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      6 years ago


      So, I missed a night where I had an opportunity to host a Let's Play with some of the greatest chicks on RT. It was horrible of me and I hope everyone can forgive me, specially @K1W1KW. She went through a lot of trouble to plan the night, even found someone to capture the footage for me. My game wasn't finished, there is still a lot of redstone to be wired and buildings to be build. Maybe we can reschedule for a Halloween event?

      There really isn't an excuse good enough for flaking out on friends, and you guys are some of the best around. So, I feel it necessary to explain what happened....

      Not only did I finally get the job I was hoping for, but my boyfriend finally popped that question we all hope to hear in a long term relationship!

      That's right, I'm getting married!!

      He knew the day and time and the place I wanted to get married, but boy, did he wait til the last minute to ask my grandfather for permission and to ask me, too. September 21st is the big day in question, right on the beach at sunset. So, that gives me a week to plan everything and get everyone together for the event. A majority of my family and friends live close by, thank goodness. Most of you know I'm a small town farm girl, so I just want a small wedding.

      Monday we go for a marriage license and rings! I'm so excited I can't stop smiling all day long (it makes for some sore cheeks, let me tell ya). Me and Jason have been together almost three blissful years, and we think it's time to make it official.

      Again, I hope you guys can forgive my absence the last few days, and this next week coming. I'll be one busy little bride-to-be..

      Bride! I'm gonna be a bride!!!!!!


      Crystal aka Pink

    • Minecraft Build Today "Serial Killer Ville"

      6 years ago


      The project is simple- Build a town full of traps and hidden chest. More details will be given in-game.

      Volunteers- 90% of the houses built are rigged, but the town is only 50% built, so more houses AND traps are needed. The glass dome is almost complete. I will be constructing the doorway into town and a few other odds and ends today. Trying to finish this project before Friday the 13th 7pm CST.

      How To Get In- add my gamertag, PinksTheWord, and send a party request. The Minecraft world is currently invite only. This is an easy way for me to keep track of who is part of the build team and who needs to be invited into the game (no looksy-luers, sorry).

      When- I'll be online most of the day, so just pop in and out whenever you have time. If you only have 30 minutes to spare, come rig up a dispenser or two along the outer walls or build a small shack on the outskirts of town. Any help is appreciated.

      Thanks in advance for the people who have already helped and who plan on helping out later today!

    • Help With Minecraft, Please?

      6 years ago


      I need a few ideas for traps in Minecraft. Small redstone contraption, or even booby traps that are easy to hide, and can be triggered by other players. I used up all my creativity today and need help. Message me if you have any type of experience or any idea I could try to build myself.

    • Halo Wars: Day Three

      6 years ago


      ...It is done. The scarab is dead and we are triumphant!

      *cue the elite music*

      Bump-ba-dah-dah-dah, bump-ba-dah-dah-dah! Bump-bah-da-taah-fucking-daah!!

      I'd like to recognize all that helped me through the troubling time of war, @powerprime for his insistent positive reinforcement, @LocalGravy for his helpful hints and tactics, and @BigPapi23061 aka Jason (<3) for coaching me through this victory over the ugly bugs!

      Couldn't have done it without you guys! ...Well, maybe, but it was WAY more fun with your help! ;D

    • This Is My Frog Jack...

      6 years ago



      ...and it's NOT weird. (inside joke for the girls of AH Angels)

    • Maybe I Wanna Do What Bunnies Do With You...

      6 years ago


      ...if you know what I mean.

      What?! It's a song! Really.

      Ingrid Michaelson - You and I

    • RAAAAH!

      6 years ago


      ..that is all.

    • 6 years ago

    • Updating My Profile

      6 years ago


      I don't know why, but adding some little graphics to my profile makes me feel somewhat accomplished.

      And, it only took me three tries to make it fit right. ^_~

      Here's to a few daiquiris and a splash of pink on the profile page! Let me know what'cha think. I take criticism very well for a female. lol

    • When It Rains, It Pours Around Here

      6 years ago


      Job application after application. Must have filled out 20 or more this week alone.

      No calls back...

      Found out my driver's license was suspended, and had to pay a hefty fine to reinstate that crap.

      Car broke down... Blew a hole in the exhaust pipe that can't be welded, so the whole pipe from the manifold to the flex pipe has to be replaced (about $500 for the part, not counting labor). Also need a new tie rod, new flex pipe, two new tires, and an alignment for the front end. All things I can't afford to fix being jobless and all. Oh, and I noticed an oil leak under there, too.

      Did I mention I just put 6 more months of insurance on the car that is now no longer operational?..

      Don't even feel like my usual delightful self at all.

      I think my down-and-out mood might be contagious, so I'll just stay to myself until I brighten up a bit.

      This week cannot get any more depressing...

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