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      3 years ago


      My favorite moments from thirteen years of watching Rooster Teeth content are "the ones yet to come". Every Rooster Teeth production, as well as the company itself, has simply continued to raise the bar in quality year after year. I constantly find myself finishing something and thinking "there's no way they can top that", and I'm continually proved wrong.

      I was lucky enough to be at the PAX East panel to watch the CGI Warthog burst through the wall of Valhalla for the first time, and thought nothing would top that sequence. Then Tex fought both the Reds and Blues. Then North, South, and Carolina attacked the research facility. Then the entire skyscraper/highway sequence. And it kept going.

      At that same PAX East, I also got to see the first Immersion episode and was amazed at the rig for the truck. Then there was an entire zombie horde. Then there was the split screen rig. Then there was the Five Night's at Freddy's setup. Again, the concepts and scenarios just kept getting bigger and better.

      Each character trailer for RWBY was even better than the previous one. I thought the jump in just the production values between seasons one and two was astounding, then season three came and managed to double down on all of those improvements. It's obviously not just the base production quality that continually improves though. Going back to RWBY, the emotional investment has never been higher (you're still evil, Miles and Kerry). There have been over 200 episodes of Let's Play Minecraft and there are still moments that bring out Geoff's cancer curing laugh. It seems as if after every episode of On the Spot I say to myself that no episode will ever top that, yet the recent season finale had me in physical pain because I was laughing harder than ever before.

      As I said, even the company itself continues to grow and get better. One of my favorite things about Rooster Teeth as a company is watching people get the chance to move between jobs or departments to develop/explore/show their different talents. That's how you end up with a number of people going from unknown interns to integral parts of productions, like Blaine and Million Dollars, But..., or people like Miles or Ryan ending up being involved in virtually everything. There is also the continuous stream of people who have established themselves or displayed their talents independently being brought into the company. People like Monty, Jordan, and Michael led the way to the "adoption" of FunHaus, Screwattack, and Kinda Funny. Even just the collaborators have gotten bigger, better, and more numerous over the years. Ed Robertson was wonderful as Captain Dynamic (RIP City of Heroes), and now Ernest Cline is producing an episode of RvB.

      All of that talent of course leads to more, bigger, and better content. I was excited for each new episode of Red vs Blue. Then came the Shorts. Then there was a podcast. Then there was longer live action works. Then there was some animation. Now there’s at least five podcasts, an improv show, a variety show, multiple fully animated shows, and, oh yeah, a full-fledged theatrical feature film. And each of those individual productions continue to get better and create amazing moments.

      Anyone from Rooster Teeth will tell you the company wouldn’t be here without the community of fans, and that’s just one more thing that continues to grow. Each year RTX grows in size (and reach), which creates more great moments. The Achievement Hunter Community Channel has produced an enormous amount of content filled with great moments, some of which would lead directly to new hires or main channel shows. Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures came straight from the community and was a great way to pull highlights from the podcast and make them even better. Now how many different people put together bigger and longer compilations covering everything from monthly highlights from all Let’s Plays to supercuts of flubbed words (shout out to HemboHero, of course)? It’s also impossible to overlook the community’s generosity and the great moments that have come from each year’s growing ExtraLife 24-hour stream, or the entirety of the Lazer Team crowd-funding campaign.

      Thirteen years is a lot of time in which to create a lot of “great” moments. But if I’ve learned anything from following this company and all of the people involved in or around it, it’s that even greater moments are on the horizon. So that's why my “favorite” moment will always be looking ahead at what’s still to come. Here’s to another great thirteen years and all the bigger and brighter moments on the way.

    • 2019 years ago

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