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    • Yes!!

      12 years ago


      I just got back from lutherhoma. It was AWESOME!! They have a sweet high ropes course, and i was one of the two to finish everything they let us try. All weekend I was singing that song from the Snicker's commercial. You know, "happy peanuts fall, over chocolate covered mountaintops" i've been singing it for awhile, and a friend and i came up with alot of jokes about it. Ex. He was standing around just kidding around and his friend said "i'm waterfalls of caramel" and then another friend said "I'm chocolate covered mountaintops" (at that point I said Yes please! to the chocolate covered mountaintops thing, if ya know what i mean) and then after that he said "I'm happy nuts!" I thought it was funny.
      I'm gonna be climbing all weekend, and i can't wait. I'm gonna do a 300ft rappel, when my highest so far is about 70ft. I'm gonna try it a couple times. I cant wait.
      Also, go Hereto enter a contest.

    • Screen shot

      12 years ago


      I wish i knew how to get a screenshot, because on Masterflex's profile It says this

      Karma Level: - 1

      Signed up: 1 month ago
      Last signed in: 37 years ago
      Total time online: 3d 11h 6m

      If anyone can tell me how to get a screenshot, please tell me.

    • Are you Christian??

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      Please tell me and help me if you are a Christian. If you are not a Christian, tell me why not. I may be able to clear up some of your doubts, and if not i'll ask my preacher.

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    • The Cryptogram thread

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      If you don't know what a cryptogram is, it is a word or phrase in which all of the letters are replaced with other letters.
      Example: Incredibly awesome internet video (category)
      AGL PH.(abbr.) FIBG
      G=E (give one letter away)
      If a word is an abbreviation, mark it as such
      Try to single out words so that they make sense, so far you have aEl ph. fibE
      Go through abbreviations with two letters, like VS.
      Eventually after a little thinking you would come up with RED VS. BLUE
      it would be nice to give the person who guesses it right one or two mods
      I'll start: Movie

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    • Camping

      12 years ago


      I just got back sunday from Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas. Only a 3 hour drive(yes, that was sarcasm). It was the usual for a scout trip, lots of fighting and i did a little ass beating, had a stupid moment with a stove and burned the hell out of my finger, found a 7-8 foot hole (but it was under a ton of dirt), just the usual. I didn't find a diamond, but i really didn't care.
      I'll tell you a little more about the stove moment. If you have ever seen a good sized camp stove you know that there's a gas tube going over the burner. I had finished cooking breakfast, and was putting the stove up. I forgot that the tube had been over a hot flame for 30 min. and didn't know that it was hot. I now have a blister on my finger and thumb, and was in intense pain for the rest of the day.
      Basically, it was fun.
      If anybody has not figured this out, i am a climbing addict, and pretty soon i'll have a climbing trip to tell about. You will know everything about climbing after that journal.

    • New Futurama Trivia

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      Tell how many mods a question is for, put questions and answers in bold. Minimum of 2 mods for a question.
      I'll start

      What is fry named after? for 2

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    • The one up thread

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      Just get a one up on the person above you.
      I'll start
      I had steak for dinner

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    • Family guy trivia thread

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      Lets see who knows the most useless shit about family guy. The person who is the most full of shit wins.

      Here are the rules. The min. award is +3, and if a question is not answered in 30min. then give a clue, and if it is not answered in 1 hour post a new question. All questions and answers in bold. I'll start.

      In the episod Mr Griffin Goes to Washington what is the name of the dog that the owner of the cigarette company calls +3

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    • Rock Climbing

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      First off, please don't lock this. There hasn't been a thread for rock climbing in about a year.
      Anyway, rock climbing is a sport and hobby that has grown quite a bit in popularity in recent years. I, personally, am completely obsessed with the sport. My brother owns all the gear we need, and i go every chance i get (sometimes a few times a month).
      I am lucky enough to live about an hour away from a good place and about an hour 45mins. away from one of the most famous places in the world. It's called horseshoe canyon. the bad part about it, it's located in the middle of nowhere. The guys from rock and ice magazine came down and said that all they could think about was the movie "the deliverance".
      So, just lookin for anyone else how likes it to discuss the sport. Any games, skills, cool places to climb, or cool things you have done.

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    • PISSED OFF!!!

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      I just really needed a place to vent my frustrations about the stupidity of Americans today. I just hate that we have to deal with so many stupid people in this country, and I have quite a few examples of this.
      1. The mall. Especially Abercrombie. These are the places where I see stupidity at it's peak. People are paying $5 for a little cookie or a soda, and at Abercrombie they pay $200 for about 1 square inch of cloth, when you can get the same quality clothes at the Salvation Army for about $5. Also, why is it that people who are wearing nothing more than MAYBE a swimsuit are doing what?? ADVERTISING CLOTHES!!!
      2. Parking lots. Last night I was in a parking lot and about 20 people walked right in front of my car while it was moving. THESE PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT A BIG ROLLING PIECE OF METAL CAN HURT YOU IF IT IS ON TOP OF YOU!!
      3. Rap music. Why is it that people who can sing only 1 or 2 notes about rape, murder, gangs, and crap like that can be some of the richest and most famous "musicians" of this time?!? Ok, i'll admit that some of them are actually talented people, but most of them are just people who can find words that rhyme, but are related in no way whatsoever.
      4. Liberals. If I even have to explain this to you then you must be one of them. Go kill yourself and make this country a better place.
      5. People complaining about "Bush's" gas prices. THEY ARE NOT BUSH'S FAULT!! The reason that gas prices are so high is that the environmentalists and liberals will not let us drill in our own country because of the effect that it might have on the environment. I can tell you that it will not have much of an effect on the environment, but it will have a HUGE positive effect on the economy because we won't be relying on countries that hate us for oil.
      6. Scientology. I bet that a few people could guess that I would get into this. Do these people not understand that they are following the teachings of a SCIENCE FICTION AUTHOR?!?!? I can't believe how retarded these people are.
      7. Mormons. Ok, this is my last thing. These people believe that Jesus did not ascend into heaven LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS, but that he went to South America. Their book of Mormon is full of holes. For example, it talks about horses in about 35 A.D., even horses were not brought to South America until the 1500s.

      If you are one of the people that I am talking about, GO KILL YOURSELF. YOU ARE THE ONES RUINING THIS COUNTRY. I can't believe how stupid people are today.
      Also, I dont care if you neg-mod me because I'm not being nice or some shit like that. GO AHEAD!! I'm only a member to download every episode, get the episodes early, and occasionally post in the forums like this.

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