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    • Christian School Misfits part 14

      11 years ago


      Mady, slyly walked up to Adrien's locker at the end of the next day. Her face was set in a wide smile and she was positivelty beaming when she spun around and leaned her back against the locker next to his. He was the first one to speak.

      "You're awfully cheery today... what's the occasion?"

      "Haven't seen you all day."

      "And that makes you happy? You think I'm avoiding you or something?"

      "Not me, her. Whaddya... no who did you do?"

      "I have no idea what you're talking about."

      "No idea?"

      "Oui... shit."

      "Genevieve? That sultry French broad? THAT minx of a woman and you snatch her... OH-HO, she will NOT be pleased."

      "Since when have I done something to make people happy?"

      "You took Liz to the ball. You shaved your head."

      "To make a statement."

      "And to comfort her. I had you pegged as buttering that bitch up just so you could butter her biscuit but why even bother when you have that French Croissant? Of course I know you... you want them both Adrien."

      "You act like thats an unhealthy thing for my age."

      "But not for your reputation."

      "Actually it's quite healthy for that. You know as well as I do that I have a reputation as a womaniser and a leacherous hump."

      "Tsk tsk Adrien. Well ill see you later I need to get to an appointment."


      "No baby, it's aurevoir."

      Adrien winced and bumped his head a few times on the door of his locker with his eyes closed.


      Adrien went out one of the side doors, his bag slung over one shoulder his monks habit rubbing uncomfortably against his skin. Liz came out from the side and moving with speed and purpose actually managed to corner Adrien behind the stairs that were outside the door. She glared at the much taller Adrien and folded her arms across her chest.

      "So... how was she?"

      Adrien shrugged.

      "I've had more worse than her than I've had better."

      "So your not even going to try and lie your way out of it?"

      "I don't see the need, you already knew. Nothing to be gained out of lying now or from my original plan of just not bringing it up."

      "And your totally nonchallant about it... I can't believe you."

      "What? That I fucked her or that I'm so nonchallant about it."

      "Both... I just thought... Never min-"

      Adrien reached out and caught her arm, it was gentle but firm.

      "You were thinking what?"

      "I thought you were trying to get with me... I mean I didn't expect you to shave your head just to get lai-"

      "You actually think I did this for you? That I've done it just to get a piece of ass? If I had just wanted to fuck you I wouldn't have gone to such extravagant lengths to do it, and I would have had it by now."

      "So you're saying im too easy now!?"

      "NO! I'm just saying I would've been a bit more direct in going after what I wanted. I did this for me, this is a penance! Everything that's befallen you has been because of me... I have to make amends."

      Liz put her hand over her eyes and he could hear her sniffle, trying to fight back what must have been an ocean of tears that had been building up since she found out he has fucked Genevieve. When she finally spoke it was barely a whisper.

      "Why don't you want me?"

      She walked forward closing the distance and with a swipe she ripped the wig off from her head. She pointed at her head that now had a soft layer of fuzz on the top. Now tears were beginning to slide down her cheeks.


      "I think you look far more beautiful with what little real hair you have then what I had made for you."

      "Is that so, huh? Prove it."

      He walked forward and reached out to pull her into him but she walked past and brushed his hand aside angrily. She was all the way underneath the stairs and was facing them, she looked back over her shoulder and leaning forward slightly she flipped up her skirt revealing everything the Good Lord had given her.

      "Iesu Christe."

      "Prove it right here and now... take me harder than you took Genevieve."

      Adrien started forward and then took a step back and shook his head.

      "No. No no no NO! If I did that it would validate everything those girls thought about me and you. Im not saying I don't want you or that im not tempted to go over there right now."

      He looked her in the eye.

      "But when it happens, it'll be when the time is right. But it's not that time and I'm not that much of a selfish bastard. Go home Liz'beth."

      She replaced her skirt and wig and started to storm past Adrien. He again reached out and grabbed her this time he pulled her into him as he reached one of his hands up her wig to hold her head and the other went to her chin to tilt her mouth up so he could kiss her. He finally let her go and new tears covered her cheeks.

      "I can't have you 'til I've made the wrong done to you... or at least made the score even. Now go... GO!"

