So , being that its now being shown that all the info against Vic has been faked and Sony HR even cleared him, all the funimation info was faked its reasons to remove him was due to a plot by others and one of them over a Jelly bean ...a jelly bean thats a total joke ,

i take it your be checking nicks stream or may getting your own copy's due to firing him on misleading info 

he should be coming back as Qrow as i really hope you don't make the mistake of thinking your clean in this ..

the only way to clean yourself is to rehire Vic as Qrow , 

you know he'll do it and the main point is the fans back it 

as you're only just started or i think your find Rwby not being your flag ship show anymore 

and your start to bleed like funimation has in a big way 

Bring back the real Qrow for the fans 

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