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    • The Long Walk - Stephen King - I Have Opinions

      1 year ago

      RTLstuff Normal Meat Person

      I like to post about books n films because I like 'em and I wanna talk about it somewhere.


      I recently read The Long Walk by Richard Bachman (aka Stephen King) and it was a great interesting book with a cool group of characters, simple but interesting plot, set in a creepily realistic dystopian world. Until it just was a let down for me with it’s completely lackluster and abrupt disappointing ending that had all the impact of a soft burp.

      The only thing happening in this book is characters walking, talking and going slightly crazy. By the end I'm really invested in how it's gonna end and what will be the consequences of the ending, what I get is some bizarre half ambiguous explained let down. I still don't know what happened to the protagonist, if he succeeds, dies, lives or whatever. And it you say 'that's the point of the ending' you can piss right off. It doesn't work for me in this book because the whole thing is a massive build up to a thing that doesn't happen. I can't understand why so many people find this one of their favourite King books.

      However aside from the infuriating ending the story and characters are a really interesting mix, you find out enough about a lot of them and you are left wanting to know so much more. The world is really well made to feel eerily real and disturbing. It's sort of done like if the Hunger Games was set in the real world America instead of Panem. You could believe it might happen if too many of the wrong people got in power. The story also leads to some high tension and scary moments that are sometimes surprising. However what I think could have been great, and what I thought might happen, would be to halfway through have the protagonist die and then follow the rest of the story from another's perspective. It would have been brilliantly shocking.

      To sum up: Great interesting book until right at the very end.

      p.s. also Stephen King, if you don't want people to figure out your pen name then stop goddamn setting the books in goddamn Maine.

    • Limited Edition Merch Rant

      2 years ago

      RTLstuff Normal Meat Person

      Intentionally limited release merch is starting to really piss me off.

      The new RT podcast poster just went on sale last night, that was announced during the live podcast. And just because I don’t enjoy watching live streams I’m fucked out of buying one. I'm also in the UK so there’s the time difference to deal with as well, so I either stay up late, when I have work in the morning, to watch a live stream (which I don't want to do) on the off chance they release merch or I miss out. It doesn't feel fair. It feels like I'm being punished for not consuming the content in a very specific way or checking the store every few hours.

      I get that it’s nice that the people watching get the cool thing as a perk but really, they can fuck off. This has happened a lot recently with the Geoff shirts as well, usually I don’t hear about these things until it’s sold out or I simply don’t have the money that specific day. I don't know the reasoning behind all the super limited releases recently, but I'm starting to get really frustrated by it. 

      I want to support this company and buy cool merch but because I'm slower than the first few hundred people or I don't have the spare $40+ in my pocket that day, I'm missing out, which is really not fun. 


      Sorry if I sound like a whiny bitch but this has been bothering me a while and the podcast poster was the really fucking cool looking straw that broke the camel's back.

    • "Literally Pissed Yourself?"

      2 years ago

      RTLstuff Normal Meat Person

      The pee stories on Episode 1 of Always Open reminded me of the time as a pre-teen when I pissed myself in a London art museum. My family was there for a day out and we were looking around when my dad and I saw this painting and could'd help but laugh at it. The painting was called ' A Boy and a Girl with a Cat and an Eel' and the kids faces look like 50 year old alcoholics. My dad just kept making jokes and I had to walk away I was laughing so hard. 

      My mum and sister were trying to stop me laughing as I was being so loud but when people tell me not to laugh I just laugh more. It got to the point when I knew I'd piss myself if I didn't stop. I was in the middle of one of the main rooms when pee started pouring down my legs, creating a puddle in the middle of the floor. Everyone was quite amused and embarrassed. We ran out of there before anyone noticed.

      I have many other peeing myself stories (far too many) but this one was definitely one of my best moments. I should probably be more embarrassed about this stuff grin 

    • 3 years ago

      RTLstuff Normal Meat Person
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