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    • Raven's semblance, nukaleeve and reasoning behind the after credits scene in vol 2

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      This is something that i brought up in the RWBY Volume 4 In-Depth Discussion and Spoilers: Down on Luck topic but would like to sum it up in a post.

      Ravens semblance is predicting future danger, Salem rising threat. This is 2 things that have happened and has warned qrow about salem's weapons of fear. 

      She gives people a 1 time usage of a life save, she knows this is coming and acts on it when it happens. She wouldn't of just been strolling by and found yang about to die. However after the credits in vol 2, yang is shown talking to raven with her saying. " we need to talk". She could of been telling yang her future with Adam cutting her arm off and a close friend being hurt. A act that is not what it seems to be ( mercury's 'leg' injury) and other stuff. 

      Now the nukaleeve, this thing rolls by when a large amount of negative emotion has been shown. But raven being in a tribe has to lead her people, she rolls up to future villages, warns them of nukaleeve and in exchange for the exchange, supplies are given to the tribe. Should they refuse, nukaleeve attacks them. 

      Raven shows no emotion so that nukaleeve doesn't attack the tribe, that is why she left yang so young so she doesn't miss her when she is older. 

      Another thing is that the mask raven wears is a full facial mask that is in the shape of a nevermore. BUT when it was shown nukaleeve attacking Koroyuri, the only other grimm found there were nevermores. This is so that it doesnt further let the nukaleeve attack and wipe out the tribe. She warns the tribe of future danger, that is why they are always on the move to avoid this.

      Hope this makes sense and would love to hear what you think of it

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    • Salem's plan

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      What do you think her true goal is with this plan she has set in motion, because so far, she wants to return to the times where there was no dust, no maidens, no kingdoms, only grimm but there has to be more motivation than that for her to have.

      Also, with there being two empty seats at the meeting, what could of happened to those people is a bigger question that i hope they explain.

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    • Did Emerald save Blake and Yang?

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      This is something that ive been thinking about that could of happened during the final episode of volume 3 because after it cuts to Yang laying on the floor without her arm and Blake jumping in front of her for protection from Adam, but what happens to me is where i think Emerald used her semblance to confuse Adam because after that Adam behead's Blake's copy and she escapes with Yang, but what i find confusing is that Adam knows what Blake's semblance is and how he was totally unaware about how she managed to pick her up and carried her away without being noticed, this could of only been done by Emerald by making it seem too Adam that Blake was still physically there with Emerald off screen telling Blake to take Yang and run. i think this because when its cuts to Cinder, Mercuary and Emerald on the roof, the only one who seemed to be uncomfortable with what is happening is Emerald and that she is feeling some sympathy for her actions she did getting to that stage in episode 11.

      This is just an theory that i thought of that could lead to Emerald trying to find yang and admit to what she did to her in vol 4.

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