That is when I realized what a jerk I was. As I was safely shooting from upstairs, those poor guys got slaughtered. I AM A MONSTER.

      In the end, I ended up killing three Hunters and luckily out ran the last one. Sure, he was slow, but it didn't make me any less cowardly. Or heartless. smiley2.gif

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