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    • Rants: Back with a Vengeance - Nectar

      3 years ago


      When I started Weekly Rants I thought that I'd be doing this every week, hence the weekly, but it turns out I'm not as angry at things as I usually am. So now it's called Rants, it's simply a way for me to get things off my chest presuming most people won't see it.

      So for those of you not living in the UK you won't know what Nectar points are. In the UK one the biggest supermarkets is Sainsbury's. Now with a lot of companies they have loyalty points/cards, Sainsbury's is no different. Theirs is Nectar points, I don't know the meaning behind the name and I don't question it.

      Now why am I ranting about this? Today I signed up. I got a leaflet from the store, with a card for me to use and went on the website. I entered my information and everything went smoothly. And then I got screwed. It turns out than you need to go to the login if you already have a card, if not, then when you register, you're also ordering a brand new card making the card you already acquired useless.

      Bravo Nectar, Bravo!

    • 11 out of 20

      3 years ago


      20 years ago, Pokemon was first released to the world. 11 years ago, it was introduced to me. It's been good. Don't know when it'll end but it won't be anytime soon. I will continue to expand and evolve

      Train on

    • Dissapointed

      3 years ago


      I'm pretty pissed at Rooster Teeth right now.

      As everyone knows Monty's death anniversary was Monday, I saw loads of tweets from random people. From Rooster Teeth, I saw three, 1 from Rooster Teeth's actual twitter and two from actual staff members. Now I probably missed a few but the point still stands, not everyone acknowledge it. Plus on this website I saw two journals, one from Barbara & one from Grey, those two are excused.

      What REALLY pisses me off though is the fact that on the same day that they normally have the podcast, Monty was not mentioned once.

      Now I can see that talking about your dead friend one year later isn't the first thing you wanted to do, I get that. But no mention what so ever?! What the hell?! All you could have done is just before the podcast ended you could have said 'Miss you Monty' and that would be that. That's all you needed to do.

      If I ever do something like Rooster Teeth, and one of our most prominent members died, I would acknowledge them a year later.

      Like the title says, Dissapointed

    • 1 year later

      3 years ago


      It's been a year since Monty's death. That hit people hard. It hit me hard too. I was depressed for 4 days straight, reading journals, watching videos of him, it was crushing.

      Amongst other things, I was deadly worried for RWBY, thinking that the ideas were gone. I knew that they wouldn't stop it because "it wouldn't be right", that would just start a mob frenzy. I did however learn that Monty, Miles and Kerry planned out RWBY a lot before they even started, although I learned that well after Volume 3 was announced.

      I was surprised by how well people coped with Monty's absence, apart from one or two moments from the RWBY panel or like one AH episode, it felt like nothing had changed. It is obvious that everyone still misses him though and rightfully so.

      But, in his absence, Rooster Teeth have flourished. Almost like they made a vow to try to be as hard working as Monty, Rooster Teeth have gone all out in shows(one tanked but oh well), a film(amazing film) and the best Extra Life Stream to date. The biggest thing for me though, was how amazing RWBY is now even without him.

      I have said this multiple times over this year, to every Rooster Teeth member, especially Miles and Kerry:

      He would be so proud of you guys.

    • My Review of Lazer Team

      3 years ago


      On Friday I watched the new movie Lazer Team. Before January 9th I was pissed off that Rooster Teeth wasn't releasing the movie like every other movie, I do realize that it costs a lot to do that and they obviously didn't have the publicity, nonetheless it would have been easier for most people. As I entered the cinema I could tell that the theater was gonna be packed. It was obvious when I booked my ticket when only 20 seats were left and was obvious now. In the Que to get a slush, I could overhear conversations about how some had donated tonnes of money, what the movie was like and could see T-shirts and hoodies singling out any Rooster Teeth member around(I not owning any clothing brought my Achievement Hunter bag with sweets). Excited understates how much anticipation was building in every person there.

      For me the movie was practically the best tribute to Rooster Teeth's humor. Every joke was funny to the entire audience and every Gavinism had everyone laughing out loud. The story was decent. An arrogant jock with an ego the size of the Statue of Liberty, a divorced, deadbeat cop who's life is a joke, a has-been jock who hates the deadbeat cop, and the stereotypical American dumb-ass. The plot revolves on how the group come together to beat an alien invasion, except it isn't. The reveal that the whole thing was a inter-galactic gladiator combat tournament was genuinely surprising to me! It was overall a fun movie to watch.

      However, it didn't feel like an actual movie. For me it felt like watching an hour and half long short. If you remember, i-blade, the story went from point to point rater quickly. It was the same for Lazer Team, except some of it seemed pointless. Something that really seemed disappointing was the opening scene with the military meeting. The dialogue right at the start was amateurish and just cliche. There was also something that was very frustrating for me, and that was how some scenes in the trailers, weren't in the movie, specifically Michael's "Hell no!" from the trailer.

