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    • Soon and very soon.

      7 years ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      So I've been traveling from Memphis to NW Arkansas every weekend to see my wife. It's been a tough situation, not being able to see her except on the weekends, but after the baby is born and she's able to move...this horrible schedule will be over.

      To explain in summary: We lived in Arkansas, but my company promoted me and moved me to Memphis. The wife had a project she was working on at her job, and it meant a lot to finish, so she had to remain behind until May of this year. We got pregnant in September...we've got 7 weeks to go until the baby is born. I've been traveling almost weekly, either by car or plane just to be with my wife on weekends. I am SOO ready for that to be over.

    • 7 years ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular
    • Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

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      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      If you haven't seen this movie, go see it. I started watching it thinking it was going to be a stupid b- movie (which is what I was looking for because to me, contentment is sitting in my chair, playing SWTOR, and watching movies like "Two Headed Shark Attack" on Netflix,) but surprisingly it was actually a fairly well thought out comedy.

      The premise is simple: a bunch of college students go to the Appalachian mountains to camp. They have a run in with two "hillbillies" that sort of freak them out, and they start to think that the two are psychotic killers in the vein of Leatherface. In all actuality, the two hillbillies are Tucker and Dale, two beer guzzling buddies who just purchased a 'vacation' home up in the mountain to go fishing. I won't spoil it...but it was so good I'm going to go buy it on DVD today.

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    • One Second After

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      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      I just finished this book by William Forstchen. It is about an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) attack on the US, which renders the United States kaput. This is much scarier, in my opinion, than a conventional or direct nuclear attack on the US because it renders our technology and infrastructure completely useless. Foodstuff rots in the midwest because it can't make it to the coasts, while people in urban areas consume their entire foodstuffs and starve to death. It brings up topics about emergency preparedness, how martial law would affect people over long periods of time, and it also focuses on the tough choices people have to make in order to survive.

      I don't know if anyone else has read it, but I thought is was a great book; and it brought up some good points about hardening our infrastructure against EMP. It was written after 9/11 and does have the fatalistic tone that many stories of this genre have, but from what I have seems to be the closest one to something that actually could happen.

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    • The Polarization of politics

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      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      Hi everyone, my name is Jared and I am a Conservative. This means that I believe that the Federal Government should have limited and enumerated powers and have very limited social control. I believe that Americans rights to freedom outweighs their rights to comfort; and that the term freedom includes the freedom to fail. I am not in favor of handouts, bailouts, free rides, or wealth redistribution. I believe people should pay for Healthcare and insurance. I believe that if you make something and sell it, you have the right to profit from it. I believe that Abortion is wrong, and does fall under the Federal Governments right to govern because I do believe a fetus is a separate life and thus has its own rights. I do not believe birth CONTROL is a form of Abortion, and it should be available, taught, and absolutely legal. I believe Homosexual unions should have the right to be recognized by the state, and I support the freedom of people to pursue that happiness...even if I disagree with it morally.

      So, did I mention all the topics that polarize us? The problem I see is that we are so tied up in what we believe that we draw a line in the sand and actively hate anyone who stands on the other side. Lets face it; we aggravate each other. Because these convictions tie so deep to who we view ourselves as when we see someone who opposes us it tends to instigate more than just a little hate. Especially when the anonymity of the nets allows people to actively flame like douchebags, without any real fear of recourse.

      But does it have to be this way? Do our political debates and disagreements have to mean that we can't also be friends...or at the very least respect each other as human beings? While I may be everything in the top paragraph, I also love Star Wars. I play the Banjo, Guitar and Piano. I am a Christian. Though I don't believe in State handouts, I donate to charity, volunteer as a Big Brother, I have done humanitarian aid in post-war Bosnia and Croatia, and worked in refugee camps after the war in Kosovo. I play Halo, Left 4 Dead 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic and I love bacon.

      Are we living in a world where our political/social/moral convictions have made it impossible for us to communicate with those who disagree with us? Do you think that there is a better, more constructive way to approach political discourse? Do you work to find common ground with people, both online or in RL?

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    • Does anyone else see this?

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      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular


      Post edited 3/01/12 4:48PM

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    • Posting images to the forum

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      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      How do you do this? I've tried the img prefix/suffix' but it gives me a broken link.

      please help;

      a newb.

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    • 7 years ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular
    • Work away...

      7 years ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      Nothing spoils a good day like having to work for a living.

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