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    • Rise of Nintendo

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      Wii all know that Nintendo is not gonna fall so we don't need anyone saying they are.

      From playing cards to the greates systems ever, Nintendo has been there for the real gamers not just the graphic whores.

      Talk about Nintendo's past, present, and future from their best ideas to their worst.

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    • Official E3 Halo 3 Video Thread

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      Go at it...

      Anyone want to try and tell me what Cortana is saying before she says, "I am your shield. I am your Soul."

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    • hehehehe

      13 years ago


      Become the next "Slipknot" *

      Slipknot: God I'm boiling in this god-damn mask!
      "It's like a scary version of Kiss" - Slipknot are THE noise of the new millennium and what better way to celebrate by forming your own tribute band. Don't put too much effort into it as by following these easy steps world domination will be yours.

      1) Wear frankly ridiculous masks that are far more attractive than your own features complimented with a contrived stage uniform. Choose boiler suits - they are cheap and require minimum effort.

      2) Recruit as many friends as your have - nine should do. In case you fall short, grab unsuspecting victims off the street. And of course, musical ability is inessential.

      3) It doesn't matter if you can't play guitar, as the sound will be tinny and unrecognisable anyway. If you can't hear the bassist, all the better.

      4) Don't forget to add annoying DJ scratching over the top of said noise. Why? Who cares! The kids will just love it?

      5) Play the drums as if you are Animal from The Muppets, a sense of rhythm is not required.

      6) Tape approximately four minutes of noise and give it a title. It doesn't matter if you cannot reproduce the noise onstage, as fans will be too overpowered by your "madcap" live show to realise.

      7) Most important rule - get Ross Robinson to produce said noise. Why not jump on the bandwagon as everything Mr Robinson does is hailed as a masterpiece.

      8) Swear constantly throughout interviews and state how F**KING INTENSE everything is (even if you're a nice homeboy really)

      9) Make sure onstage entertainment is increased by getting band members to beat each other with some frozen cow heads, just for, you know, sheer delight.

      10) Congratulations, you are now Slipknot!

      * Mushroomhead were rumoured to have used these tips (or was it the other way round....!)


      13 years ago


      There has been a tragic loss. Bayside was in a terrible accident this
      morning while driving to today's concert on the Never Sleep Again Tour,
      which includes their friends and label mates Hawthorne Heights,
      Silverstein and Aiden. Their drummer John "Beatz" Holohan was killed
      when their van flipped after hitting a patch of ice outside of Cheyenne,
      WY. Their bass player Nick Ghanbarian was also seriously injured.
      Anthony and Jack have thankfully been discharged from the hospital.
      Members of the band's crew also remain hospitalized.

    • Fire Bitches!!!!!!!<wbr />!!!!

      13 years ago


      I got some hair dye... it turned my hair blue-ish/black, but that is ok. There is gonna be a party tonight bitches, and there will be FIRE. The last time I saw a big fire it ended bad... I caught one of the schools snare drums on fire. See My Vic Firth practice pad... it OWNs you.

      <div align="center"><embed allowScriptAccess="never" name="RAOCXplayer" src="" type="application/x-mplayer2" width="300" height="300" ShowC..'1' ShowStatusBar="0" loop="true" EnableC..'0' DisplaySize="0" pluginspage=""></embed><br><a href="">Add music

    • Band T-shirt

      13 years ago


      I will give eight mod points to anyone who can find a site or a picture (good quality and size) of a shirt that reads "I See Band People The Sixth Seventh Sense." I need this pic to be kinda big.

      If you can't find it I will give 5 points for a good photoshop image with those words.

      You'd be helping me alot...


    • Ready Steady Go

      14 years ago


      Well, Spanish will be the fucking death of me. Geometry is oddly fun. Algebra 2 sucks. My best friend of three years asked me out Thursday, we are now happy togeather, I would die for this girl. I got owned by that fucking train on Terminal. My band teacher kicked our cymbal player off the drumline... dumbass.... My Gameboy Advance SP is solid. I know becuase I hit an idiot upside the head with it(not even a dent). My Chemical Romance and The Used are both music gods...

      I'm tired of typing... So long and goodnight, so long not goodnight...

    • Life...

      14 years ago


      Life is great, its odd, but it's so great...


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    • mertyle

      13 years ago

      Hey, dude. Please vote for someone else besides me(vote off) here, please. Thanks friend.

    • randomiser

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      could you vote for me here

    • ConverseChiq

      13 years ago

      agreed, on SO many levels. 'the movie' just sounds dumb. especially since it falls right in the center of the series instead of the end. 'knockin on heaven's door' sounds like another episode name, and thats how it fits into the series too.

    • Eshwooga

      13 years ago

      Hi Josh!
      Thank you for the comment!
      Maybe I will talk to you later! ^_^

    • spoothead101

      13 years ago

      HEY!! you never showed up in my house when you said you would!!!

      i missed you, i wanted to see you...

      WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME??????

    • scarface330

      13 years ago

      i made a funny in my jurnal pleez look

    • lukespartan

      13 years ago

      hey man thanks for modding my up to +0 on that stupid nintendo forum!

    • MRpeebody

      13 years ago

      RANDOM DEAD BODY SERCH! excuse me sir but do you have any dead bodys?

    • Zander

      13 years ago

      iRiver blows.

    • meatball1209

      13 years ago

      Congradulations! You got 2nd in my contest!! I'm sorry I put your award on that journal. I read it after I modded it, and I don't think it's cool. I'm sorry if your offended. I actually love Bayside, and I didn't hear about that until just now.

    • Halomstr1000

      13 years ago

      u won the 50 mod points soon...that "BRESTS" comic PWND all the others

    • boxryry

      13 years ago

      Haha, awesome man, thanks.

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    • Will2Live

      14 years ago

      I agree his pictures rock, but he should look into this! ITS SO AWESOME! I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD TOTALLY HAVE ONE! But seriously dude learn to take a joke, I'm a victim of sterotyping too. Just because my mom was Asian I'm automatically a Communist Chinese Guy.

    • Rocketing

      14 years ago

      Nice freakin pictures

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