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    • A Dream Part I

      5 years ago


      Stardate 2574.2:

      "It has been months since out last stop. The captain started acting reclusive weeks ago. Some of the crew are worried, but he has gotten me out of many a situation; I am willing to trust him."

      I sank into my chair and focused on the emptiness outside the large window. We left our home dock ten years ago. It has been ten years since I watched my beautiful home shrinking in the distance; floating free in the all encompassing blackness of space. I find drifting through space calming though. The millions upon millions of little lights in the distance, the vast nothingness that is space, the ball of light growing as we-

      I spun around.

      "Sir, something ahead of us".

      He looked up and stared at the object for a brief moment.

      "Alert the crew and prepare to fire on my order."

      If he was surprised by this he certainly didn't show it, or any emotion for that matter. It has been a long time since I last saw so much as a smile start on his face.

      He looked down to me.

      "Now, what you see coming at us a barrier. It is going to completely envelope us and stop us in our tracks."

      A flash came from outside the window. By the time I turned around had settled. It even took me a second to notice a difference; no stars. Everything had turned an unnatural black and not a single light was visible through the barrier. I felt like I was suffocating.

      "But luckily, this is a cheap one" I heard from behind me, "you will notice a small spot straight ahead of us that glows just slightly more than the rest. Fire at that and it will drop faster than it went up".

      Firing at the dim circle of light; I watched as the bolt of red hit the barrier and sparked away. Another second and the distant lights flashed back into view. I checked with the captain who looked down at me then back out the window. A look of shock flashed over his face as I turned back around. Another flash, but this time different. This time the far reaching stars did not disappear, this time everything went dark.

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    • Killy

      5 years ago


      Welcome to the forums. Hopefully you will have no troubles getting in and about the site. We are an odd bunch, but friendly none the less.

      If you have any issues, questions or a random urge to scream ‘Potatoes’ then there are plenty of members, including myself if needs be, to offer a helping hand.
      For a good place to start, and to find your feet on the forums then here is the best place for yah

      The Complete Help & FAQ's Thread

      Questions? We Have Answers Thread

      So step into the light, and enjoy the ride...


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