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    • Halfway, and still getting started.

      3 years ago


      So, we are all halfway. Some have done great, me, not so much. See the first 8-10 pounds is easy when you make the small adjustments. It is quite literal that anyone can do it. After that, it gets very difficult to continue the change.

      I have lost about 10 pounds, and feel somewhat better, but after the obvious pitfalls of the holidays, and my still thinned out free time schedule, I am finding it harder and harder to motivate myself. Yes I have some other issues, but I have begun to let the excuses win, and the sloth inside me win.

      It is a new year, but that doesn't mean a new you. You are continuing a journey, not starting anew. Maybe you retool your goals, or are still hashing out what they are, and you are not alone, again I have no idea where I want to be in 5 years, other than alive, and happy whatever that will mean relatively than.

      Keep going guys, the progress you have made so far is only the beginning, and with 8 weeks left we can still all achieve what we want, and you can come out a completely rejuvenated person on the other side.

      Until next time, Have a Blast!

    • BuffBuddies week 5

      3 years ago


      Finally made it to the gym again. Twice in the last week doing deadlifts and some pull up work. Today I bumped the DL's to 190lb and still 4x6. I shot the basketball around some afterwards and cardio wise I am garbage haha. Long long way to go to where I want to be, but progress is progress.

      Food was awful today. It was the company paid holiday lunch, so I got my money's worth. There is a lot of time left, so if you have fallen a little, just pick yourself up, because this is not a drag race, its a marathon, and you have plenty of time to be successful.

      Until next time, Have a Blast!

    • Buff Buddies, day something, week now. Well it is going okay, and that's a positive sign.

      3 years ago


      Well it is going okay, and that's a positive sign.

      We all just finished a long weekend of eating, sleeping, and yelling at in-laws. Well, I did eat, I didn't sleep, and yes I have some ungrateful self righteous assholes for a brother and sister in law, but that is besides the point.

      I weighed myself this morning for the first time in a week or two, and I am down another couple pounds putting me at 10ish pounds down since the beginning of Buff Buddies. I am actually very surprised by this. I normally am able to work out pretty hard, and that is my preferred way of losing weight. I am still recovering from an ankle surgery, both my knees are cranky, and I found a sickness so making it to the gym has been challenging.

      Portion control is king. I thought I was doing okay, but I would break down several times a week. I would stop at the gas station and get pop tarts for breakfast. That was not enough to feel full, so throw on a power bar on top of that, and then grab some sunflower seeds for snacking throughout the day. If you are not keeping track, thats 400 calories for the pop tarts, 200ish for the power bar, 500+ for the seeds, so before I eat another meal, we are looking at 1100 calories, and probably still feeling hungry.

      Then I throw on a sandwich from the deli at work, and a small bag of chips. Probably 500+ for the sandwich, 200ish for the chips and before I try and eat dinner, I am pushing 1800 calories, of my 2100 daily budget. Yeah, you see where that led.

      Now I have been eating Oatmeal for breakfast, some type of protein and vegetable for lunch, so even if I slip up for dinner somewhat, I have a lot of room to stay under 2100 calories.

      So really my success so far has been more attributed to finally being able to reign in my cravings, or at least tracking well enough to fit those bad foods into my budget. I really want to get the fitness part going because that is where more happiness is going to come from, but I will take some solace in making my belt one notch tighter for now.

    • Buff Buddies, post your journals, maybe? Please?

      in Forums > Buff Buddies, post your journals, maybe? Please? | Follow this topic


      So is anyone around these parts participating? I am, well, I am trying, and was wondering if anyone else was interested in linking their journals here? It helps to have people in your corner, even this digital playground we have found here.

      Also I have been a certified personal trainer in the past, didn't renew cert last year, and was a PT leader during my time in the AF. So if you have some questions or need some pointers, I am glad to help*.

      This is my most current Buff Buddies post. http://roosterteeth.com/post/51187579

      *any advice given is not medical advice, and actions taken on advice is to your own accord. Yes I had to put this in here, because you know, reasons.

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    • Buff Buddies, day 19? Yeah that is about right.

      3 years ago


      Okay so I finished the day on a high note, by cooking shrimp scampi at home with a sweet potato and rice.

      Also before my short Battlefront session for the night I got in a circuit workout in the living room.

      10 pushups

      12 per leg Single leg deadlifts with 16lb kettlebells in each hand.

      25 bicycles

      12 bent over rows with same kettle bells.

      4 times, no rest.

      Took about 25 minutes and was sufficiently tuckered out. I have been way better at this exercise thing before, but gotta start somewhere.

