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      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      How is it that watching The Walking Dead can make one feel introspective and philosophical? In watching society crumble in the wake of a Zombie Apocalypse, it occurred to me to reflect upon how our society has built upon the entirety of our history. We've gone from the screw, pulley, lever, and wheel, and now we can move things with light. I think it is fantastic. So I have three questions:

      1) In the whole of Human history, what are the five greatest inventions?
      2) In the whole of Human history, what are the five greatest ideas?
      3) In the whole of Human history, what are the five most significant events?

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    • New Rating system

      6 years ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      I'm not a big fan of the new system, however I understand why they did it. The key to this site is COMMUNITY. People tend to snuggle into a clique that they feel comfortable in and don't branch out. I have all of 4 forum threads that I post in and monitor, and only the people that post and monitor those threads really have any contact with me. A website should give opportunity and guidance, especially to newcomers on threads and people they should friend, and the only good way of introducing them to you is by your association with people you've already deemed appropriate to friend.

      When I first opened my account 6 years ago, I primarily did it to watch Season 2. I didn't post anywhere, and really had no association with anyone. This new system will help new users build a friend base by allowing them to see things that their existing friends like, thereby helping them become engaged in a community of individuals they have a connection with. RT, like every other site, has subsets of people, and to retain dedicated users the site has a short window of time to hook them. I am conservative, christian, and wouldn't stick around if all I could see were people who post in /r/circlejerk or /r/atheism, because visiting the site would seem confrontational at all times. BUT if you find one or two friends who fit within your self described subset, by seeing who they like you are able to flesh out a larger friend base and you increase contentment with the community.

      Change is never easy. The people that are going to have the hardest time with this are the people who've been here for a while. People are going to think its a sell-out, or a Reddit clone, but at the end of the day, RT HAS to adapt and stay current, and they have to continually update their model to ensure user retention, not just of their product, but of their community because they understand that their entire business model depends on the community.

      As an example- They talked a few weeks about Homestar Runner. HSR had a great product, but they didn't cultivate community well, and now nobody remembers it.

      Tl;dr- The rating system which sends your likes to other's homepage is annoying but necessary to increase user engagement in the community. There should be tweaks to it, the mod points should come back, but it does need to retain the functionality of paring your likes with your friends.

    • Co-workers addendum

      6 years ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      In addition to the mouthbreathing moaner, the other co-worker I share the wall with hums to any song she sort of knows. Her voice has a very fast trimolo, which means she sounds like someone is trying to play a saw....out of tune. I work in an aural nightmare.

    • Co-Workers

      6 years ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      Ok, so I know that I'm resolving to be nicer to people, but I HAVE to get something off my chest before it explodes, and not in the cool Alien kind of way. I sit in a cubicle that shares a wall with two other cubicles, in a room that at one point was a filing closet. I have a co-worker who is a mess. She is slovenly, unmannered, obnoxious, brash, and disgusting. I can forgive her outward appearance, but the way that she presents herself is just horrible. She also has the mouth of a sailor- which in a work environment is counter-productive. but that's not the worst part of it: She's a mouth breather and she moans.

      So I'm sitting in my cubicle and this woman is breathing through her mouth so loudly I can hear it over my typing. Every fourth or fifth breath she moans like she's having an orgasm. It. is. disturbing, distracting, and disgusting. I've asked her if she was alright, or feeling ok; I've pointed out the fact that she's moaning...but she doesn't seem to realize it. It just creeps me out to no end.

    • 20 goals for 2013

      6 years ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      So, I'm starting out my New Years Resolution a little early so that I have time to format it prior to it's official inception

      1. I resolve to justify the maximum raise possible when my performance evaluation comes around.
      2. I resolve to bid on any promotions or vertical moves within my company, and be bold enough to think I deserve it.
      3. I resolve to, at the very least, not gain weight, and at best lose 20 lbs
      4. I resolve to read my Bible more
      5. I resolve to focus on keeping my marriage fresh and fun
      6. I resolve to teach my daughter to say da-da
      7. I resolve to earn a staff award from the RT community
      8. I resolve to be a better steward of my money, and to get serious about debt reduction
      9. I resolve to be a better husband than I was this year
      10. I resolve to be a better man than I was this year
      11. I resolve to be a better father than I was this year
      12. I resolve to work harder at maintaining existing relationships and growing new ones
      13. I resolve to make more friends IRL and online, but I need to focus on IRL
      14. I resolve to write more, and finish my book and attempt to self-publish it.
      15. I resolve to buy another gun
      16. I resolve to teach my wife to shoot a gun
      17. I resolve to move my family from our one bedroom apartment to a house, either renting or purchasing
      18. I resolve to pray more
      19. I resolve to be kinder to people
      20. I resolve to be more responsible.

    • 6 years ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      I need Xbox Live friends. I have one. Priest081 if you're interested.

    • 6 years ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      I'm at work...and all I want to do is play Halo 4 for the first time.


    • I was listening to an old Podcast

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      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      And I wonder....

      For Science

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    • WORST game review evar.- Borderlands 2

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      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      I had to share- This is a WSJ article on Borderlands 2. The author doesn't know what he's talking about. The 2.5k commentors do. It makes for a fun read.

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    • Happy Birthday to me!

      6 years ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      Turned 31 on Saturday. Feel older, fatter, and grumpier. I must be approaching middle age.

      On the bright side, here is a pic of my wonderful baby girl, wishing me a happy birthday!!


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