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      Dear Expedition Journal:

      My first day in this land known as roosterteeth.com. I have watched from a distance for a little over a year now trying to understand their ways. I have found great pleasure in the ways that they produce entertainment. It is of a type that I had not seen in the past, in fact it is unlike anything I have ever seen. Their primary form of entertainment is not humans performing in recorded play or drawings done by man. Instead it is entertainment based on their national pass-time known as "Vid-E-O Gayms" (or "Gayms" for short). They call this entertainment "Ma-Chin-Ah-Ma", and I have to say it is positively intriguing.

      I will admit at first glance I had believed it to be quite juvenile and crass. It seemed like they had taken the work the great developers had designed and then simply tore it apart. Even their most treasured "Ma-Chin-Ah-Ma" seemed to be named after simple primary colors. I was shocked at how barbaric this "roosterteeth" seemed, but slowly I began to see the beauty that they created from these "Gayms". The knowledge they had to obtain in order to prepare their work properly, and the amount of creativity/plot development they included in each work. It is stunning. When people like myself see these "Gayms" we only see their most obvious uses. These natives see something more, and it is as if they try to use every part of the "Gaym". I believe in a way we could learn a lot from these men and women (or "Gaymrrs" as they refer to themselves).

      The community itself has also began to catch my eye. The inhabitants seem to be a kind sort, but much like other forums they can be quick to anger. Luckily I have been able to avoid any of these vicious displays of internet dominance. I know that if I stay here there is a high chance that I will find myself in one of these situations. In response to this realization I have begun to brush up on my online forum arguing techniques. I will study the art of online arguing and mention it in future journals.

      Also important to mention as of this moment I do not have any friends here, as stated in the friends box of my profile page. Do not worry journal fore I know it is early. I still need to find a way to blend in with these so called community "members". I believe that it will not be an easy task, but I yearn to learn of their native culture so that I can bring it out to the outside world. But first thing is first, I need to earn their trust.

      Update: Although I still have not been awarded with the trust of any of the locals here it seems as if I was awarded a "+1 ditto" by a "Member" on the NHL 2013 topic in the sports forum as I worked on my journal. This was but a small step, but I believe that it shall lead to bigger and better things journal.

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