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    • What is your resume?

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      What is your philosophy on a "good" resume? I have been looking through dozens of these lately. I am developing a preference, but I'd like your thoughts. Here are mine:

      I've noticed that people tend to hide deficiency with detail. The less a person knows about something, the more they pile on to distract a lack of experience. 

      It hurts my head to constantly switch font sizes, colors, weight. I prefer simple resumes that keep a standard form with good spacing and margins. 

      I know that it is 'common' knowledge that the quality of paper is important, but I'm finding myself growing tired of the faux 'yellow' resume paper, and I would prefer that someone had just printed it on cheap copy paper. 

      I like cover letters, but if you are a weak writer, please get someone to proofread. Sentences like: "Many words describe my energy and commitment. Some words include, engaged, knowledgeable, team player, and most importantly, a leader" are distracting. I love commas, but, that, is , excessive. Know how lists work ('and most importantly' is just dropped in the list and it makes it awkward. 

      Follow instructions.  If the posting requires you to provide something, don't waste my time looking through your packet to find you didn't read the directions.

      I'm really not looking for "Perfect" but please give me your best work. 

    • OCC Book Club (Not a Literature Club, Shadow)

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      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      This is a thread for the OCC Book Club.  If you wish to join, please make it known below.

      EDIT- I'm doing some thinking on how to put this thing together, I'll edit this out once we get a good process, and it'll be replaced with that process.  

      Once we know who is interested in participating, we will open the floor for book suggestions.  While we could worry about if the book costs or not, we need to remember that LIBRARIES exist, and as such we can all go get a free membership to a library and check the book out. This allows us the ability to literally read ANYTHING.  For the start, however, I suggest that we look at DRM free books that are accessible digitally. We will VOTE on which book that we want to read. 

      So, there are a couple of ways to do this.  

      1. We read the ENTIRE book, then spend time going over it chapter by chapter. 

      2. We read the book in sections together and are surprised by whatever is happening.  Either way, I think that the discussion needs to be divided out:

      At first, I was thinking that we discuss each chapter of whatever book by itself, but depending on the book that may not be feasible. So what I say is whatever "sections" or "divisions" that we decide on a book to boob basis we spend a month on; two weeks roughly to read the section and then two weeks to discuss. Also, I suggest that each person take a month to be the leader of the discussion. That means that you'll be responsible for reading and really knowing your section ahead of time. 

      These are just some thoughts

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    • What is your life worth?

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      How do you measure your value?

    • What do you fill your life with?

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      So I had this conversation with my young brother in law. He's 13, and is at a very formative point in his life. He is completely ran by his emotions and they make every decision for him.  This is something that I've been thinking a lot about since the conversation I had with him.

      I believe that one of the main differences between weak and strong (or immature and mature) people is the ability to make decisions despite the way they 'feel.' There are things that feel good that aren't beneficial to your life, and there are things that don't feel good at all that add great value. Balancing this takes strength of will and the ability to see out past the next few moments of your life. 

      This lead me to consider how the pursuit of 'happiness' can really mess a person up.  We view happiness as a pleasurable state of existence and we pursue it as if there is a path that leads us to a state of constant, homeostatic happiness. For example, I have often thought that "If I was just out of debt" I'd be completely happy.  I have this picture in my mind looking at my bank account growing more than it declines; not having to worry about spending money, and being able to do things like travel and other leisure without a second thought to 'how am I going to pay for this?'  Seriously, the fear, the time spent obsessing about how over leveraged I feel, the fact that my family lives on one income keep me up at night and I literally have anxiety attacks thinking about it.  So escaping to that "If I just..." place makes life so simple...I'd be happy.

      But it isn't true. 

      There are thousands of examples of people who have all the financial freedom life could afford them and yet they are miserable, suffer with depression, and display all the characteristics of not being 'happy.'  If the 'one' thing that I think would solve all my issues isn't really the 'one' thing...than there must be something else.

      So back to what we fill our lives with.  I think that we often times use our resources and time to fill our lives up with things that ultimately have no meaning.  Sure, I love playing video games as much as the next person here, but does playing marathon sessions day in and day out really add value to my life, or does it just fill time with emptiness that constantly requires me to feed more emptiness? Is it like eating cotton candy and expecting it to be as filling as a porterhouse? 