      Startled she started running away from the handsome young man she wanted so bad. She didn't look back the whole way to her car. Adrien grimaced, went into the corner and vomitted. Wiping the spittle from his lips he choked back the waves of revulsion he had for himself. Then he started chuckling... he had mischief to be made

    • Christian School Misftis Part 13

      11 years ago


      Adrien was even more laidback then usualy today. A small pillow rested between his head and the wall and his feet were propped up on one of the tables unused chairs. His eyes were closed and one could see the deep bags underneath them. Mady, Carl and Liz were ona field trip and had left him alone for the day. He heard a series of clacking noises and when he opened his eyes he saw two of the school's girls across from him.

      "Can I 'elp you ladies?"

      Marza Jilly turned the question around.

      "The real question Adrien is can we help you?"

      "I dont need helping."

      Christa Hagerty leaned in to deliver her contradiction. She looked so bloody sincere.

      "Yes, yes you do Adrien. If you dont repent from this heretical view of Chrisitanity when judgement day comes Jesus won't be able to help you."

      "Really? Bollucks, and here I thought if i was a good person I could get in soley by merit!"

      "Im afraid it doesn't work like that."

      "You're right! ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!"

      They looked at each other.

      "We are?"

      "Yes... how could I have been so foolish. I have to ask for forgiveness to!"

      "YES! And if you ask Jesu-"

      Adiren held up his hand and she stopped talking.

      "What is with you and Jesus? Don't you realize that he is nothing without Him on High? You can ask the Son for forgiveness, you can praise and adulate him all you bloody well want! BUT I SIR, SHALL ASK THE EMPEROR HIMSELF! NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE!"

      Marza looked at him as Christa got up disgusted.

      "I dont mean to be harsh but you look like shit, you should try and sleep."

      "Yeah well I dont mean to be honest but you look like a cheap whore."

      Marza gasped and her mouth opened slightly and she just sat there. Adrien sat forward from his reclined position and examined her intently.

      "Iesu Christe you've actually frozen in shock. I'm going to walk you through this. Take a deep breath, one more... no GO GO GO!"
      Marza got up and practically ran for the hills. Adrien smiled... Christa would get hers too... she had been on the list of name Tanya Evings had given him. As he closed his eyes the bell to go to the next class rang... his smile turned to a frown.


      Adrien had barely made it through the day. Without his trio of outcasts to shield him with their aura of plauge and unclean living the Christians had been coming up in droves to try and convert them he had rebuffed them all. So when he was walking to the parking lot and heard a beat of footsteps fall into step with his he sighed.

      "I hearrd you called Marza a whorre."

      Adrien looked over to his right and arched his eyebrow. He didn't recognize her that well and a name didn't come to him but he recognized the accent.

      "So what part of France do you come from? It;'s not Paris I can tell that much."

      "Oui, Gévaudan to be precise."

      Adiren stopped.

      "Gévaudan... as in "The Beast of Gévaudan", Gévaudan?"

      "Yes, you have seen the movie I take it?"

      "Yes but I like mythology and I was looking up werewolves and wikipedia linked me to that. But I saw the movie because I really like Vincent Cassel."

      "Ahhh... so did you?"

      "Did I what?"

      "Call Marza a whore?"

      "No, I just said she looks like one. Small difference. So what's your name Frenchie?"


      "Pretty name."

      "I am a pretty girl."

      Looking her up and down Adiren saw she was right... petite 5'2" at most, olive toned skin, piercing blue eyes and platinum blonde hair.

      "I'll say. So... why seek me out to ask that question."

      "I wanted to meet this terribly huge jaaack ass everybody keeps talking about."


      "They didn't say he was so 'andsome."

      "Genevieve... do you like coffee?"


      The door to Adrien's apartment swung open from the weight of Adrien and Genevieve leaning against it with her beign held up simply by wrapping her legs around him and holding on tight. She was digging her nails into his back and biting at his neck and ear. As he shut the door behind him the light girl whispered into his ear.

      "By the way I hate coffee."

      "Good I can't stand that shit."

      They both started laughing as he set her down onto the couch.

    • Amy fuckin Winehouse and a Hypothesis

      11 years ago


      So I think she looks like absolute shite, except for her tits in whatever number she was wearing at this british awards thing... NEWAYS I was wondering what she actually sounded like... singing. I mean there's been so much stuff about her drug use and stuff and Luke and Griffon are poking fun at her in the comics but she like almost had a clean sweep at the grammys. So I figured well there has to be SOME talent there, so lets give it a listen. Umm so this video was at some British awards theing and Ozzy Ozbourne's daughter is introducing Winehouse to sing the song Love is a losing game. It didn't sound like a british chick singing it and was actually quite good. So I thought to myself, maybe deviancy has a direct association to talent.