      I also scheduled a workout session with an old coworker and am stoked to do that Saturday morning. Now time for sleep and tomorrow I will shoot for either a gym workout or my yoga routine at home.

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    • Ugh, WTF mate.

      3 years ago


      Soooooooo, yeah. This last week of Buff Buddies I haven't done very well at all. 2 days maybe food has been okay, and workouts have been nearly non existent. I feel like everything is moving through mud. My thoughts trudging through garbage a decade old, my legs aching from injuries that I know how to fix, but seem to lazy to try.

      I think even just some daily posts here may help, something of a routine to try and make things normal, whatever the hell that is anymore. I want to commit to Buff Buddies because I know getting back into shape is something that will do many things for me, and most importantly getting my brain back on the rails.

      I don't know if I am asking for a rope, a lifeboat, a pat on the back, a fire lit under my ass, or just a mirror to get some perspective.

      So far today, I have had oatmeal for breakfast, lean pockets for lunch and one of those p3 proten snacks, so I am on track from a calorie standpoint, if not necessarily healthy. Hoping to get a gym session in tonight, so more updates hopefully forthcoming.

    • Buff Buddies Week 2 Continued

      3 years ago


      Got some yoga in tonight, and man it felt great. Well it exposed all my creaks and strains, but yoga is definitely something you should all give a shot. Build strength, flexibility, mobility, learn to breath, it really does more than you think.

      Here's a quick vid for you all too.

      <script async defer src="//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js"></script> Just keep pushing through. It is a long road and few slip ups is not a big deal.

      Until next time, Have A Blast!

    • Buff Buddies Week 2, Great Bad Start

      3 years ago


      So week two was off to a great start. Got to the gym, did deadlifts at 135 4x10, 4 sets of pullups and 20 minutes of stationary bike to finish. A nice hard workout Thursday to start the week, setting me up to conquer the weekend. Yeah.... That didn't happen.

      I was understandably sore Friday and when I got home was achy and really felt like I could use a hot bath to relax. It worked, I felt pretty damn good and proceeded to play Halo like any grown man should on a Friday night.

      Then I got the shakes. I couldn't hold the controller anymore and decided to lay in bed, with the thermostat at 73, in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. For the record, I usually sleep with a lot less on, and a fan.

      Low and behold, 101.7 temperature that night, and pretty much all day Saturday. Sunday it was mostly gone, but I still felt, well, less than average.

      Mondays are still Monday, but they are even more Monday when your wife's grandma dies. So yeah great weekend.

      I feel well enough today I will get some Yoga in, and keep on the diet train, and finish out this week on a high note.

    • Buff Buddies Week 0.2

      3 years ago


      I have been hitting my calorie goals, and although I didn't 'exercise' yesterday, I did bag 18 bags of leaves, and I am definitely a little sore this morning. Keep pushing through people, and until next time, Have a Blast!

    • Buff Buddies Week 0

      3 years ago


      Hello fellow buff buddies. I hope your first weekend went well, mine, well I stayed mostly on track so a good start.

      I am 30 years old, 5'10", 225lbs and definitely a higher bodyfat % than I want. I have an on again off again relationship with exercise, that has only gotten more volatile with my age. I am here for the ride with all of you to not only get better myself, but hopefully drag a couple others along with me.

      GOALS: First I could lose 10 pounds or so. No solid number because for me body composition is more important so more lean muscle less fat.

      Deadlift my bodyweight by the end of the 16 weeks.

      15 unassisted pullups.

      Hopefully be ready for football this spring. If not for sure softball

      Mid to low teen bodyfat percentage from my roughly 20% right now.

      CHALLENGES: My ankle was surgically repaired in May, and I still have major flexibility issues with the joint. It is mostly a waiting game with that so take it slow when necessary.

      Time management. I work full time and have an almost 2 year old at home. My time is split many ways and getting myself up and moving can be a challenge.

      Food and drink. I love cooking. I also f*cking love Mac and Cheese, and will eat any variety of it without reservation. I also love beer and energy and curbing all of those cravings is going to be key to better health.

      THE PLAN: We all need a plan. Going slow is a problem for me given my athletic and military backgrounds. That being said I know what I need to work on.

      Daily Foam rolling and or Yoga. Both are great for flexibility, which cubicle life is not. Doing either daily is key to gaining mobility needed for harder activities

      3 times a week. Gym session with 20 minutes of steady state cardio and some basic lifting. I need to really temper my exertion levels to start because I tend to push too hard and come out with nagging pains.

      Track food. I use My fitness pal, with the same user name as here, to track and try to stick to a IIFYM(if it fits your macros) plan. If you have questions about that let me know.

      Aside from that time to get started and get to that finish line.

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