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      11 years ago


      A David Wilcox song perfectly states the feelings my friends are having, with their loved ones over in Iraq, everybody fighting over one god to love

      The righteous and the infidels, just outside the gates of hell
      Waiting for their judgment to fall
      They looked around from face to face - so different in their faith and race
      How could heaven ever welcome them all?

      Each one certain that he’s made the grade
      Judging all the others with a holy rage
      There’s one crime that all of them are guilty of
      The commandment of one God to love

      Each one was surprised as hell to see the way the judgment fell
      ‘Cause none of them would see the light above
      All thinking they could stand apart, but the same hate was in every heart
      There’s little left of a religion without love.

      Each one certain that he’s made the grade
      Judging all the others with a holy rage
      ‘Cause there’s one crime that all of them were guilty of
      The commandment of one God to love

      All of them appealed their case and stood before the One
      Askin why would God make different faiths concealed in different tongues
      Heaven knows the reason all beliefs are not the same
      For God to see who loves their enemies, He goes by different names

      Each religion failed the test
      By fighting over which faith said it best
      And there’s one crime that all of them are guilty of
      The commandment from one God - to love

      The commandment of one God - to love

    • A rant about clans

      11 years ago



      as some of you know, I'm in RS (Red Squadrons) a gaming clan that has been around for 10 years. We have been going strong since the start and know how to run a clan.

      In the good ol' days, there were maybe 100 clans, with a shite load of members, a lot of activity, and loyalty...Now-a-days, I see a new clan pop up every day. They think they're a clan just because they can slap together a forum with a premade skin and put on a tag with some name they think is awesome like "Gods of War" or my personal favorite "The United Defense Force Against The Forces of Evil" or UDFATFE for short. They have no sense of loyalty, no sense of honor, or pride in their work. In fact, most members of these "clans" are in 4 or 5 different ones and openly admit it.

      I see noobs in halo all the time, with no clan tag who say they want to join, then later reveal to you they are in 5 clans (most of which have no official site, forums, or TS/Vent and use Xfire clans as their website.)

      ...It takes honor, dedication, loyalty, valor, virtue to run a successful clan...NOT 1337 skills and a bunch of 13 year old pre-pubescent morons with voices so annoying, it sounds like someone is strangling a kitten every time they speak.

      You want to see real clans?

      RS - 10 years and counting!


    • Red Squadrons Productions

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      Red Squadrons Productions

      As stated in the upcoming projects thread, our first endeavor will be a HALO machinima called "This is a Public Service Announcement"

      any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. Look for a pilot episode coming soon!

      1st Navy XO
      Halo CO

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    • Hey there!

      11 years ago


      Hey everyone!
      FreeBird here, comin' at you from the glorious state of Minnesota. (Said to be the only state with all 5 seasons! ...Spring, Summer, Fall Winter, ROAD CONSTRUCTION!"

      Ah, but I jest.

      I have been an active gamer for 6 years now, and a clanner for 4. I have seen my fare share of games and clans and have a great appreciation for what developers do.

      I have been a fan of RvB since the beginning and have only recently rediscoverd my love of the series.

      I'm a fun loving, active person who is always willing to chat so if your bored, hit me up!!

      FreeBird AKA AJ


    • Red Squadrons Multi Gaming Fleet

      11 years ago


      Red Squadrons Multi Gaming Fleet

      [RS] has been around for 10 years and is still going strong. We support many games and are always looking for new, active members who want a fun gaming environment, with Teamspeak, and game servers all free of charge to you, unless you want to donate.

      If you wish to check us out, then you can go to

      stop by, say hi on the forums, and add me on Xfire.

      Xfire: freebirdmaster

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