      So I introduce to you Deviancy to Music Hypothesis.

      The greater an artist deviates from the social norms in behavior the greater their talents in performing.

      Amy Winehouse= Total druggie, sings great
      Ozzy Ozbourne= Druggie, animal head biter, Fuckin legend
      Rob Halford and Freddie Mercury= gay, Musical legends

      Wait... their all BRITISH! Could it be the more British someone is the better musical artist they are? discuss

      HOLY SHIT! AMY WINEHOUSE SINGS REHAB! I always thought a black lady sang that...

    • P!nk is getting a divorce

      11 years ago



    • Shandale and Haaka part 5

      11 years ago


      Haaka stood motionless as Shandale stared at the girlsy scene on her doorstep. Finally he made an exaggerrated look down with his eyes. Shandale realized what she needed to do.

      "Come in both of you."

      Haaka bolted past her and laid out his burden on the coffee table. Shandale shut the door and then turned on the vampire.

      "What the fuck is this? You can't eat me so you bring dinner back to my place?"

      "If I was going to eat him do you think I'd be watching him bleed out?"

      "Alright then, who is he?"

      "His name is John. He works for me as a scout and informant. I went to meet him at our usuall place and found him there like this. He's a small time mobster and drug dealer, but his biggest capital is information. He said he had found what I've been looking for."

      Haaka removed the bloody rag from the wound and stuffed in a clean and fresh wad of cloth. He fished out a plastic bag filled with a dark substance and tossed it to Shandale.

      "Break the capsule in the top and then knead the liquid with the solid till its all a liquid and bright red."

      "Is this blood?"

      "No it's merlot, of course it's blood... I keep one on me in case I need a snack. Unwrap the tube secured to the back, take off the cap and hand me the end. Now... hold it with one hand and lean the other hand on the wound."

      She did as he took the needled end and with a single deft stroke stuck the it into the wrist and then taking the velcro bracelet that was secured to the side he ran it around the wrist to secure it in place. He pointed at the IV bag.

      "Squeeze that. John... John."

      "Will this save him?"

      "I could really care less, if he gives me the information I need then he'll have done some good in his life for the first time. JOHN!"

      He squeezed his sharpened nails into the inside of the wound. John sat up screaming. Haaka reached out and grabbed the man by the cuff of his neck and leaned in to stare into the man's eyes.

      "John... I need to know the information you had for me."

      "Money first... you know the deal Haaka."

      "Stubborn bastard. Here."

      Haaka impatiently slapped an envelope into John's hand.

      "Now tell me what you discovered."

      "St. Paul's cemetary. Masoleum on the south side..."

      "And the object?"

      "He had it... a silver coin... shekel."

      With that John shuddered and went limp. Haaka was still smiling.

    • Shandale and Haaka part 4

      11 years ago


      Haaka finished the rest of his wine with a flourish and rose to his feet. Shandale froze slighty even though he had risen slowly and had a smile on his face... well to be honest it was the smile that frightened her most. He looked down at ehr waiting and after a long moment he frowned.

      "Aren'tt you going to show your guestt to the door?"

      "Oh I'm so sorry." She got up to her feet as quick as she could and jogged to the door opening it and smiling. Haaka smiled back and straightened his collar and walked to the door jam. He stopped and held up a finger.

      "Onnne last thinng."


      "Do NOT mention my name... The majority of myy kind keeep mortall petss, I am at odds with a cerrtain group and I wish to remaaain hidden."

      "I can do that... So this is good bye then?"

      "Only for nowww."

      Haaka took her chin in his thumb, index and pointer fingers and held it like a glass of fine wine. He winked and then strode out the door. Mrs. Elmster passed him on the stairs he walked so slowly yet it was like she didn't even notice him there and thinking about it she hadn't heard the tread of a single shoe upon the hardwood floor, only the clacking of her elderly neighbors heels.

      "Shandale... where's your young caller?"

      Shandale shook her head and turned it to look at her neighbor she pointed towards the stairs.

      "He's just there."


      They both turned to look at a now empty stairwell.

      "That's so weird... I saw him pass you."

      "Well, I hope you had a good time darling... have a good night."

