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    • I wish to apply for a new stomach.

      14 years ago


      This crap sucks so bad. Gah. Almost constantly neauseated, coupled with headaches, occasional vomiting, and fatigue. No fun at all. My tests are Wednesday. I'm not at all excited about that. Blech. Mom said that if the results turn out negative, she wants me to go see her gastro-intestinal (GI) specialist. That really scared the shit out of me..because 9 times out of 10, that means you're getting an endoscopy (the procedure where they sick a camera down your throat). But she said that it wouldn't be called for in my case.

      I paged Dr. Goff about 20 times this evening, and then he finally got back to me, and flat-out refused to give me the only medicine that I know for sure works on my stomach problems. I wanted to reach through the phone and thrash him with a spatula. He said that if my pain was that acute that I needed a "triplicate" drug (which the medication is NOT, btw), then I needed to go get a "medical evaluation" at my nearest emergency center. I can sit there for hours, get IV fluid, and get treated like a drug addict. What an AWESOME way to spend my Saturday night! Top it all off with the fact that I was supposed to work from 6 to close..but Rachael (assistant manager) called in Samantha (new girl) to take over for me. Luck for me Rachael was in a good mood, or I probably would've gone in and made myself worse. Blah.

      I'm feeling a lot better now..I think. At least I'm more relaxed, mentally. I get to go see Sarah and Rob tomorrow (Rob's birthday is today - happy 22!), and I'm really excited about that. We're gonna go see The Incredibles, hang out a lot, and then we're planning on going to the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Arlington, with live actors and all that. I've gone a few times..and most of the people know me and love me (just for the sheer fact that I drive over an hour to see them). I saw Katie tonight, and she said that she'd probably be going tomorrow as well, so it should be lots and lots of fun. I'm gonna stop by Hot Topic on my way out to see them tomorrow so I can get Rob presents. I think I'm gonna get him a hoodie..or maybe a couple long-sleeved t-shirts. It all depends on what they have. I hope James is working. Hehehe.

      Took Loki and Conor to the vet today. Conor needed a rabies shot, and Loki needed to be checked out. The only thing they found wrong was some ear mites and a couple fleas, and the blood tests were negative! Huge weight off my shoulders. The girls in the office were ga-ga over him and kept coming in to see him. There's one lady in particular that loves orange tabbys, so I went and got her to come see Conor, and she couldn't stop talking about how much he'd grown and how beautiful he was. babies. Loki went through quite a lot, though. He ended-up sleeping most of the afternoon. I spent a good 30 minutes on the couch with him on my chest. He likes it when I sing to him. Hehe.

      Started watching Season 7 of "Buffy" since it came out on DVD on Tuesday. So exciting. I'll be quite depressed when it's all finally over, though. *sigh* Oh least I have more "Angel" releases to look forward to.

      Goodnight John Boy.

    • Felines of the world...

      14 years ago


      ...unite to take advantage of me. Yargh!

      Before I went off to work on Saturday, I stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's to get some Sudafed for Mom. On my way back out to the car, this little ball of fluff comes bouncing over to me, screaming it's head off. It was about 48 degrees (Fahrenheit, for all you kooky metric users), so I picked it up, wrapped it in my coat, and drove home.

      I tell ya, these bastards worm their way into my home..and then they get into my heart. Smart, smart cookies they are...

      Anyways, under my images you will now see a picture of him, Loki. He's about 8ish weeks old..eating like a pig..and thuroughly enjoying his heating pad. If we don't find the owners, or if I don't get someone from Torrid or Hot Topic to take him, we'll end up keeping him. Magic number 6.

      Oh, and the name. Yeah... I was watching Dogma the night before. What can I say? It sounded right. Also, Loki is the Norse god of pranks and between the two it's very fitting.

      Not too much else going on. My stomach's being wonky. My manager, Lauren, wants to set me up with an emo kid named James from Hot Topic who's an assistant manager..cuz she's funny like that..and cuz I made the mistake of saying I thought he was cute. GODDAMNIT! Sandy's gotten fatter..I think. It's hard to tell, you know? He's just..fuckin big.

      Aaaaand..that's all I got for now.

      ~love and crabs~

    • Doctors are the SUCK!

      14 years ago


      So today I had an appointment (far too fucking early in the morning for my taste) with my new internest, Dr. see him about the random puking/sinusitus stuff. Fun fun.