      That's just an example. There are many things that we can look at in our lives, where we fill our time with things that ultimately add nothing back. We chase that 'feeling' of disconnectedness from the world, and we sometimes do it co-dependently with other people trying to escape as well. We distract ourselves from our problems...diversion and leisure allow us to do this without judgement, and we believe that is happiness. At the end of the day, however, we never actually get anywhere, and we never truly grow.

      I think happiness is an empty goal.  "If I just met someone, I'd be happy." "If I go to this party, it'll make me happy." "If I play this game, it'll make me happy." "If I just got that job, I'd be happy."  "If Half Life 3 is made, I'll be happy." Its ultimately an empty fix that you sooner or later come down from and the next time you chase it you need more than you did the last time. So what's the fix?

      I think, that instead of chasing happiness; we chase contentment and fulfillment and purpose. We involve ourselves in things that don't fade. Find something that has real meaning instead of something that is just a distraction.  Pursue things bigger than yourself and devote most of your time to things that allow you to say, at the end of the day, matter.

    • It's just my job

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      So I had to have a really awkward conversation at work with a person who had another person accuse them of having a rather lewd and uncomfortable conversation with them. It is really difficult to investigate things like this because I have to sit in a room and watch a person squirm while I ask really pointed and specific questions.  I don't like it, they don't like it and sadly, without any witnesses or corroborating stories from other employees...ultimately it comes down to they said/ they said so most of the time it ends up proving nothing. 

      I just wish people wouldn't say dumb things to each other. 

    • What is love? What is Beauty? What is Justice?

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      Back in the day I had a blog at and this was my header. At the time I thought it was super deep.  I had taken a philosophy class and latched onto Descartes and dualism. I was fascinated by the idea that things like love, beauty, and justice. These concepts exist across cultures, and while they are expressed in different and sometimes competing ways, it still exists. Oh, the kingdoms of the mind and the body...I would write posts discussing the ways that humans ultimately seek Love, Beauty, and Justice.

      I looked back on some of my writing and thought, "Boy...I was such a piece of work." Have you ever done that...thought that you had it all wrapped up with a nice bow and then you look at it with a different perspective and realize just how far off the mark you were?" I've been doing that a lot recently. There have been times in my life where I have said things with such authority and self-assurance and I've turned out to have been completely off base, or my logic is inconsistent, or I'm not really as deep as I thought I was and it turns out that I was just blabbering about nonsense. 

      And oh...the poetry. was terrible. 

      I must have considered myself Lord Byron; I created a 'second' site that I linked all my poems that I wrote

      "Everything falls apart, my heart breaks o'er again

      Life is meaningless and hard, the color faded and turned to gray

      Love is shattered on the ground, filling the well of my heart with the tears of sorrow

      I can not understand... I can not see why I can't see,

      Even the smallest glimmer of hope

      Goodness has turned to bitterness...the picnic has soured

      Rocky is the ground where we laid our heads, stony and cold

      In the desert dwells my passion, without focus or direction

      Expecting the rain to guide me to the Promised Land"

      Barf. I wrote that in 2006...I was 25 years old, writing like a 16 year old girl. 

      I'm going to twist the knife a little further and let y'all on into a little secret. This particular poem is an acrostic of the name of a girl that I had a small crush on (keep in mind, I literally mean that...I wasn't in love with her at all, I just had a thing for her) and she didn't give me the time of day.  And yet, oh the misery!!!!  Let me give you one more for good measure:

      "My cup is filled with fiery love, Its fresh, its hot, its new

      I drink and soar beyond above, The sun shines bright and true

      On lips I float, with eyes I fall My heart strings pull-ed be,

      I can't ignore Amore's call Nor through my blindness see.

      But soon the cup runs empty and The flame is snuft and drowned,

      Beneath the weight my legs can't stand I fall upon the ground

      Its gone, the light I held on to The pathos I explored

      Then grieve do I, and then to rue The object I adored

      Into the depths of bitterness My love has drifted down

      I am the King of loneliness And anger is my crown."

      Waa Waa..,.., again, 2006. I was old enough to know better. 

      I think that Xanga went bankrupt to save me from myself. The only place these travesties reside are in my archives. 