      "You too ma'am."

      Shandale made herself dinner and took a shower. She was still trying to determine whether or not she had really just entertained a Vampire as her guest. She determined that it in fact could not have been so and tucked herself into bed. She slept peacefully until about one when there was a banging at her front door.


      She sat striaght up clutchign her chest.

      "Just abad dream..."

      "It's not a bad dream! Open the door!"

      Shandale ran for the door.

      "Mind the tab-"

      Shandale went sprawling over the coffee table.

      "-le. Hurry!"

      Shandale managed to get up and swing open the door. Haaka was there a limp form had an arm draped over Haaka's shoulders. The vampire was holding a cloth soaked through with blood in place inside of a gash in the limp man's side.

      "What the hell?"

    • Shandale and Haaka part 3

      11 years ago


      "So the older a Vampire gets the stronger it becomes?"

      "Yesss, thiis is true in all creatures except that eventually they become weaker as the body fails due to old age. Wew do nott haave such a cap upon our life or groowth. My sensses havee sharrpened and evven evolved."

      "Evolved... How so?"


      "No? Part of the deal we made is that I would listen to you... if you don't share then I can't listen."

      "Sinnng for me."


      "Mrs. Elmster, youur neighboor mentioned you had a talentt for song. Please huumor me."

      Shandale kept cooking.

      "What would you like to hear?"

      "Whaat do you sing welll?"

      Shandale took a deep breath and began humming, the humming turned into the first half of Ave Maria. When she finished Haaka clapped lightly.

      "Verrry good. Buut how lonng have youu been singing with that cyysst growing on your lung?"

      "How did you know about that? I only found out last week."

      "Evolvved sensess deaar girl. I am ablle to seee things that your most advancced machinery could not detect with my nakked eye. I have thricce asssuumed the identiy of a physician and four times that of a chirugen in my long life. I could verrry easily remove that troublllesome growth for you."

      "Well I keep that in mind... Foods ready."

      Shandale set a very rare steak on the coffee table in front of Haaka and a glass of wine. He sat up and taking knife and fork he gave it a cursory inspection.

      "What if I had wanted my steak mediuuum or well donne?"

      "I can throw it back on if you want."

      "It's perfecct. Thank youu very much."

      She watched him as he daintily cut up his steak and ate it a bite at a time. She noticed the steadiness of his hands and the precision of his cuts. However, her eyes kept gettign drawn to the abnormally long canines that flashed as he smiled.

      "I want to say that the cross I wear around my neck wouldn't do a damn thing to stop you would it?"

      Haaka shook his head vigourously, wiped his mouth like some noble would and then spoke his voice a bit deeper as though the food wasn't all the way down.

      "Nough... No, it wouuld not. I have nothing against Iesu Christe or his church. He haas done me no wrong. In fact... I wass at Golgotha."

      "You were... You were there when Christ was crucified."

      "Yesss, I was a advisor in the serrvice of the Prefect Pontius Pilate."

      "You were the advisor to the govenor of the Roman empire. Why not simply become Emperor yourself?"

      "I thought aboout it... too manny hazzzards. Although there werre a few of my kind who did reign... Nero and Commodus the most promminent among themm. I always see Joaquin Pheonix with false vampire teeth when I watchh Gladdiator."

      Shandale smiled and then had a small fit of giggles at the thought.

      "Seeee we aree not always such dour creaatures."

      "No I suppose not."

    • Shandale and Haaka part 2

      11 years ago


      As nervous as Shandale was she managed to get the key into the lock and turn it on her first try. But she still jumped when she heard an eldery woman call her name from down the hall.

      "What was that Mrs. Elsmter?"

      "I was just wondering who your handsome young friend here is?"

      Shandale pushed a strand of bangs out of her eyes and stammered. Her guest didn't miss a beat and crossed the distance to the old lady in two strides sweeping up her hand and kissed the back of it as he bowed.

      "My nameee is Haaka madmeselllle."

      The old lady blushed.

      "And so well mannered. I like him a great deal more than your last guest you brought over. Now you be sure to treat this young lady very nice and if you're lucky she'll sing for you. She has the voice of an angel she does."

      "Realllly? Thenn I villl bee on my bessst behavior... Haaands to myself andd evverything."

      "Well you two kids have fun, I'm off to bingo night. Tata!"

      "Aurevior, Mademeslle Elmster."