      The visit mostly went well, except my Mom got uber pissed because they wouldn't let her into the room with me..which made me extremely nervous at first..but she definitely yelled at them enough for it. Needless to say, it won't happen in the future. Basically, he thinks it could be a number of things; thyriod, gall bladder, sinus retention cyst, etc. So this leads to a shitload of labs, and then I get to have a day where I get to have a fasting ultrasound and then get dye injected into me and have a CT scan of my sinuses. I'm just spewing with excitement over here. Really, I am.

      Think good thoughts for me.

      In other news, I've named Kiley the sexual deviant of the household. Her method of defense against anything (including Becca) is to lay down flat on her stomach and stick her ass in the air, while making lots of noises. *shakes head* I don't know why the hell I raise such..flamboyant animals. Seriously. I must give off a chemical that makes the animals around me turn into psychotics. Oh well...

      I have work tomorrow from 11-5. Whoopie. I think I'm gonna bring my digi in and take some pictures again.

      It's bloody cold in here. Bless the man that invented the hoodie.

      Helped Mom make homemade soup tonight. Smells like heaven, even all the way in here. Nummers. I think I'll go stand over the pot and drool for a while.

      Oh, and happy gaming to everyone enjoying their copies of Halo 2. I'm really starting to get to the point that I might consider getting a gaming system... I haven't had one since Sega Genisis. Then again I'd rather spend the money on a TV/DVD player combo for my room. Then again, if Jonathon keeps talking about how awesome Fable is, I might just hit him on the back of the head with a lead pipe and steal his system(s) while he's unconscious. Yay for violence!

      ~lurve and zuchini~

    • Officially out of Mod Points.

      14 years ago


      Note to self: Sometime this week or next, make time to post on the forums and schtuff.

      Things have been pretty good for me lately, I think. I've been writing my sister Melinda a lot. She's been having a rough time lately. I guess I should give some back story.

      My sis (half-sister, actually..from my Dad's first marriage) is 26, with two kids; Jenasis (5 years old) and Elijah (4 years old). A couple months ago, she found out her husband David (whom she is currently seperated from, cuz the bastard cheated on her while they were living together and has a kid with another woman) had some kind of spinal tumor. He had surgery, but it left him to be a parapalegic. He's paralyzed from C7 on down. He can't use his fingers, and will never be able to have fine motor skills again. Also, he's wheelchair-bound for life. David's about 27, I think. Most of his life, he's done really physical labor..but his job is going to take him back because he's the star of their program.

      Anyways, Melinda's been thinking about getting back together with him..even though she knows she'd be miserable with him. She thinks she's pretty much a failure at everything. My Mom and I have been trying to get her to move out here for..over a year now, ever since she split with David. Cost of living is cheaper, we'd be able to help her out, she could get a job AND go to school, plus have all kinds of support from family around here and the church.

      But, for some reason, she's really having trouble deciding. Not that I can blame her. David is majorly abusive to her..verbally, and possibly physically, as well as extremely controlling. As fucked up as this may sound, in the psychology of an abused person, their biggest fear is completely leaving that abusive relationship.

      Anyways, I've finally stepped in and started talking to her..just offering her support and such. It's good to hear from her. I really love my sister. Though we're not physically close, we've always had an extremely strong bond.

      Also, I've been e-mailing with my Dad today. It's the first time I've heard from him in...6 months or so? Yeah..funfun. (sarcasm)

      Out of the blue today, Conor's been trying to hump Kiley. Bastid. I keeeel him if he hurts her. And seriously, the boy's clipped. What's he trying to prove? And why the hell isn't Kiley fighting back? It unnerves me..I mean, they're supposed to be brother and sister..and just..eww. Perhaps the South is a bad influence on them or something. Guh.

      I work tomorrow, and then I'm working only one day next week. Good stuff..though I could actually use the money right now, because we're really tight financially. Ah well... I'll let them know that if they need me, they can call me in.

      I've got the travel bug. I want to go on a road trip and visit a bunch of people. Grrr. Hopefully I'll get the chance..unless Minda moves out here, in which case I won't..or maybe she'll come with me. That'd be hella fun.

      Oh, and I'm seriously lonely. I want love..or at least some sex. Sex is good. Anybody interested? I come with employee discounts and I cook! :-D Place your bids now!

      Bids..pfft..who the hell am I kidding? I'll pay you. -_-;;;

      ~peace and cheesecake~

    • Har.

      14 years ago


      So today I was a pirate for work. It was supposed to be French Maid..but shortly before I left for work, I disovered that when I bend over in that outfit, I have this nasty side-effect of flashing people..and while flashing people can be fun, I decided against it because; a) I'm at the mall, b) I'm around people I don't know, and c) my manager Lauren would find it too damn funny.

