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    • Bored on a Saturday Evening/ Venting About Life

      2 years ago

      RTBCondor Holla at yo boi

      Hallå all!

      There isn't really any point to this journal, other than i am dead bored right now and i really enjoy writing these journals. Its almost a weirdly cathartic thing to randomly talk about myself to a bunch of random people (i wouldnt exactly call all of you strangers as that would imply i am not good mates with a bunch of people in here).

      Anyways, i may as well give an update on myself seeing as i dont exactly have a topic. I finished this semester of uni last monday (only one more to go if everything goes alright), which is awesome but im kinda at a loss at the moment. Firstly, im shitting myself that im almost finished undergrad uni and have know clue what im doing after. Plus, i was really hoping for a sense of relief for finishing this year, but instead ive just realised that even without uni i need to be an adult.

      HOWEVER, i am starting to get over this post semester funk and am starting to get back into the swing of things. The key for me now is to make sure i start socialising more, as that is a common problem for me. That includes both real life, where i desperately need to work on my relationships, as well as online, and specifically with you guys. Im gonna get back into the website a bit more as well as the Rooteeth facebook group.

      But for right now, i need to figure out howi am entertaining myself tonight. If im perfectly honest, im most likely gonna end up watching pitch perfect cause lest be honest, that is a fucking terrific movie, and anyone who says different is a liar.

      Anyways, rant/ vent/ whatever this is = over

      <3 You guys and i hope to interact with you all soon

      P.S. Sorry for the random journal

      P.P.S. Please fell free to interact with me anytime. I enjoy chatting to community members :)

    • Can we b BFFs?

      2 years ago

      RTBCondor Holla at yo boi

      Thanks to @chespinsprouts for the tag. 


      Username: RTBCondor

      From: Central Coast NSW, AUS

      FIRST member: Yes

      Date Joined: October 1, 2011

      Last Signed in: always

      Rooster Teeth Content:  

      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Episode 1 of RvB

      Last Podcast you watched: RT podcast 400

      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Team Nice Dynamite

      Did you watch a RT video today: Yes

      If yes Which one: Minecraft 232

      Favorite RT Series: RWBY

      Favorite RT video: Lets Play Minecraft Ep 35- Potions

      RT Site:  

      Current Number Of Notifications: 6

      Name of first Journal: first journal

      Name of you latest Journal: Fimed a Podcast

      Last Photo you uploaded: Current profile pic (with Griffin Ramsey)

      Last Thread you commented on: If your new and want to make friends 

      First group in your group list: Roo teeth

      Last Private message sent to: [private info]

      Achievement Hunter:  

      Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: GS: ~31k 

      Team Lads or Team Gents: Lads

      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Michael

      Minecraft Skin: Tuxedo Mask

      Favorite AH show: Heroes and Halfwits

      The Community   

      Favorite Group: Roo Teeth

      Have you gone to a community event: Yes, Cetral coast meetup 2016

      Favorite Fellow Community member: Has to be my internet wife @SpiderKarita

      I tag everyone who reads this on the condition you tag me in your post so I can read it!

    • Filmed a Podcast!

      2 years ago

      RTBCondor Holla at yo boi

      Hallå all!

      Be prepared for my shameless plug of a video i did. Okay, now that you have been warned and you are still reading i would like to present you with the Ear Wyrm Podcast Episode 2!

      Yeah, thats right we filmed a podcast. For a tiny bit of backstory a bunch of people in the forums got together and have started filming some podcasts and they have actually turned out half decent! (Yes, im just as surprised as you)

      So if you are bored and looking to try something a bit new then please give it a listen, and if you end up liking the video then maybe give the first ep a go as well. Or maybe start with ep 1 ad move forwards. Im not gonna tell you what to do, im not your mum. Well, at least i hope im not, being a guy and all.

      Anyways, cheers for giving this a read and hit up the poddy.

      Love you all! <3

    • RTXSYD

      3 years ago

      RTBCondor Holla at yo boi

      Hallå All!

      Im goin to RTXSYD 2017! Yay! Got my weekend pass within 5 minutes of the sale. Would have liked to have attempted to get VIP but funds are low so i am just a weekend scrub. Now ive got to save up for the next 6 months to get all that fancy Con Merch.

      Its kinda weird though cause its a good 6 months away yet im already kinda nervous about it. But i am so looking forward to it and hopeful this time i get to meet at least one RT person this time round. Although i am a tad devastated that i will not get to meet Meg now :(

      Ayways, im excited!

      Cheers guys and gals <3

    • New Video

      3 years ago

      RTBCondor Holla at yo boi

      Hallå All!

      So, i said i was gonna start making more vids and the opportunity came quicker than expected. Had the house to myself today and no internet so decided to kill time by making a video.

      Still not great by any means, but ive definitely improved over my last vid which is awesome, and hopefully i can keep the trend up.

