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    • I'm going to need a HUGE boot...

      8 years ago


      So I left the house with a bag of laundry this morning when I felt something brush against my head. Immediately I knew what it was and swatted away what may be attached to my hair as I quickly looked back at the doorway. A spider web had taken over a good chunk of the top. It was a fine web with no spider to be found- which bothered me since I didn't know if it was on my head or not. I finally declared my self arachnid free and went on my way.

      I got home late just a little while ago. As I pulled up to my apartment, my headlights illuminated my door. It revealed something lurking at the top of the doorway. It was a GIANT. FUCKING. SPIDER. It took me a minute to gather up my courage to get out of the car. As I juggled my laundry bag, purse, flashlight (to light my locks and pretend to be blinding the hell spawn), and keys, I manged to unlock my door with an outstretched hand. I tossed my laundry bag in first and ducked as I quickly ran in.

      Knowing myself very well, I knew that in my groggy morning state I would forget about the eight legged beast waiting for me outside. So, like with anything else I may forget, I wrote myself a reminder that I taped to my front door.


      Some may say I am a bit paranoid. I say I'm prepared. But guess who won't be ambushed by some horribly freakish enemy that is obviously a master of both psychological and guerrilla warfare? Don't come crying to me when some spider dive bombs you one day.

      ... Perhaps living alone is taking its toll?

    • So it seems clear to me...

      8 years ago


      ... That I need to start saving up for RTX 2012. I am saddened and ashamed that I missed the first one.

      See you next year..?

    • So I waited...

      8 years ago


      ... and waited. But still no first million milestone. I even updated (granted a bit late). This makes me frowny face.

      Oh well, maybe I'll get the next one? smiley6.gif

    • Late to the party...

      8 years ago


      So yeah. I finally got a 360 after, oh, how many years? I must say, the 360 slim is quite sexy. I think I am in love. I'm just sad that I only have a few games to start out with, but they're awesome so it's ok.

      Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get my butt handed to me by the Covenant. They scare me a little- but don't tell them I said that! smiley2.gif

    • Mother Nature is kind of a bitch...

      8 years ago


      So, I had to deal with a town threatening to flood when I had heard about the earthquake in Japan. My first thought of course was my uncle. He currently resides there and I Googled stories like crazy until I discovered the quake happened a few prefectures to the east of him. Of course I still worry since he is always "too busy" to call his family. Jerkface. :'[

      So kids, if you happen to wander here for whatever reason, do you have friends or family in Japan? Are you in Japan? Tell me your story.

      Update: My dad is just as bad as his brother. He neglected to tell me that he heard from him and that he is alright. [My uncle] has also been in contact with the fam down in Okinawa. Phew! smiley12.gif

    • Captain Dynamic: LIVE!

      8 years ago


      I get to go see BNL on the 18th. I am excited. The end. smiley12.gif

    • BFI is my BFF

      8 years ago


      Got to see Billy Idol last night at the House of Blues in Boston. smiley12.gif We were right up front and could see Billy's stomach sweat, ha ha. I dunno how the guys can survive on stage with all those lights- they were fucking troopers. It was awesome. smiley13.gif I'd type more, but I gotta get my lazy ass out of bed and waddle on over to the PEM today... Hopefully.

      BTW, Boston, you are a beautiful city, but you're a bitch to navigate. Also, Tomtom is a whore. A dirty fucking whore.

      (REALLY wanted to catch a drumstick smiley2.gif )

    • Gotta make a list before I pack!

      8 years ago


      Monday I am hitting the road with my friend. It's been two years (too long) since I've set foot in Massachusetts.

      Also- three very important words for you: Billy. Fucking. Idol.

      No, I most certainty am not ashamed... Shut up! (Is anyone even reading this?..)

    • I laughed a little too hard

      9 years ago


      I'm usually slow in keeping up with memes, so naturally I missed a particularly funny video involving a vuvuzela when it first came out. Maybe I am just easily amused? Nonetheless, I am pretty much in tears every time I hear this. I just lose it.

      Now if you'll excuse me- I am going to attempt to finish the video without 'vasovagal-ing'.

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