      So I scraped together my Pirate gear at the last second. It consists of:

      Red and Black Nautical Star shirt
      Red and Black Pinstripe Capris
      Boots (new ones I got yesterday - they KICK ASS)
      Headband with Pirate Logo in Felt
      One Gold Earring
      One Eye Patch

      I had intended to talk like a pirate all day as well, but it didn't really happen. Ah well... At least it was comfortable, as we were busy as hell today. My feet hurt a little bit from breaking in the new leather on the boots, but it is a hurt that is acceptable.

      Oh, and according to Lauren, Patrick (guy who works at Hot Topic, and his fiancee works at our store) has his tattooing gear that means I get my tattoo soon! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

      I'll be taking pictures of the French Maid outfit when I do wear it, so all you perverts out there will be happy. :-P

      Ohoh, and my new favorite name for "men who have love for the big girls" is: Chubby Chasers

      Lauren cracks me the fuck up, man. She calls me Tatou, and I walk around talking in that little voice and saying things like, "Yes boss," and "De skirt! De skirt!" and "Boss, I no likey when you touch me in de no-no place."

      And uhm..I need Mod points, because I only have two left. Jackal told me that I need to post topics in the forum to get more, so I guess I'll find some time to do that soon. Huzzah.

    • Why does my body hate me?

      14 years ago


      So for the past week, or week and a half, I've been having random puking episodes. They go beyond the point of just emptying my stomach of contents, and have even gone so far as to produce blood on a couple occasions. I've had to call in to work 2 days in a row now. Thankfully today is a day off so I don't have to worr about it, even though so far, today has been the only day where I feel anywhere near "normal."

      I've got an appointment with my GP at 3:30 today, even though I recently received a certified letter stating that he was dropping me, and my Mom, as a patient. Fucker. I plan on milking it for all it's worth and getting him to give me lots of lovely drugs to steep me in a comatose state until my body decides to behave..or until I can get a gun. Blech.

      The cats have been doing well lately. Kiley sleeps a lot, as usual..but she's been staying out in the living room more and more, and not even Sandy seems to mind her anymore. Yay for acceptace. Conor's psychotic as always, still falling off of high places when attempting to be cute. It's his M.O., you know. He spends most of his time following Becca and Lucy around. They make quite the trio. Lilly and Sandy spend most of their time sleeping on the LoveSac in the living room. It's gone from black to a sort of gray-ish color, due to fur saturation levels. Caluby is a priss, as always..and for some odd reason, she's taken to sleeping on my bed..which is odd, because she doesn't usually like me that much. I guess my bed is the only one that's really available anymore.

      Becca's getting bigger every day, it seems. She's already two thirds of Lucy's height, and her paws are almost as big as Lucy's. Sadly, she seems to be suffering from random mania epsiodes. Like..seriously..she's fucked in the head or something. She gets frantic and scratches at the mattress or the carpet..and just..flips out. Most of the time it's amusing to watch, unless you happen to be occupying a space even somewhat close to hers. Then it's just painful. I clipped her nails last night..hopefully that will help a little. Lucy is tired, like always..but she really does make a good big sister. She tolerates Becca with the patience of a saint. I know if someone was playing tug-o-war with my tail, I would do a fuck of a lot more than just running away.

      We're having a Halloween party on Saturday night, from 9PM to 1AM. I've got work from that means I won't have to deal with much of the last-minute party stresses. Yay! Lots of people should be coming, hopefully. Mom's been passing out flyers around the college like a madwoman. I'm also going to post a flier at work and see if any of the girls want to come. Also, my cool second cousin (who really feels like a first cousin, since I call his Mom my Aunt) is coming, and he's bringing along his cousin Joe. I adore both of them. They're like my little prodigee's. I give them good music, and they worship me for it. It's a symboitoc relationship like that. We're also having a costume contest, and the prizes will be from the local sex that should be fun/funny. I know at least one person is going to dress up as either an old-school game character, or a comic book character. It should be hilarious. I'm planning on doing my french maid thing. Ph33r my lack of j34n5. Also there will be food, booze, movies, poker, and various other good fun stuff. If people don't show up, I'll be forced to call my Canadian mofia and put out hits on them.

      And uhh..that's about it, I think. Mom made home-made chicken I'm going to go eat some of that and finish watching my DVD of Robin Williams On Broadway. Gawd I love him. He makes me mushy-gooshy inside. And I still say he was funnier when he was on cocaine...

    • Mourning.