      Couple of things i need to work on:

      1. Need to have it slightly more structured. I had a tonne of ideas but blanked in the moment. If i write them down before hand i should do better

      2. On youtube the video was quieter than i expected. Will have to play with settings next time

      3. I need a slightly better background. This is mainly cause my rooms are a mess and i just need to sort that out, but something i can work on. Spontaneity worked against me today

      Anyways, cheers for taking the time to read this and please if you have a few minutes, give it a watch (its only short).

      Also, any feedback is welcomed as i want to make these vids good for you guys.

      Cheers All!

      EDIT: forgot to link the vid

    • My Activity

      3 years ago

      RTBCondor Holla at yo boi

      Hallå All!

      So, ive been quite slack with participating in the RT website recently cause ive been so crazy busy with uni and life but i finally have some time off so im looking to get back into the swing of things.

      A couple of things im looking forward to doing in this break:

      1. Make some more videos. My first video was terrible, but i guess i can only go up from here. Watch this space for more stuff

      2. Get more active in the website again. At the start of the year i was regularly doing stuff on the website so i want to get back to that point

      3. Buy and Read Zach Anners Autobiography. Zach is a massive inspiration and positive person for me so i really want to get his books

      4. Relax and have fun. Ive had a bit of a hit and miss couple of months so im looking forward to just having some down time

      Cheers guys and watch this space :)

    • Brainstorming

      in Forums > Brainstorming | Follow this topic

      RTBCondor Holla at yo boi

      Hey all. I figured seeing as we are all here for the same reason, itd be great to share some ideas and bounce thoughts off each other

      2 replies

    • First Community Meetup

      3 years ago

      RTBCondor Holla at yo boi

      So this past weekend i attended my first ever community meetup (excluding RTXAU). I had a great time and discuss my experience in my video.

      Please leave any feedback/ critique on my video as it is my first ever and i am looking to improve.

      Cheers guys

    • Turning Points (Thank You Community)

      3 years ago

      RTBCondor Holla at yo boi

      A normal part of life is to reach turning points in our life: points where the decisions we make will impact us for the rest of our lives. These parts of our lives can be a monumental decision, such as the decision to study, or pursue your dream job, or choose to marry the love of your life. However, this journal isn't about those large points in our lives.It is about the small turning points, where a small, trivial decision will resonate throughout your life and impact you in ways you never imagined.

      While I have had many of these little turning points in my life,one of the more recent, and possibly most impactful, was the decision to become an active member of the Rooster Teeth community. About a year and a half ago (give or take) i was thinking that i needed to become a more active member of the community, instead of simply watching the content produced by RT. At this time though, i honestly had no idea where to start. Where do i start? Should I start posting in the Forums? Which Forums should i post in? What should i Write? These questions prevented me from actually participating on the RT site, simply because the community was so massive.

      Then, i watched the RT Extra Life Stream, where Caiti Patillo answered all my quesions. She talked about how she had started an awesome community in Australia called Rooteeth, and i realised this was the place to start. On a whim, i searched for the group and asked to join their facebook group. That small decision, to join Rooteeth, has honestly changed my life. Over a year later, i dont know what i would do without seeing every second post in my facebook feed being someone from Rooteeth discussing something. The RT community is such an inclusive group of like minded people, that i wouldn't know how i would be today without all you awesome people. I am now involved in nearly all of the differing Rooteeth related groups, and even managed to snag a Admin role on the Discussion group. A small decision to join a random group suggested to me by someone on the other side of the world has genuinely and irrevocably altered my life for the better.

      Just two weeks ago another of these turning points in my life occured. When i discovered RTXAU was occuring, i instantly bought tickets as soon as i physically could, and then had to wait for 6 months for the event to actually occur. To some people, conventions come easily, and they are just a fun way of killing a weekend. To me however, this was amajor event that took a month of planning just to get my head around it. But when i actually attended, it was awesome, and i realised just how big the community was, and how awesome it is to interact more directly with fans. I had the intention of meeting new people while at the con, but i never expected how much of an impact it would have on me, as i now realise how much more actively i want to participate in this community. Id always held off from attending the local meetups due to anxiety, but now i look forward to the nearest one (my first). I have also thrown myself into the international community and started posting in forums, where i have already made new friends. Pretty much, the decision to attend RTXAU seems to have made a much bigger impact on my life than i ever expected it could.

      To simplify everything ive said in this journal: Thank you. Thankyou Roosterteeth for nurturing such an amazing community. Thank you Roo Teeth for including me and giving me a place to feel comfortable meeting new and amazing people. And thank you, whoever is reading this long assed journal, because without ever intending it, you have enriched my life and others lives just for being a member of this awesome, caring community.

      Thank you for reading and Sorry for the long Journal and any errors!

    • 3 years ago

      RTBCondor Holla at yo boi
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    • Caszie

      3 years ago

      Hey! Thank you so much for the friendship! :D

    • Hayk

      7 years ago

      Welcome to Roosterteeth.com, hope you enjoy your stay.

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