      Despite the fact that the movie felt more like a high production fan-film, this movie was awesome. It showed off the best of Burnie and Matt combined with amazing acting.

      Overall score: 8/10

    • Goal Completed

      3 years ago


      So I finished watching all the video podcasts. Took longer than it should but I didn't really touch my laptop over Christmas.

      But now I have my Xbox with me and I've found out something. Playing Minecraft while watching a podcast is the most relaxing thing EVER.

      So while I have the podcasts that run currently, I'd like to watch a lot more Rooster Teeth related podcasts. I'll watch the current patch, RT podcast, Off-topic & dude soup podcasts but I need to watch something else during the time I have nothing to watch.

      I won't watch the patch, it talks more about current stuff and it's a lot more opinionated so I'd rather not because watching certain podcasts have made me dislike Rooster Teeth a bit.

      So suggest podcasts I should watch.

    • The end of Clara Oswald

      3 years ago


      So last night was Jenna Louise Coleman's last appearance as Clara Oswald in Doctor Who(as far as we know), and I've got to say, BEST ENDING EVER!

      The episode 'Face the Raven' is probably one of the best written episodes I've ever seen! Obviously everyone knew she was going to die eventually since they refused to just let her walk away and it was obvious from the start that she was going to take Rigsy's sentence. Frankly though when I predicted it I thought it would be that she would be doing it so Rigsy's family didn't lose him. What actually happened, was quite clever.

      Since the show came back only one companion hasn't been 'killed', the trend in which each character has 'died' is that it was something out of their control. Rose lost her grip and was pulled into the other universe, Donna accidentally became a Human-Time Lord hybrid and had her memory wiped to save her, Rory got sent back in time and Amy followed him. None of these companions died, the essence of their companionship however did.

      In this episode, not only does Clara actually die but it's because of her mistake. Throughout the season it's shown that Clara's getting reckless, acting like the Doctor and laughing in the face of danger, so much that it concerns the Doctor. It's in this episode where her recklessness gets her killed, but there's one line where Clara thinks that this was what she was trying to do. Die. Linking to last season to be with Danny. Yes it's referencing probably the worst aspect of the last season which was in every aspect trying but it was done beautifully. She also knows that when the Doctor looses a companion, he goes down a dark path. She therefore tells him not to be alone, not to take revenge, but to heal and find someone new. Again beautiful.

      But that's not my favorite part of the episode. Now this is in theory but bear with me. If you know Clara from Matt Smith's time you'll know that at the end of Season 7, she splits off into multiple selves to save the Doctor through multiple points in his time stream. Before she was properly introduced we saw two versions of her, both of these versions died. Now Clara's death was quite interesting. The Quantum Shade is supposed to follow anyone throughout the universe to end their life. What if that applies as well, to time? What if a time traveler was sentenced and went 1000 years into the future to escape it? Could the Quantum Shade go through time as well to chase this person? If so imagine this. Each version of Clara Oswald is their own person, in their own time. But they are still Clara. What if when the Quantum Shade killed the original Clara, it killed every Clara in every point in time? If this is true and it's how Steven Moffat wanted it to be, it has to be the best writing of any Doctor Who episode ever!

      In terms of Jenna Louise Coleman, she has been a good companion. Granted only about 10% of last season was actually good but that's the writer's fault, not hers. She's portrayed an awesome character and I've througly enjoyed her story. Well, beside the romance with Danny Pink.

    • Pokemon's 20th Anniversary

      3 years ago


      On the 27th of February 2016, Pokemon will be 20 years old. To celebrate this, Game Freak has announced that they will be releasing a digital version of Red, Blue and Yellow for the 3DS! So gonna get them!

    • Jeremy

      3 years ago


      So I've been browsing the internet, and I came across the Wikipedia page for the Achievement Hunter. And on that page, the key members are now Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan,

      and Jeremy!

      Jeremy has made it not only in the eyes of Achievement Hunter, but in the eyes of the internet! So to Jeremy, congratulations! Glad you filled the spot Ray left and hopefully the rest of the internet accept you.

    • They know!

      3 years ago


      So my first two Weekly Rants were on GAME and GameFreak.

      It was just announced that from 6th till 26th November, they'll be a code for a new Pokemon, a code you can get from GAME.

      I think someone's trying to make it up to me.

      Damn it.

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    • nearly.witch3s

      4 years ago

      Welcome to the community! Feel free to message me or check out the forums if you have any questions. smiley0.gif

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        4 years ago

        Thanks! Really appreciate it!

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