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    • If I could be...

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      Anyone other than myself, I think I'd like to be Benedict Cumberbatch. Seriously, that dude is awesome. 

    • I had a dream

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      I have a very vibrant dream life. I know for a fact that I have solved many of humanities problems while letting my subconscious just roll. I also know that I have written many a fantastic song.  I just wish I could remember it all.

      Last night (or this morning for me) I was asleep and had a dream that I was trying to reconcile a relationship with a person (who started out as a former co-worker but mutated into an ex-girlfriend from college.)  

      I don't remember a lot about the conversation, but I do remember one thing.  I said "Mistakes can never be erased, they can only be corrected."

      I'm not sure if that's deep or not. I think probably not. But I found it interesting that my sub mind was contemplating reconciliation. 

    • Show Dogs pt Deux

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      So the Studio listened and will be removing the two scenes. The original script writer also totally got where parents were coming from and supported the decision. 

      Good on them. 

    • 13 Reason's Why

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      Is it important social commentary that requires graphic visceral cinema to drive its point home; or is it fantasizing and exploiting teen violence for views?

    • Show Dogs

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      So there is a kids movie out called "Show Dogs." On the offset it seems like one of those movies that screams "put it in the DVD player during long trips and then ignore it." I thought nothing of it until I started getting feedback on Facebook from mommyblogs. For the record, I almost never put faith in mommybloggers. I've never once felt like the focus on MLM like Plexus, Essential Oils, Body by Vi, Avon or the fascination with cleanses, or the passive-aggressive way they judge everyone else's parenting to be that relevant in my life. But this was an exception. The claim came down to this: Blogger Terina Maldando reviewed the movie and was disturbed by a subplot in the movie. A brief synopsis is that This detective and detective dog go undercover at a dog show to catch the bad guy. The problem comes with part of the plot being that the dog needs to learn to be comfortable with the detective feeling up his "private area."  At first I was skeptical. This couldn't be something...right? That's groping...are we telling kids that to achieve we need to let a friend (or a stranger) grope us? I looked into it to see if it was histrionics.

      There are more than one article I read, however it all seems to reference the same blog post, and all the back and forth comes from a response to it. There are other context driven posts, most of which are affirming momybloggers/Christian sites like Focus on the Family. Her feelings are simple: it is never okay to joke about touching private parts.

      So I'm, right out of the gate, supportive of her position, though I haven't before today seen anything on this movie and to be honest, I probably wouldn't have thought about the whole situation in this light. Heck, we have always made fun of privates...what is funnier than taking a ball to the nuts? It's all a part of slapstick. As I thought about it in that context, I started moderating back to being ambivalent. I just wanted to ask y'all about this. Is it ever okay to make kids think that touching privates (even if it is an anthropomorphic dog) is funny? Is this 'gooming' for pedophiles?

      Your thoughts? 

    • Your Future

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      So I have been in my current position for about two months. As I look back at my professional career, one of the things that has hampered my career progression is an inability of mine to be bold in declaring what I WANT.  If I would provide everyone with copies of my performance reviews all the way back to 2014 (that's as far back as I have copies.) EACH instance would show me exceeding expectations. I have grown each year, taken on more responsibility, turned in exemplary work product, and been proactive to take on projects that were up for grabs. My manager had, on two separate occasions put me in for a promotion, but they were denied. The reason: There was no apparent added value. Sure, I did everything that was asked, and I did more...but I wasn't VISIBLE enough to senior management and I wasn't hitting some of their invisible career metrics. I'd like to point out that both the MD and VP of that org are on probation because of their employee satisfaction scores which we all knew were going to be horrible because everyone under them (including the managers) feel like they are creating a hostile work environment because of the competition between them. But that's a story for another day.

      So my new job moved me under a Managing Director that I had worked for before. She is stellar. yesterday at 10AM I had just finished a 13 hour shift and was talking with her (it was the first time we had talked since I hired in under her.) It was a great conversation, and she bragged on me for work that I did back when my team reported to here (2013.) It got me thinking: I need to talk to her about my goals for career advancement.

      So I started writing an email. I told her that I was happy to see her and that I would like to have a discussion in the next 3 or so months to discuss my long term goals. I told her that I still had a lot to learn in my current position, but that I wanted to talk about creating a development plan to prepare myself to have the necessary skills and experience to bid on management positions in the next 3-5 years. I told her that I felt like I had a lot to learn, I valued her experience and advice, and I looked forward to talking about this.

      I almost didn't send it.

