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    • Community covers RT for the Holidays Collaboration!

      6 months ago

      PortalBen Mad Inventor

      Skip the reading: https://goo.gl/forms/iZNStUeziPykxiGU2

      Hey There, Thanks for checking this out! I've been trying to find a fun video project and I think a huge collaboration with as many different community members would be really fun. With the holidays coming up, it's only appropriate we choose a classic from a couple years ago.

      What I'm looking for: As many clips of community members singing/Lip syncing/dancing/rocking along with the 2016 RT Holiday Musical short!

      * Upload any length- full song or a small snippet, just Miles' or just Jeremy's lines, the more the better!
      * Any quality- use your phone, your webcam, your laptop, your DSLR, your video cam, anything!
      * Any format - Vertical or Horizontal, 4:3 / 16:9 / 1:1
      * Any size group - Solo, group, community
      * Please upload via this form by December 17th 2018!

      * Shoot me a message if you want to be a part of this but need a little more time.

      The more clips I can edit together, the more awesome this will be, so I need your help to get the word out!
      And of course wearing your favorite Holiday RT Merch would make a great touch ;)

      THANKS in advance! YOU ARE AWESOME!

    • MOAR PICTURES - This time from an Asheville Festival in the woods!

      8 months ago

      PortalBen Mad Inventor

      Just got through a bunch more edits, this time from a music festival I've been going to with some friends for the better part of the last 7 years! It's a pretty small one, but a lot of the same people attend so I've been able to be more confident asking some of the performers to let me get closer with my camera and flashes.

      It's probably the place I get the most experimental with lighting, shutter speeds and other things. Also one of the few places I've been messing around with my drone still.

      I'm not sure how to add photos into these posts any more so you'll just have to take my word on it... 

      OR, check out the gallery: Equinox Festival 15

    • Photos from RTX

      10 months ago

      PortalBen Mad Inventor

      It's been a year, guess that means it's time for another post. Looking back at my feed, it seems to be mostly RTX related, but I think that's mostly because our community are on Facebook and Twitter. Can't wait for some new social tools on here to roll out...

      BUT! Until then, I've already posted and shared a bunch of photos I took during RTX, but I've still got a few thousand more to get through. I've been streaming 96% of the process so far and talking about various things while I edit as well as answering questions about photography, being a guardian, ect. ect.

      I've been on a bit of a hiatus after I took a week and a half off to Enforce PAX West and got this really annoying illness a few days after I got back that's lasted basically this whole week now... Assuming it clears up tomorrow, I'll get back in gear since I now also have photos from PAX to edit as well.

      Until next year! (but hopefully sooner)

    • New Name... Finally! Same Idiot... Damn.

      1 year ago

      PortalBen Mad Inventor

      Hello world, I am now PortalBen (just like my Twitter and Instagrams)!

      Been working on consolidating my online presence and usernames and finally got around to here. I made this account at the first RTX I went to in 2013 to connect with some people I met there and just used my full name for simplicity and every year since them I forgot about changing it until guardian applications would come out and couldn't change it until after RTX, where I would meet more people, and the process would start all over.

      Not that anyone cares, but I wasn't sure what to change it to for a while, I just knew I didn't want it to be my straight-up name. Originally I was going to use Shadyguy0057, which is actually my first ever online username (I think) that I made on Battle.net to play Starcraft and eventually transitioned into my SteamID as well. BUT since I've been using social media more than playing games lately, I figured that made more sense. And if you haven't died from boredom yet, you're a stronger person that I. Sometimes you gotta celebrate the little things.


      Been way too busy with work (Yay?) to work on my photos from RTX sadly. Just need to get through them before the next event... ideally.

    • Back from Africa... So many photos

      1 year ago

      PortalBen Mad Inventor

      Just returned from my first (and hopefully not last) Safari to see the Great Migration between Tanzania and Kenya. It was an incredible experience and between myself, my dad, and a couple others in our group, we amassed about 5,000 photos. Many of which are probably duplicates, and only 3k or so are actually editable as RAW images. Anyway, this is gonna be a lot of fun to go through eventually.