      Shandale was already through her door when Haaka turned around.

      "Littllle pig, littllle pig... won't youu invite meee in?"

      "You know all I have to do to fufill are bargain is cook you dinner and listen to you. We can do that where we are. C'mon in... Haaka. What is that by the way Slav-"

      Haaka was chest to chin with her as he grabbed the very tips of the end of her hair. He had such a light hold on her yet she was frozen. He grabbed her chin and lifted it and as he bent down lower she prepared to feel the bite of teeth and the end of her life, instead there was only an excited whisper the usually slow voice quickened to a more regular tempo.

      "I now know your true measure. I appreciate what you have done, I shall remember it."

      He swayed and in a fluid movement rolled over the back of her couch to fall into it perfectly his arms folded with his hands behind his head.

      "Vaaat am I eaaating tonight?"

      "It's a surprise, but while its cooking tell me about yourself."

      "Haaka, iss not Slaaavic. It is... simply what I am called by the others. I was born one hundred and thirrteeen years before Jessus of Nazareth, the one you call da Chrissst."

      Shandale heard no hatred, no animosity in the vampire's voice towards the Christian savior.

      "I serrrved in the legiooons. I was stationed in Egypt, I was twenty three when I stumbled into an anceint tomb, it belonged to a priest of the Old Gods, and it was he who turned me into what I am. He spent five years teaching me how to be a vampire before he returned to his slumber. For the next millllenia I clung to the shadows of night, and it is then... that the rays of the sun no longer held my death in their grasssp."

      Shandale kept cooking and listening.

    • Shandale and Haaka part 1

      11 years ago


      Shandale studied voices... how to modulate hers how to project how to extend a note. in speaking, singing and rhyme she was quite knowleged in the area. She knew that while everyone sounded different most of them spoke as though they had somewhere to go or some sort of drive. The voice that came from behind her didnt... it was a human voice, but ethereal as though the pull of time held no sway over its master anymore. It sent chills down her spine as she walked down the back alley to home.

      "They-- say-- it is tooo dangerousss for a man-- of full size tooo walk- dowwn an alleey such as this unarmed. And yet- you are so very-- tiny. Buut so fuuuull of life I caaan seee as much."

      "Then all the more reason why I shouldn't stop to talk to a stranger, good evening sir."

      "Aaaah buuut taalking is not my interessst eyeether."

      The voice was following her now but she couldn't hear his footsteps. She wasn't far from her apartment, she could run get within sight of other people. She looked to her right, she couldn't see him but she didn't care, she had to make sure he'd here her.

      "Look, I'm not far from my building I suggest you dont follow me that far."

      She felt a palm right over her heart stop her in her tracks. she didn't look forward as without any effort the hand arrested her forward momentum. The voice as if excited by the possibility of the situation it now posed to her picked up its tempo to something more akin to normal.

      "With the length of your stride, the muscle mass withiiin your legs, and the fitness of your heart and lungs, you could make it to your door from here in 421 strides at full run and two minutes and 13 seconds. I sweaaar to you that is the blink of an eye to me. But I am mossst troubled by your lack of manners, youuu didn't ask what I wasss interested in."

      "Fine if you're not interested in talking, then what is it your interested in."


      "I'm sorry but I have to know you a little better before I can consider going out to dinner with you."

      "Thisss is a fineee enough venue for a meal to me. I haaave not eaaaten in quuuite some time."

      Shandale turned to look at the owner of the voice. His face was sallow and sunken around normally Aquilline features. His skin was pale but aside from that he was imaculate and well groomed and actually quite handsome. He was however just not right.

      "What in heaven are you?"

      "Nooot heaaaven my dear... helll."

      "Jesus you can't expect me to believe your actually..."

      "Ohhh there is nooo need for you to believeee. But I am real enough."

      "What do you want? I'll do anything, whatever you want most."

      "Buuut my dear what I want mossst would in fact cooounteract the intennntion of the offfffer you just made."

      "Then what do you want second most?"

      The face stopped and the eyes turned inward words escaping him for the first time.

      "Do you have any regrets?"


      "Regrets... things you'd go back and change in your life? I mean we've all got them... some more than others. If you are what you say you are, you could have quite a good deal racked up."

      "I do..."

      Her reply to his indecision was flippant.