      14 years ago



      He tested positive for feline HIV, which is very contagious. Though he was showing no signs of illness, it is an eventual death sentence. But in the time before death, there would be no way to predict the amount of infection spread to others. The choice was made..and though it was the right one, that doesn't make the pain any less. He died surrounded by love, still purring beneath my fingers to his very last breath.

    • Fucking colds.

      14 years ago


      This thing is kicking my ass. First coughing, then fever coming and breaking, then the sniffling and the nose-blowing. Totally shitty. And I had to miss my trip to California (oh how I miss the crack whores and thugs)..but I guess having time to rest and catch up on movies and such isn't too terribly bad. And catching up on reading as well. If only I had more of a life. I probably should've gone to Rocky Horror tonight (I miss those kids, they amuse me so)..but I doubt they would've wanted me there to get everyone sick. Tanya called, and I guess Katie, Valum, and her are going on the 23rd for the Halloween show. I have no costume. I suppose I'll just wear my kitty ears and call myself a lazy cat or something. But it should be fun. Valium is the shit. I should conspire with her to make out at the IHOP afterwards and see how many guys we can get to drool. And I'm bringing my digi this time so I can get pictures of people. What Momma don't know won't hurt her.

      We now have an outdoor stray cat that we've sort of taken in. He's a sweetie..absolutely gorgeous. I'll add a picture of him here, I guess. He goes in for shots and a check-up on Tuesday. Joy.

      I make this whistling noise when I can only breathe through one nostril..and it's agitating. I'm sure others find it very amusing, but it makes me want to cut off my nose entirely. Evil nose. Evil people at work for getting me sick! Grr..argh.

      Where'd all these friends requests come from? I feel special and flattered and shit. Awwww..the love! *gushing* Mmkay..gonna stop now before I hurl. to bed with me now. Hopefully non-disturbing dreams shall ensue.

    • Uhm..kay...

      14 years ago


      Not quite sure how I got a Karma point, but uhm..go me? Woo.

      My Yahoo Photo Album

    • Uh..hi.

      14 years ago


      Just a first jounal entry. Since the thing is here, might as well put something in it.

      My LiveJournal and my other personal page can be found by doing a little click action.

      Contact Info

      AIM: TenshiMurasaki
      Yahoo: PurpleAngelOfSpecialness
      ICQ (hardly on here): 215519590

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    • HBR

      14 years ago

      Torrid and Hot Toppic blow. I want to burn them all.

    • ruum

      14 years ago

      Fellow Californian + good taste in movies and music + ??? other redeeming qualities = win!

    • Ahuddleston0

      14 years ago

      Whats up. So, you're from a crappy little town too? Have you ever heard of Eureka, the shittiest little town ever, full of dicks and pussies. Fun for the whole family. Donnie darko is a kick ass movie. Have you ever seen the movie Memento?

    • Ahuddleston0

      14 years ago

      Whats up. So, you're from a crappy little town too? Have you ever heard of Eureka, the shittiest little town ever, full of dicks and pussies. Fun for the whole family. Donnie darko is a kick ass movie. Have you ever seen the movie Memento?

    • PrplAngl16

      14 years ago

      Aww, thanks Leus. I love my babies..and I love my movies. Hehe.

    • Leus

      14 years ago

      Donnie Darko and Brazil both rule. Good choices there.

      Also, your cats are all insanely cute. I love kitties.

    • PrplAngl16

      14 years ago

      Thanks Jackal. :)

    • Jackal

      14 years ago

      Yes i agree that is a sad story

      I have a dog .... and i hate to talk about it but hes getting up in age
      I dont know what i will do if i lose him

      Hes my best friend


    • PrplAngl16

      14 years ago


      Yeah, it's weird..cats can get most everything that humans get. AIDS, HIV (they have a vaccination for the west coast strain, but not any of the others), lukemia (vaccination for it, but it still happens), diabetes (my cat Sandy has it, and a cat I had before him, Natasha, had it), glaucoma, etc.

      He technically wasn't *my* cat, yet... He just wandered into my yard a week ago and didn't want to leave..especially once we fed him. In my family we have a tendency to take in strays (be they human, plant, or animal).

    • nutthouse

      14 years ago

      Sorry to hear about your cat. We've done that before and its not easy at all. I didn't even know that cats could get HIV. Sad.

    • nutthouse

      14 years ago

      good taste in music and movies yourself!

    • DarkWater

      14 years ago

      I like you and i dont even know you... good taste in music and movies ... how much cooler can you get?

    • PrplAngl16

      14 years ago

      Nada mucho. Just trying to get over this damned cold. *sniffle, cough cough* God bless NyQuil.

    • Tetsunosuke

      14 years ago

      hey angl hows it going

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