Now that RWBY is back together I really want to see the show make them the main characters again. 

Nothing against all the other characters, i don't actually dislike any of them, but when some of the side characters get more development and characterization than the main 4, I don't really like it. It would work if RWBY had the episode lengths of gen:lock but it doesn't. 

No characters exemplify this like Jaune, Crow, and Oscar. I mean, if you only watch the finale of season 5, you'd be forgiven for thinking Jaune, and Oscar are the main characters of the whole show.

Season 6 had the opportunity to correct this, and it sorta did but not in a meaningful way. It had the team all together, but that was about it, they were near each-other but it didn't result in meaningful re-connections for some reason. Instead they introduced Maria, who stole every scene she was in.

Every character on team RWBY needs to have development, and honestly a bonding scene similar to the Weiss/Yang scene from volume 5. I mean Ruby and Blake have still never really talked much on screen yet. Yang and Ruby haven't had a heart to heart, which I think that relationship really needs considering that Yang is basically Ruby's mom. Weiss talking to Blake about the discrimination and messed up things that happen in Mantle would be perfect next season, and Weiss and Ruby haven't had a heart to heart yet since the partners reunited either.

Don't get me wrong, I love the huge range of diverse characters that the show has, but the show is supposed to be about Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. Sure they have gotten some development, but with a show that has ~15 min episodes, with this many characters, the main 4 need way more screen-time than the rest, for any of them to feel well developed. Seasons 1-3 did this well. Season 4 did alright, though Yang in particular needed way more than what she got for her arc to feel believable. I get it though, PTSD is probably hard to write. Season 5 was the worst offender of this, as the side characters took the spotlight most of the time. Though the main characters did have some good scenes, they still were few enough that it wasn't satisfying. I mean in the finale, only Weiss actually has a real fight, we barely see Yang, Ruby or Blake do a real fight scenes. Season 6 sort of corrects this but a quarter of the season is Salem backstory, which was great, and what was left heavily features JNR and Maria. Weiss feels like a minor character in this chapter, and Ruby keeps being Ruby, which is to say a character who is always right and always saves the day. Yang and Blake had some good moments, but they were only moments and aside from the finale, weren't very satisfying. They still need to have a scene where they sit down alone and work out their issues, bmblb or no (bmblb plz). 

RWBY and their interactions, friendship, and love of one another is why I started watching this show and why I love it. It's why season 3 was soul crushing in such a good way. I want that back but the longer RWBY goes, the less the bond that RWBY has seems special. It was RWBY, now its OMCRWBYJNR, and that just doesn't work when your episodes are this short.

This ended up being a lot longer and more rant like than I intended. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love this show, I just get frustrated when the main characters get stunted development, simply because the show focuses too much time on side characters. You can still develop side characters without spending the same amount of time to develop them as main characters.

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