      "Well, you let me get to my apartment and provide me an armed escort for the dangers of the back alleys and I'll give you a hot cooked meal and an ear for you to talk away into. I'm freezing here though so I'll be on my way."

      She stepped to the side of his hand and even made it a few steps past him. But he reached up and grabbed the tiniest tip of her hair at the very end and though he didn't pull it stopped her in her tracks.

      "Howww am I tooo escooort you, If you leaaave me behind."

      He stepped to the side of her and lifted his arm to open up his coat enough to put both of them around her shoulders. He slowly rolled his hand out in front of him and they stepped off together.

    • Almost Easy

      11 years ago


      You mean Almost NOT overplayed... Ok we get it Avenged Sevenfold is edgy yet popular... but If I have to hear Almost Easy by them on Squizz on xm radio then rock 103 and then from my friends profile I think I might jsut shoot myself. Hey guys, word to the wise this is why Nickelbak sucks, THEY OVERPLAYED THEIR SHIT! FUCK YOU FUCK NICKELBACK! FUCK A7X! I just want some fucking variety.

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      "The truth hurts Bulldog, but it's better to know the truth than to live a lie."

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      I know a really little bit of Japanese. I am re-teaching it to myself. I have also found a lot of links that translate the lyrics. I posted them in the J Rock forum I started.

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      Oh yeah, Miyavi and D'espairsRay smiley12.gif they are both coming to the stated eh? Too bad i am poor and in Canada...

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      There is no emotion; there is peace.
      There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
      There is no passion; there is serenity.
      There is no chaos: there is harmony
      There is no death; there is the Force.

      Oh yeah? You like Japanese bands? I loooove 'em My favs are Miyavi, hide, D'espairsRay, and X JAPAN smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

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    • Supermoo

      11 years ago

      i cant give yah the link cause my one changes to my page for the stuff you do after buying sponsorship.. i think it changes the link you get when your sponsorship starts.. sorry... try one of the guys running the place. Geoff helps out pretty fast when asked nicely smiley1.gif

    • Peagis01

      11 years ago

      I'm sure I could... If I tried hard enough

    • ShadowCat666

      11 years ago

      thats very true too

    • Peagis01

      11 years ago

      I meant for mine.... I'll put up in comments its for you or something like that...

    • Peagis01

      11 years ago

      LOL okay you pick out the avatar and I'll change it to that as long as it wont get me in trouble that is....

    • Peagis01

      11 years ago

      And how does one go about celebrating the slaughter of innocent Jedi???

    • Peagis01

      11 years ago


    • Jalnor

      11 years ago

      Still no excuse to fill our epic thread with 10 consecutive posts of asshattery.

    • ShadowCat666

      11 years ago

      yes there is... meditating, grounding, smudging, ect... just so happens i have many to help me out...

    • ShadowCat666

      11 years ago

      spirits, entities, vibes

    • ShadowCat666

      11 years ago

      well its better now but my exis sending dark/ bad thoughts and things after me.... so yeah.... not good

    • Supermoo

      11 years ago

      my apologies were to ghost nova since he was a sniper and all that.. smiley2.gif

      nice writing in your story smiley11.gif

    • ShadowCat666

      11 years ago

      well i dumped my boyfriend at long last.. i was debating on if i should or not for quite some time but his hissy fit in the car and the erratic driving made my decision for me... and other than that ive just been working and enjoying my time alone... but my friend was over this weekend and he really likes me and he was literally smothering me with attention and i really did not like it in the least..... so yeah not overly much.... how about you?

    • ShadowCat666

      11 years ago

      he passed away last year from old age / cancer.... he died in my hands

    • Jalnor

      11 years ago

      Happy -55th First Contact Day!

    • lonetealeaf

      11 years ago

      .....! Holy waffles Andrew!!!

      Thanks for the mod bump! Dude..that is intense. I went to work ..and came back and saw that


      You're awesome!

    • cold_arrow

      11 years ago

      Apparently so.

    • fritzmonkey

      11 years ago

      It all depends on how many other people have posted journals that day really.

    • fritzmonkey

      11 years ago

      All right. I'll go ahead and watch you. I read all of the journals I watch, but I don't always comment.

    • fritzmonkey

      11 years ago

      I sent it. What are your journals normally about? I might watch you.

    • TheForge

      11 years ago

      that's why most of the RPers are on my list

    • TheForge

      11 years ago

      I find a friend list lets me see when people are onlien better

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