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    • I got bored

      12 years ago


      So Heres a Rundown on The Horde and Alliance in my Battlegroup as per BGs

      Horde-If you can get any Worse than Terrible...
      Eldre Thalas
      Horde-Terrible and Whiny
      Scarlet Crusade
      Shadow Council
      Horde- Good but almost as whiny as Gurubashi
      Horde-Very Good

      Im Bored, Hit me up on AIM whenever Im on.


      Blood Guard Adsutee
      Level 60 Orc Hunter
      Spirestone Server

    • My Computer Hates Me.

      13 years ago


      *This Page Cannot Be Displayed*

      For Some reason, the computer i use likes taking it up the ass, since it lets everything into it. Im considering putting it out on the street for prostitutional purposes.

      In other news, 650 HKs in WoW (Which is somewhere in the neighborhood of 65k honor for me this week) should bump me back up to Rank 7 in WoW.
      Sadly, The Guild I have is falling apart, so im currently looking for a new one, jumping ship before it all goes under.

      I applied at a job on Tuesday, A Pizza shop about 2 miles from my house where my friend works. The application seemed simple enough, Name, Phone number, and hours I can work. Otherwise School is being tragic, though 2 classes a day has its perks, however the school is incredibly dumb that their automated absence voice tape calls my house everyday at 5 telling me I missed class, where I have no class to be missed. Im yelling at the principal about that on Monday.

      I've talked with the manager at a local lan house for when Burning Crusade hits shelves in what seems to be November. That they will host an all night "Lock In" At the Lan House The Night after Burning Crusade comes out. They will do most everything that Blizzard offered in the competition for Beta positons, Except give us prizes. What they will be I'm not certain.

      For All You WoWers Out There That Love Drama, Or Just Love Drama in General


    • Its that time of year again

      13 years ago


      Decided to write once again ANOTHER STORY since im bored over 3/4 the day and need something to do. One about a Man sentenced to Death, saved by his two comrades, he wages war against his brother who sentenced him to die. I wrote the first page today, im liking where its going, and involves quite a few friends IRL.

      So 1 month and 6 days until im finally legal. and i request only three things for my birthday.
      1) Job
      2)Mad Skrillaz
      3)World Domination.

      Btw, im in the School Government club again this year hoping not to get kicked out like last year. Introductions Everyone should know me due to my antics all around school the past three years. I get to spend my birthday weekend in Cape Fear three hours away with Alot of people I don't like all too much. If you're in it or there, drop by and say hey, ill have someone take a snapshot.

      WoW news: Its going great, Im once again pushing towards High Warlord on my Hunter, Soloing Tier 1 and PvP Armored Alliance Yesterday (Most Notably Rank 12 and 13s). And my love for my 29 Druid I abandoned on Mug'Thol came back for a stunning comeback yesterday thanks to a generous donation of 50g from an old friend to armor me up. If you got a char in that bracket, look for Khartel the Flag Carrier/Battle Healer. (Hunter= Battlegroup 1, Druid= Battlegroup 6) Though In about 2 months, ill be xfering my Druid to The Venture Co. Realm where an abundance of people living in Cary have started a PvP Guild. (PS- When I PvP On WoW, I Listen to Dragonforce)

      ~Typing is Boring for now, More Later.

    • Not so much new.

      13 years ago


      Ok, this is mostly directed to anyone that plays WoW out there that checks this. I will be starting my own guild on the Spirestone Server. I have a name, Im buying the charter, naming it and all I need is sigs. Prob going to end up being a pvp guild, but will become a PvE guild once enough members decide to join.

      (Btw, Guild Name is <Axis of Failure> or the Rebirth of <Stork Patrol>. I think its funny)

      Pst Me Ingame (Adsutee, 60 Hunter) for info, and Leadership positons will be available.
      If You roll a new char there, Me and a few friends could try and help you out to the best of our ability gearing you and such.

      Other than that, I finished my new CD, heres the breakdown
      1 song from the Snakes on a Plane Soundtrack
      5-6 Dragonforce (Cant name them all)
      2 Senses Fail(Forgot the names)
      2 Underoath (See Parenthesis above)
      1 MC Raiders (Myndflame)
      1 Yellowcard (Lights and Sounds)
      1 Carlos Mencia (The Dee Dee Dee Song)
      2 Incredibad. (The Heist and Stork Patrol)

      ~Mango Soda Time.

    • I want More.

      13 years ago


      I got like 20 songs last night. about a quarter of them were Dragonforce (To appease Cam). Rest were bands like Senses Fail, Underoath, and the Heist by Incredibad.

      I need More Music.
      Ill currently give away 1 mod per song you list here not of those bands. If its cd worthy, ill throw in an additional mod for a job well done.

      ~Stingray Downs Steve Irwin, World First.


    • El Oh El.

      13 years ago


      Overslept for school today. Woke up at just around 7, when friend rings doorbell, i tell him to go on, then fall back asleep.
      then its 10:30, im like oh em gee.
      Screw walking there, i walked back in the fucking rain yesterday, I still smell like wet rubber after many showers.

      My dad left in a hurry for work, my sister with him, so nobody could wake me in time when my clock went on the fritz.

      Otherwise ive been sitting here on and off the internet eating, watching tv.
      Its Raining Again.

      Rerolling Horde On BH For 40-49 Bracket with a friend.

      ~More Later, Im Tired and Semi Bored.

    • What you think of this.

