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      Expectations if the Republicans win

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      What are your expectations for this country and politics if the Republicans win back the House?

      First, I think Obama will be impeached.

      Second, in conditions where unemployment remains consistently high, as most forecasts expect, I think Obama's chances for reelection might actually benefit from a GOP takeover of the House. With control of the House Republicans won't be able to use every poor economic nugget as a bludgeon against Obama as effectively, and Republicans will actually have some responsibility for a slow recovery.

      I think a GOP takeover will allow Obama to once again be able to demonstrate that the Republicans are totally bankrupt on having any new ideas apart from the Bush agenda, that they care nothing for the actual governance of the country, that they have no real solutions for solving the most pressing of America's concerns, and not only that but they'll remain the Party of No in defeating centrist proposals such as the deficit commission, which will likely release a spending cut heavy proposal. Once Obama can highlight their hypocrisy on the deficit, they'll lose it as a tool to attack him with. Despite a slow recovery the deficit will naturally come down if GDP continues to improve and as the Iraq war and possibly the Afghan war winds down, which out to begin in late 2011 to come early enough for the 2012 election.

      Future legislative wins will also be hard to come by, I expect he'll win no big victories, but I think he'll get a few Clinton sized wins out of the congress. I think he'll be able to force a somewhat better long-term budgetary outlook through the 112th congress, not without a lot of Republican teeth-gnashing, and I think he may win the repeal, of DADT, but those may be his biggest wins. I think in the longer term he may get more, such as immigration reform, but not in the 112th. If the Democrats ever retake the chamber he may get an energy bill passed, but nothing huge.

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      Suggestion for the watch feature

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      When watching an item, it would be nice if there was some sort of "read to this point" feature, so if a thread has 100 new posts, and I read through 50, I "save" my place in that thread by clicking a button, and then the next time I click that thread from my watchlist I can resume my place. If any additional posts are added to the tread, it wouldn't return me to the newest post since I last viewed the thread but my "saved" post.

      I hope I was clear enough in my description of my idea.

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      A suggestion for the Top Forums feature

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      I'm not 100% certain if this is where suggestions should/are allowed to be made, I did a quick check and this seems a good a place as any, sorry if it isn't.

      Regarding the Top Forum Topics feature, it would be nice it included:
      1) The ability to view the top topics based on a certain time period. So, for example, you could view the top topics in the past 24 hours, the past week, the past month, the past year, and the top topics of all time.

      2) The ability to view only topics in certain forums. So, for example, you could view the top topics in the Basement, Website Forum, ect. Also what would be great if possible is the ability to view top topics in multiple forums, such as all the project forums, or all the gaming forums, or any combination of forums you wanted.

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      History Homework Help

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      This might end up getting locked by a mod, but I need someone who can help me with my history homework. The person has to be at least 35 years old, and all you need to do is answer a few questions. The questions are pretty vauge, all they are are 10 questions that are fairly open ended about historical events that happend in your lifetime, how the affected you, how they affected your family, and if you can how the even affected society. By historical event, the latest it can be is 9/11

      If you're unable to reply, it would be really nice of you to PM me your answers.

      The questions are:
      1.What was the mopst significant historical even you can remember from your lifetime?

      2. How did this event effect you and what were your feelings about the event?

      3. If you can remember, what was the general feeling twoards the event, which can include your family or socioety.

      4. What is another historical event you remember?

      5. Do you remember what the effect was to society after the event?

      6. How did that event personally effect your life, and your family's life?

      7. What else can you mention about the event?

      8. Why is another historical even you remember, and how did that make you feel?

      9. After that event, how did society change?

      10. How did that event effect you?

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      Help needed for domain forwarding.

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      I'm going to need help step-by-step because I don't have any experience doing any of this stuff.

      My problem is I have a domain being completely wasted, so all I want to do is make it so that when somebody goes to the website, they get forwarded to a ProBoards forum that I have.

      The domain was registered from GoDaddy if that makes a difference, and if you need any other information to help me just ask and I can tell you.

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      Nintendo has decieved their fans

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      Sign the petition that will make Nintendo come clean about their conspiracy about changing Fox's nose color. How coulde they do this to the fans?!? This is an outrage that shouldn't be stood for. It's this sort of stuff that Nintendo has pulled that has caused them to lose the market share in the console race.

      Sign the petition!

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      The Weather Man

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      I really want to see this movie, I have high hopes for it and I hope it doesn't end up sucking. It seems to remind me a little of Office Space.
      Nicolas Cage plays a sucessful weather man who's personal life sucks, so he sets out to make his personal life sucessful.

      A quote from the trailor.

      Dave Spritz: People don't throw things at me any more. Maybe because I carry a bow around.

      Trailor for The Weather Man
      Official The Weather Man movie site

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      Video Calendar

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      Since they don't release all episodes of past seasons to non-sponsors and non-members, RT should have a little calender showing when and what episodes will be avalible to them so they can know when to come to get the episodes they need.

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      Stroker and Hoop

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      Stoker and Hoop is a realativly new show on Adult Swim, so far they have aired three episodes, all of which have been hilarious, the show is pretty much about two P.I's and a C.A.R.R(which is a car with a built in AI) who are pretty much straped for cash and get into a lot of trouble on their jobs, Stroker is a pretty much a bum and Hoop is pretty much a hippie.

      I really think this is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen, so far I think they have 13 episodes made(from the episode guide I check on Adult Swims website), I think everyone should check it out, you can find more information from the Adult Swim page

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      Personaility Disorders

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      What are your personaility disorders

      My personaility Disorders are
      Paranoid: High
      Schizoid: Moderate
      Schizotypal: Very High
      Antisocial: Moderate
      Borderline: Low
      Histrionic: Low
      Narcissistic: Moderate
      Avoidant: High
      Dependent: High
      Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

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