      My mind went into overtime (am I making a move too fast, is this too presumptuous, am I skipping a level and should I have this conversation with my manager, Is this going to sound smarmy and brown nosy.) I had the email open, but I didn't send it. I went about doing some other work, and then one of my co-workers brought a young kid into my office (young being 21.) I have benefits expertise, and he had benefits questions. I answered them and we talked for a bit and then he asked me about how long I had been there. I told him that I'd ben there 10 years, and that it is a great company to work for. Then he asked me, "Do you have any advice?" At that moment, I looked down at my email and realized that what he was doing and what I was doing was exactly the same. He's at the ground level, he's hungry and he thinks he has something to offer. I am a little bit down the road from him, but I am still hungry and I believe I have something to offer. So I sat there for about 5 minutes talking to him about things he needed to do to move up in the company (BE ON TIME and AT WORK, follow policy, avoid drama, ask questions, and bid on jobs. Use the tuition assistance program and get a degree. Take advantage of on the job training opportunities. talk to your Manager and SM and let them know your goals.)   I'm giving him the advice that I myself need to take, and the irony was not lost on me. So after he left my office, I sent the email.

      I got a response this morning from my MD. She wants to mentor me and can see me in management someday. She wants me to setup a 1:1 to go over my goals and to help get me in the pipeline for advancement. I am stoked. I am a freaking hard worker, but I know that there is a gap (even in HR) between production and leadership. I know there are skills that I need to develop, and by God, I am going to work hard at it.

    • Writing things goodly

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      As I continually try to become a better writer I find more things to critique about myself and others. One of the things that has stood out to me is the use of adjectives and adverbs. They are absolutely necessary to hone the tone and feel of a scene. I can throw a ball, I can weakly throw a ball, I can throw a ball violently, I can throw a flimsy ball, I can carefully throw a razor-sharp ball.  How you use these descriptors matters and you can get carried away with it.

      One of the things I see all the time are the SAME EXACT adverbs and adjectives popping up. There are three offenders that tend to chain together in much of the dialog I read. They are:




      I think these words are overused. What are some descriptors that you think are overused?  Are there any that are underused?

    • Okay, hear me out...

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      - While not yet on the board, North Korea could denuclearize and we could see a peaceful Korean Peninsula for the first time in over 50 years.

      -South Korea directly attributes the peace negotiations to Donald Trump

      -Donald Trump starred on The Celebrity Apprentice

      -Dennis Rodman competed on The Celebrity Apprentice

      -Dennis Rodman and Donald Trump are friends

      -Dennis Rodman has made multiple trips to North Korea

      -Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un are friends.

      -Dennis Rodman has said that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are "Basically the same people."

      -Dennis Rodman has been talking about his role as a peace ambassador since 2014

      -Dennis Rodman gave Un books on America and Trump

      -Dennis Rodman claims Kim Jong Un asked him to help him talk to Trump to solve things

      -Dennis Rodman has stated on Twitter that Trump and Jong Un should meet

      -Trump and Jong Un are going to meet.

      -Dennis Rodman is responsible for the Peace talks in North Korea

      -Dennis Rodman should get a Nobel Peace Prize

    • It's time for some Philosophy

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

      So it is no secret that I detest intersectionality, identity politics and the current flavor of social justice. I feel like it is cultural marxism and is a coordinated culture war against Westernism. But I need to be more educated so I'm going to go to the source.  

      I'm going to brush up on Derrida and Focault, who can be traced back as having significant influence on the social theories that modern feminism, intersectionality, and social justice thoughts are built upon. Derrida is the father of deconstructionism which is the exploration of what something is and what something is intended to be ("there is nothing out of context") and Focault the theory of power imbalances. Both were Marxist, and their philosophy plays a lot in modern social justice thinking. Both challenged historical Reason as expressed by Hume, Locke, and Kant. Hell, to understand Derrida and his metaphysics, I may throw some Nietzsche in there.

      Then I'm going to go back and re-read the home team: Kant, Hume, Locke, and how about a little Kierkegaard? Kant will teach me about judgement and reason, Hume empiricism, Locke classical liberalism, and Kierkegaard well..the existential interplay between external and internal morality and ethics. 

      Give me a year or two...I'll get back with you. Anyone else I should pick up on the way?

      @Ratatoskr ,I think my brain is going to get big. 

      Reason and Unreason; the clash of the post-modern world. 

    • [Response]- Where To Buy Titanium Gel? by mr.spamalot

      1 year ago

      Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

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