      One more, for the road:

      Looking into your eyes I see the future that was past

      a life that has eluded me, one destined not to last

      the fire that was between us, never lit the flame

      that fire died, without the fuel it needed to remain

      The past is clearer in the present, its much easier to see

      those little things that crumbled the foundation that was to be

      and in our lack of understanding, we failed to do what's right

      I wish I knew where we went wrong, and where we lost our sight

      But take heart, Love, don't rue the past, for the future still looks bright

      though our flame snuft, our lives still move in song sung with great might

      the dance that ensues will bring us to the enlightenment of our reason

      and of the rhyme that brought our love into and out of season.

      Just dance, and spin, enjoy the sun, forget the woes of rain

      don't think upon the past that's gone, those things that brought you pain

      and in good times, please of those things that please you, think of me

      remember, Love, my heart lives too, for there you'll always be

      This was also in the day when everything was just public. My parents knew my site...It's a wonder they didn't disown me. 

    • People....argh

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      So I have worked really hard to setup a program where subject matter experts from around the company come and talk about policy and procedure in an effort to train our front line managers to be better managers. I could tell in talking to these people that they believed that they already had everything figured out. They thought they were the rock stars and that the poo never stuck to them. I guarantee that at least two of them learned zero.

      But it is these two that are always making the mistakes, causing re-work, not following through on investigations or procedures and just relying on everyone else to clean up after them. It makes me mad because I tried to create a non-confrontational way to expose their ignorance to them...and yet it didn't work.


      Oh, and I have a horrible headache, so that's not helping my perception.

    • Never meet your heroes

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      Respect is fragile. It takes years to build and seconds to break. When you are young, the currency of respect doesn't have the exchange rate that it does the older you get. When you are young, you are expected to be brash and risky and you have many other social currencies. The older you get the more important respect is and if you value it you aren't so cavalier about destroying that respect.  I think about this a lot. I worry someday that I'm going to say or do something to completely erase the credibility and respect that I've earned.  This singularity isn't specific. It's a dark shadow of a constant threat of my life, both publicly and professionally. It's a constant anxiety waiting for the unknown other shoe to drop. It can get exhausting. 

    • Civil Discussion 2

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      I know that a lot of people are allergic to Ted Cruz, but I think that his proposal isn't bad. I would add that there needs to be investigations done in regard to practices at the border, add a clause that calls for Congress to review the criteria for claiming asylum and then enforce the bloody law. Boom. Sessions can prosecute the law as written, asylum seekers get to know the result within 14 days instead of almost 60, and kids stay with their parents unless there is suspected criminal activity that puts the kids in danger. 

    • Let's have a civil discussion.

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      If I broke into a store and got caught, I would be arrested. If I am arrested, my children have to be taken care of by somebody. If I have no family, then that somebody is the Government. I am not allowed to be near my kids, and they are not allowed to be near me because I am being incarcerated for breaking and entering. It doesn't matter why. If I broke in just because I wanted a new cappuccino machine, or if I broke in because my children were starving...I am still going to have to argue this in the court of law because what I did violated the law.  My kids are suffering because of what I did, not because of the Government who now has to determine how best to ensure their welfare until my ordeal is complete.

      So to immigration. With all of this being in the news, there is a lot of talk about "The Children." I want to state that first, "because...children" is a bad argument. It is without objective merit in the least because it forces answers that defy logic. If "because...children" is a good argument in enforcing criminal border violations, then it should also be a good argument for domestic criminal violations. "because...children" also completely ignores any facts in a case. For instance, the facility in Texas isn't just a 'prison' for children. It is a nationally accredited and Governmental certified non-profit that works hard to move these kids out of the facilities they're in and into sponsor homes, and that the security is specifically designed to keep these kids privacy. The last thing they need are hordes of journalists sticking cameras in their faces and asking them questions. 

      All of this muddies the water and prevents anyone to have conversations based on the facts of the matter. It hides the root cause, which is: that border security still is an issue and that immigration reform is needed to ensure that there is a fair, common sense method of applying for citizenship/ asylum in the US; but also has strict laws for rule breakers. Things need to be done right, and the argument "but...children" has no baring on that. 

      With that being said, I want to ask y'all...

      If you are elected King of The US for one day, and in that one day you have the power ONLY to create the immigration policy for the US, what would you do?

      1. How should people be allowed into the Country?

      2. What rules/ controls should be put in place to ensure compliance?

      3. What penalties would you have for people who break the rules?

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