      I finally have time to start doing proper edits from RTX 2017. Doing some pre-processing at the moment, but I'm planning to stream the my selection and edit process on my twitch: shadyguy0057. It'll probably be boring, but it'll be far less boring if you drop by and chat with me!

      No idea when I'd start and I have no regular streaming time yet, but I'll probably put it out on my twitter when that happens. Hope to see some of you join!

    • No longer a Sponsor?

      2 years ago

      PortalBen Mad Inventor

      Apparently I'm not longer a FIRST sponsor. I had hoped my grandfathering in continue on, but I guess that's no longer a thing?

      I wonder if it tracks sponsorship length, I guess my streak will be broken now.

    • RTX Photos ARE FINALLY POSTED!!! and some other things

      3 years ago

      PortalBen Mad Inventor

      Hey guys,

      Happy Holidays! I'm taking a week off from work and visiting my parents in California, which means I have a LOT of extra time on my hands and I was finally able to get through all my my RT notifications that had stacked up since the site switched over.

      Rooster Rumble has finally been going thanks to @dooby2016 taking over the scheduling responsibilities. We've had a couple matches so far, one in Smite where we took on the Nerd Nest, and one in Worms against the Good Guy Gamers. So of the ones we've played, RT Pittsburgh is now 1:1, keeping up with that 50% win rate.

      As for the Photos, they are all posted to my Flickr now! and Most of them to my photography page on Facebook. I don't want to shoot my wad all at once, so I'll be posting each day separately along with a few of my favorite. Hoping that the RTX Gods (@Barbara, @Bethany, @SailorTweek, @MrArcys) shine favorably upon me and give me the chance to join @DarkBowler, @ragingterror, and @KVN for photo stuff this year and supreme masochism.

      So until next time, lets just look at how cute @geoff and @griffon are together.


      Also @bgibbles seems to have joined the cult of Peake.


    • Fell off the face of the earth

      3 years ago

      PortalBen Mad Inventor

      Yea... I kinda died post RTX... And I'm a little sad it did after meeting so many awesome people.

      Thanks to some delivery deadlines, I had a fun weekend reliving all of the #RTX2015 fun by going through all ~6000 photos that I took from the weekend. I've narrowed it down to about a 10th of that and @DarkBowler is axing it down to even fewer (probably around 50 from what I send him)

      Fortunately for you all, once I can bear to look at pictures again, I'll be uploading them all to Flickr and/or Facebook for you all to relive the experience as well!

      I'm going to be making an effort to be more involved in things and hopefully we'll be able to get something together for this #RoosterRumble thing and actually have a match or two. It's entirely possible I was a little overambitious when I added RTpittsburgh to the list when we only had 2 active people... Time to find some more!

      Can't wait until next year #RTX2016! Who's applying to be a Guardian tomorrow?!

    • Overzealous

      3 years ago

      PortalBen Mad Inventor

      Ever have one of those days at work when everything seems to be running slowly? Well I did yesterday and started answering some questions, before long, I answered WAY more than I meant to... whoops

    • Finally experiencing the new hotness but still super busy

      3 years ago

      PortalBen Mad Inventor

      I've been super busy, and it happened to line up perfectly with the new site launch and I've finally gotten some time to try and figure out all the new things.

      Worked through the massive backlog of notifications and there were a dozen or so that lead to a dead page. I'm not totally sure what's going on with that.

      Anyway until that's figured out, I might miss a bunch of things, and I'm still super busy... Time to figure out what's changed with groups!

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      2 years ago

      Happy FU Day!  bruce


      • PortalBen FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Mad Inventor

        2 years ago

        Thanks! I totally missed this, that's what I get for not being on the site often enough

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