      13 years ago


      .............. _@@@__
      - ---o--------CARE-POLICE----@)
      -----` --(@)======+====(@)--


      I got a Long Wednesday ahead of me, WoW for about 12 hours then seeing Snakes on a Plane with a few friends.


    • Fruity Time

      13 years ago


      How to Eat a Banana

      The simple banana has a long, complicated path from the tree to your table.
      Have you tried eating a banana in this mindful way? Has it worked for you develop more appreciation and mindfulness? Have you discovered something about it or some other food that you'd like to share? Let us know!
      If youre like most people, youve never thought about how to eat a banana. You just ate it. Basically, you peel it, toss the peel, eat the inside stuff and hope you dont slip on the peel later.

      In the CAMP system, though, we never take any food for granted. The CAMP philosophy sees all foods as great gifts of energy, effort and sacrifice. A banana is no exception.
      By paying attention as we eat the banana, we honor the energy and effort of the banana plant and all the people and equipment it took to bring the banana to us.

      Eating the Banana

      For this CAMP experience, youll need a banana, a plate, a knife and a fork or toothpick. If youre reading this at a computer, go and get those items and then return.In the CAMP system, we eat all foods very mindfully, aware of each bite and the gifts it brings. The following steps will show you how mindfulness can be used to enjoy a banana.

      1. Before you actually eat the banana, take moment to look carefully at it. Notice its shape, color, markings, contours, textures. If the banana is not ripe, it will be greenish. An older banana will have brown splotches on the skin. Feel the weight of the banana in your hand--the weight is due to the water content of the banana. Consider these facts relating to your banana:
      as shipped to the store where you bought it.

      * It grew on a plant that has to be propped up to prevent it from falling over.

      * Your banana took 8-10 months to grow.

      * It was cut and carried by hand.

      * It was separated from other bananas by hand in a packing shed.

      * It was washed in a large tank of moving fresh water.

      * It was packed for shipping in a 40-pound corrugated box.

      * It was padded with plastic film and paperboard to protect it from bruising.

      * It was transported into a refrigerated truck-sized contained and driven to a port, where is it was loaded onto a container ship. All of the above happened within two days of the banana being cut from the plant.

      * During the long boat ride, your banana was kept at 58 degrees Fahrenheit and was monitored closely.

      * After arriving at its destination port, your banana spent anywhere from four to eight days in a ripening room, where temperature and humidity are carefully controlled and ethylene gas is used to speed up the ripening.

      * When your banana was greenish yellow, it was shipped to the store where you bought it.

      A banana "bunch" grows on a single (and huge) flower stalk.
      2. Dont peel the banana; instead, use the knife to cut off one end. Cut off about ¼ of your banana. In the CAMP way of thinking, its far better to throw some food away than to eat more than we need. Throwing away part of your banana is one way to get used to the idea of not eating all the food available. If you find yourself thinking that its wasteful to throw away food, thats normal. Go ahead and throw away your ¼ of the banana anyway.

      3. Now peel the remaining part of the banana. Discard the skin.

      4. Use your knife to cut your banana into 15 - 20 pieces.

      5. Before eating any of it, spend a moment looking at the cut-up banana, the pieces just waiting there for you to enjoy. Put your nose close to the banana and take a good whiff of banana aroma.

      6. Eat the banana pieces one at a time. It may be easier for you to use the fork or the toothpick to pick up the banana pieces.

      7. Eat each piece slowly, carefully, completely. Dont put a piece of banana in your mouth until youre completely done with the one youre chewing.8. During the eating of each piece, bring your mind to some aspect of the food. Here are some suggestions of what you can think about with each piece of banana:

      * concentrate on the taste

      * notice the texture and how it changes as you chew

      * focus on the sweetness of the banana

      * enjoy the creaminess of the banana

      * pay attention to the movements of your teeth, lips and tongue as you eat the banana

      * notice if the taste of the banana piece is any different in different parts of your mouth

      * think about the energy in the banana and how that energy originally came from the sun

      * imagine the effort it took to harvest your banana

      * see the person who make the box or carton used to package the banana

      * follow the movement of the banana from the tropics to your state

      * see the truck driver who drove the truck carrying your banana

      * see the person at the market as he or she handled the banana and placed in on display

      * imagine what kind of effort you would have to exert if you had to all the steps yourself: plant the banana, harvest it, package it and transport it before you could even consider eating it

      9. Take your time with each bite. Pause after each bite to enhance the wonderful experience of eating a banana.


    • More WoW Tomorrow

      13 years ago


      on BH, 49 Mage, Master Sergeant, PvP Dynamo.
      And to Retire my Hunter, Sad Day, As He will Retire once he gets his 10,000th HK.

      ~My Top 5 Servers to Roll on If You Consider Re-Rolling~
      1)Bleeding Hollow (Good Horde and Alliance on the server, many endgame guilds that have downed C'thun and are at least halfway thru Naxx)
      2)Burning Blade (Aegis of Fire was one of the Best, As is Band of Brotherz)
      3)Terenas (Got some RL Friends on here, though its a normal server)
      4)Spirestone (Organized World PvP, the only server that does it atm)
      5)Korgath (Another Normal Server, but it has the Best guild in WoW on it [<Death and Taxes> if you've been in a cave]

      School ends next week, then I go on vacation hopefully. Possibly Up North to New York (Upstate, Id like to go to the city, but its much too far away)or Jersey.

      Coming either tomorrow or Thursday My Hunter(Whos being Retired) and my Mage will be ranked on their respectable servers.

      ~See you WoW Faithful tomorrow, Contact me if anything arises.

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