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    • Life lessons

      9 years ago


      Rule number 1: Don't light yourself on fire.
      Rule number 2: DON'T LIGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE!!!!

    • Nz representing

      9 years ago


      Skinny sep's going well, and am letting beard grow out.
      So far its just a mess but once get some length going I've decided on a style already.

      Been following the weeklong Drunk Tank, Jack described why he doesn't play WOW nearly word for word my reason for not playing it. Was eerie..

      Our NZ prime minister John Key, is doing us proud in NY atm at the G20.
      I don't like his politics and didn't vote for him, but he's doing ok over there.
      Aunty Helen [Helen Clark, previous prime minister] is 3-ic at UN too.
      NZ representing in NYC.

    • Skinny Semptember

      9 years ago


      So this month I'm participating in skinny september, just as an excuse to lose a few Kgs.
      Eating super healthy and trying to exercise more.
      Always struggle to get the exercise portion, its supposed to be addictive isn't it?
      I call bullshit :P

      Any tips on making exercise stick world?

    • Aussies Secret Plan

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      I found this on Reddit.
      I knew it was only a matter of time after getting rid of the skyhawks. :P

      Must admit we had it coming though.

      6 replies

    • Señor Clean gets it done...

      9 years ago


      Well today was quite a productive day in terms of cleaning, totally scoured the kitchen and even moped the floors.
      Then fought the mess in my room.
      Was quite fun as I had a broken full length mirror and had to break up the glass into smaller chunks to wrap up.
      I used a rock.
      Awesome. :P

    • Life of a Lurker

      9 years ago


      So I've been coming to this site at least twice a day for 3 years.
      Have yet to miss an episode release or a podcast.
      I even follow achievement hunter stuff even without any of the consoles.
      Yet I hardly ever post or interact at all, let alone get friends or participate in the community.
      But seeing the Community all come together for the video contest was inspiring to me, so I'm thinking rather than wasting my time lurking all over the net I may as well spend the time in one place, and I really like this place.

      So long story short......YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :P

    • The Bet

      10 years ago


      Some of my fav quotes from "The Bet" RoosterCast:

      "I got a list dude."

      "No Problem."

      "That's the kind of arrogance I love."

      "I'm looking at you Sir."

      Not impossible, unlikely.
      With you impossible, everyone else unlikely, some people not probable, you completely impossible."

      "Here's the thing that you have working against you:
      You have to be YOU that entire time."

      "I don't wanna scare ya, but I got a fucking spreadsheet."

      "When you hit save on a spreadsheet, that shit becomes official."

      "Hey I'm gonna be playing your shitty, crappy, unbalanced achievement game.
      Would you mind sponsoring me?"

      "If only we had a device that could perform simple mathematical calculations for us."

      "I think it's easy to do, I don't think your capable of it."

      "Geoff's gonna be focused, like a laser."

      "Fucking Astronomers."

      "How dare you mock science."

      "You fuck with Christmas and the gloves come off."

    • Episode 19

      10 years ago


      Well the final reconstruction episode will be with us shortly, seems Burnie has fallen asleep at the computer while one click away from uploading it.

      But thats fine, as Andy would say "Build up the suspense, Id'll kill 'em."

      Hhherrg, Blaargg.

    • Level 20!!

      10 years ago


      This Journal should bring me up to level 20.
      So glad I finally have a bit more power.
      Can't wait for Ep 17

      For me the highlight of the episode will be the first words Church utters.

      Whether it be "Bullshit", "That doesn't seem physically possible", "Son of a bitch", or "You gotta be kidding me".


    • Wow...just Wow

      10 years ago


      So here was my first post after watching Episode 16, or as it shall forever be known:

      Holy Crap, Holy holy holy moly.
      Holy Crap.
      That is fantastic.
      Congratulations Roosterteeth.
      Just.... just brilliant.

      After I had recovered I had a think about what this all meant and came up with a few popular ideas:

      OK I love it.

      The one thing I really like about the series is that everything matters.
      No cheap throwaway gags have been used, and that they are even connecting up issues from BGC.

      As they've made it clear, there are no such things as Ghosts, thus Sarge must be an AI.
      And Sigmas description fits him well.

      For that reason the mention of Carolina must be important. Again due to the no Ghosts rule Tex must be an AI and as Omega was in there too, it stands to reason it was Carolinas body they were in.

      Tex became Carolina and in the same way Alpha became Church.

      Both originals died and AI's continued on as the previous organic ppl.

      I love the Tex and Omega together are unstoppable and apart are pretty useless.
      Really helps me understand why Omega became such an overconfident yet foolish Bad Guy, he had the Ambition/Anger, but lacked the Creativity/Power to fulfill his plans. Tex even critises him over it about the Evil weather machine and how its a stupid plan.

      I am now thinking that most Reds are also fragments as Sarge was a ghost too.
      Heck Sarge himself could be Sigma.
      We don't know his name, he is really Creative and both start with S :P

      I think everyone in Blood gulch in the beginning was an AI, or at least paired with one.
      And the introduction of Caboose and Donut was another experiment, to see how normal ppl interacted with the AI's.

      Heck that could be the whole purpose of the BGC, watching the experiment in progress.

      Except I think Tucker is the Director. Just because of the Lavernious jokes.

      Yay for Validation:

      Sarge being Sigma is very possible, as he is VERY creative, I have to agree with PvT_Camper.
      If you watch the BGC, you will see just how creative he is :) And it would make sence since Sarge "died" and Church was able to see him.

      Actually, Sarge being Sigma could be possible. That would explain his ghost interaction with Church in Season One, and would satisfy the idea and research of AI being pitted against one another.

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    • Pvt_Camper FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      9 years ago

      Haha, yes I remember that one, from the story and the comic.
      It's all coming together now.
      Cheers Luke

    • lukemckay FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Webcomic Maker

      9 years ago

      I usually listen to it on the way to work and on the way back at night.
      I really liked number 19 with all the airplane stories.
      Theres some comic fodder.

      done : )

    • Coffeeh

      9 years ago

      Thanks :D

    • kriss FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Manager

      9 years ago

      Thanks, haha! smiley13.gifsmiley0.gif

    • cdrom1019 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      9 years ago

      Hey thanks man

    • Dashiva

      9 years ago

      Cheers :-D

    • OroborosNZ Projector

      10 years ago

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    • keiichiro

      10 years ago

      Lol, yes, love DF <3

      And very nice, I'm jealous of the whole weapon thing.

      MQ I have yet to play because I still prefer Battle On and DF

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